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    No Good Deed.

    Wednesday, July 25 2012
    John Ross is beaten in jail, Sue Ellen compromises her morals again, and investors are interested in Chris’ technology.

    John Ross goes over the day of Marta’s death with Elena in the interrogation room. An officer comes - they did not find the surveillance camera and he is booked for the murder. Later, Sue Ellen thinks he is holding something back. She wants to call JR, but he can handle it. Later, the Venezuelan investor Vincente visits John Ross. John Ross guesses he took the camera that proves his innocence. John Ross is coming clean, but Vincente warns him edited video out of context could be damaging to his case. And where is his oil? He has been more than patient.

    Chris drops Rebecca off at home. She remembers on the night he proposed, his dream was to have his kids live with both parents. All he feels is anger when he thinks about what she did. She wonders if they will ever get past that but he doesn’t know.

    At home, Bobby and Ann hear from the Sheriff about Marta’s real identity. Chris comes in, then Elena. Elena tells them John Ross might not get bail. She wishes there was more she could do but Chris thinks John Ross did it to himself, whether he killed her or not. Elena is appalled he would want him punished for something he didn’t do. Chris leaves and catches up with the sheriff. He wants a background check on Rebecca.

    At his lab, Chris is visited by an Exxon executive who wants exclusive rights to Chris’ project. Chris is not going to license to anyone – it will be the heart of Ewing and he does not plan on giving up.

    At home, Rebecca tells Ann she is worried she is bringing the babies into a terrible situation. Tommy shows up and Rebecca thought she was clear she wanted him gone for good. Ann thinks he needs a fresh start. Her cousin in Oklahoma is looking for ranch hands. He accepts. He goes to pack his things and Rebecca looks upset.

    Vincente comes to Southfork to tell Bobby that until the loan is paid off, they hold a lien on Southfork. If they don’t get oil immediately they will take ownership of the ranch. Bobby tells him JR may hold the note, but he controls the mineral rights. They will never pump a drop of oil on Southfork. Later, John Ross is beaten up in jail, courtesy of Vincente. Next time, get the oil or he dies.

    Bobby and Chris meet with their lawyer, who tells them the investors have a legal contract. Ann arrives and tells them about John Ross. They meet Elena and Sue Ellen in the hospital. Bobby knows it was Vincente sending a message. They have to get him out on bail right away. Later, Sue Ellen talks with Ann. JR is not afraid to cross the line, but she is. The only way she can help John Ross is if she crosses a big line. And if she does that, what does that make her? "A mother," Ann says. Inside his room, Chris tells John Ross he wants to find another way to prove he didn’t do this. What is he not telling him? John Ross tells him Marta taped the whole thing but the Venezuelans stole it and are threatening him with it.

    Bum calls JR while he is in Vegas and tells him about John Ross.

    On the ranch, Bobby brings flowers to Ellie’s gravestone. She once told him family was like baking a cake – messy. He knows if she was here she would do whatever it takes to protect the family. And that is just what he is going to do, and he knows she will understand. Inside, he tells Ann they are going to have to pump oil until John Ross is safe. Chris thinks he can give them something better.

    Sue Ellen visits the morgue and tells the medical examiner her son had nothing to do with it. She could be the next governor and he could be the next chief medical examiner if he rules it a suicide. He is appalled she would offer him a bribe. She threatens him with the knowledge he has been writing fake prescriptions.

    Chris visits Vincente and shows him the hydrates filled with methane. Until now no one figured out a way to extract it. He just turned down Exxon. Chris will give him exclusive South American rights – an unlimited stream of natural gas. And there is one more thing. He wants the footage of John Ross at Marta’s.

    At the hospital, JR secretly visits John Ross. Later, Sue Ellen tells him she thinks it will be ruled a suicide. He does not see how that is possible. An officer comes in and tells him they found the camera on the roof that exonerates him. Sue Ellen takes John Ross home and once they get there he runs into Elena’s arms and they kiss. The medical examiner calls Sue Ellen - he just let the real killer walk thanks to her. John Ross asks Chris why he did it and he tells him they are both just trying to make their fathers proud. They shake hands and Bobby thanks Chris. Chris did what he had to for his family. Bobby hands him a letter that came for him. Later, Sue Ellen tells Ann she bribed the medical examiner. She crossed a line she promised she would never cross and let someone else get away with a murder. All for nothing.

    Chris visits Rebecca at home and tells her the background check is clean. She is glad he did it. She wants him to trust her again. He is tired of being angry and wants to be sure there are no more secrets. She assures him there are not. Later, Tommy shows up. He has been doing some thinking. Exxon paid a visit to Chris and are very interested in his extraction process. The technology is worth billions. He has a buyer lined up and wants the plans to that drill system. He grabs her and kisses her and tells her if she does not steal it he will tell Chris everything.

    My take:

    Well, well, well, Sue Ellen did it this time. Bribing a medical examiner is certainly no way to start off her campaign, especially coming off the debt she is also in with Harris Ryland. I do love how her and Ann seem to be getting close - close enough that Sue Ellen told her what she did. I will be interested to see how the dynamic between these two ladies grows. Poor Rebecca and her secret -doesn't she know they will always come back to haunt her? I would like to know just exactly what her history is with Tommy if he is not her brother. She was obviously a bad girl in her former days, or maybe just misguided. We just don't know her well enough to see where this is going yet. Bobby has always been pretty one-dimensional in that he is always good, but I keep thinking, maybe, he will exhibit some of the bad. And punching out his wife's ex doesn't count. What do you think about the characters? Let us know in the comments.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by ngirl26 at Saturday, July 28 2012 10:52 AM

    I Looooved this episode. My boy Christopher stepped up his game, tonight. He was honest about how he felt about John Ross's bull****, but he still took on the respsonsibility of the family...and saved his hairy butt. He even began to reach out to Becca again. I am proud of Chris.

    However, I have to say that I am disappointed in Becca and John Ross. They are both still lying to the people that they claim love. John Ross lied to Elena in order to make himself out to be a hero. Yes, he went to the apartment because he thought that Elena was in danger, but his lie was of omission...when he failed to mention that he had been nailin' Victoria as apart of his scheme to take over southfork. Rebecca is still lying about Tommy, Tommy's spyware on Chris's computer, and ain't no telling about what else. These two need to do some serious growing up.

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