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    Family Business.

    Wednesday, August 01 2012
    Bobby has a medical emergency, John Ross and Chris become partners, and Rebecca takes charge.

    At home, John Ross lures Elena to bed by hiding her boots. She is mad at JR for using the Venezuelans for bankroll and didn’t do anything to get John Ross out of the mess – Chris had to. He gave them the gas rights to stop Bobby from drilling. John Ross is shocked that Bobby was going to drill. She tells him he was afraid he would be killed. She leaves for an emergency at the Henderson mine.

    Christopher and Rebecca walk along a street looking at their sonogram. They are making their own family and it will take a while to get to back to where they were. Later, Tommy has broken into her house and tells her she has to get him a key card to the lab. He grabs her and pushes her against the wall. He wonders if Chris is as good as he was. She scratches him on his face and he threatens to put a bullet in her fairy tale. Later, Tommy meets Cliff Barnes' driver Frank Ashkani at a bar. He wants Chris’ plans and Tommy wants twice the money. Frank agrees, but Tommy has just one day to do it.

    Harris Ryland visits Sue Ellen at her campaign office with a bottle of wine. She has not had a drop in over 20 years. He knows she threatened and bribed the medical examiner. Now he needs to borrow campaign funds for private business. She offers to return his contribution but he pours her a glass and tells her she can’t take back her bribe. Do this or be disgraced. She throws him out.

    Elena and John Ross go over the plans to drill around the salt dome at the Henderson mine. They notice how close the next reservoir of oil is. If they drill sideways they can access Ewing oil without going on Southfork. They show their plan to Bobby. The more they pump the faster they can pay off the Venezuelans. Chris walks in and thinks they are trying to steal Southfork oil. Chris rushes John Ross and Bobby breaks them up. He wants them to work together. Bobby staggers and gasps in pain, suddenly can’t feel his face and they call for an ambulance.

    At the hospital Chris tells John Ross and Elena that Bobby had a brain seizure. He goes in to see Ann and Bobby and Elena reveals to John Ross that Bobby has cancer. He asked her not to tell him because he thought John Ross and JR would use it against him to get Southfork. John Ross meets Baum and tells him to find JR. In his room Bobby and Ann learn he is cancer free. He had a cerebral aneurism that quires surgery in a few days. He wants to go home despite the risks. If it is his time to go he wants to be surrounded by loved ones.

    At Southfork, Ann tells Rebecca what happened. Chris wakes up on the couch and tells Rebecca he is glad she came. She rubs his shoulders until Elena comes in and Ann needs Chris' help with Bobby. Later, Rebecca leaves and sees Chris’ briefcase in his car. She grabs his keycard, but puts it back. Inside, JR arrives and Ann threatens to shoot him until he leaves. Bobby just wants peace in the family. Outside, Chris wants John Ross to get JR to sign the Soutfork deed back over to Bobby. Bobby was there for him his whole life when JR wasn’t. The John Ross he used to know loved Bobby.

    In his room JR refuses to sign the rights. Southfork is as much a part of him as his bones and he paid a hell of a price for it. He wants John Ross to find a new place to live. Sue Ellen arrives outside and Elena fills her in on Bobby’s condition. John Ross tells them JR is there. Sue Ellen is shocked and stomps off. John Ross spent his whole life wanting to be with JR - to be him. He thought if he was more like JR he would be proud of him but it isn’t enough. JR is lost in his own anger and bitterness there is no room for anybody else. She hugs him.

    Sue Ellen enters JR room and he wants her help getting past Ann to see Bobby. She snacks him across the face and is sick of him destroying John Ross’ life. His depression happened because all he cared about was being on top and when it fell apart he had nothing. He tells her he is back, bigger than ever. Later, Ann gives Sue Ellen a muffin for smacking JR. Sue Ellen tells Ann that Harris knows about the bribe and wants her to launder money. Sue Ellen thinks she would have been a great governor.

    JR sits at Bobby’s desk and sees a picture of them fishing. Carmen tells him Ann is gone and Bobby wants to see him. JR asks why he did not tell him about the cancer, but Bobby wanted to undo the damage he caused. Bobby loves him no matter what. He hopes JR remembers that. JR wants him to keep telling him since his memory is not what it used to be. They share a moment. In the kitchen John Ross thinks Ewing could have been bigger than Exxon. Chris thinks they can change things - Ewing Energy has a nice ring to it. Later they give Bobby an IOU for the first share of Ewing Energy. John Ross and Chris are going into business together with Elena as a partner. Bobby would be an equal partner. They assure him JR will get profits but nothing else. They thought it was time for a little peace in the family. Bobby thinks it has a chance. Elsewhere JR signs the deed and brings it to Bobby. He tells him there is no need to get emotional. Bobby tells him he is not off the hook for how he got it in the first place.

    Rebecca gets a call from Tommy. He begs her for the keycard but she hangs up. She goes to a bank deposit box filled with cash and credit cards and pulls a gun out. Tommy meets Cliff’s driver but his services are no longer required. Tommy is not happy. He goes to Rebecca’s place and slaps her in the face. He did everything she asked him to do, pretended to be her brother. He throws her on the bed and starts to choke her. They struggle and she pulls out her gun. Someone is shot.

    At Southfork, Bobby gets a call. They have a lead on the woman pretending to be Marta. Her card was linked to cloud storage service with documents and photo. If they can find JRs involvement, it will get Bobby off the hook for the deal. Is he prepared to send JR to jail? Bobby has another aneurism and is rushed off in the ambulance.

    My take:

    Well it was all about brotherly love tonight on Southfork, and I was glad to see that big brother Jr still has a soft spot for baby brother Bobby. John Ross is also feeling the love and is is teaming up with Chris, who has also had a change of heart. So who else thinks all of this family togetherness is about to blow up in their faces. And what is the deal with Rebecca anyway? Seems she was the mastermind behind all of the shady dealings with Chris and Tommy was doing what she said. Very interesting!

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, August 01 2012 09:08 PM

    I can't believe only one more episode left. This one the last 10-15 minutes I was laughing, crying, feeling the love between cousins and brothers and both Rebecca & Bobby's cliffhanger had me screaming NO THE SHOW can't end like this today. I can't wait for next Wednesday.

    Posted by Canastia at Wednesday, August 08 2012 09:09 AM

    I love this show. Always on the edge of my seat. Love the family togetherness and I feel so badly for Sue Ellen. Will Ann come to her rescue or will she forsake all and excuse herself from the race? That Harris is deplorable! Also, did not see REBECCA being the mastermind behind conning Christopher! What??! Wait until he finds that out. Anyway, hope it's Tommy who is hurt. What is up with Cliff being behind trying to steal Christopher's drilling info? Isnt that his nephew??! Can't wait until tonight's finale...will definitely be a watch!

    Posted by CHATTERBOX22 at Wednesday, August 08 2012 02:10 PM

    I agree Rebecca is the big con, I actually hope Tommy os okay so he can blow her out the water.

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