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Collateral Damage

Wednesday, July 18 2012
Ann is hiding something from her past, John Ross ask Lucy for help, and someone meets an unfortunate end.

Christopher is out riding on Southfork and stops at an old tree. He sees the names Jock and Ellie, Bobby and Ann, Chris and Elena carved in the tree.

Chris gives John Ross the sex tape in his office. He didn’t have to fight dirty to get what he wants. John Ross will see about that. Being a Ewing means something to Christopher. Because he is fighting fair doesn’t mean he won’t fight for Southfork – and Elena.

Elena answers her door to Rebecca. She has a gift basket to thank her for her help at the hospital. She gets nauseous and Elena lets her in. Rebecca throws up and Elena guesses she is pregnant. Rebecca wants to tell Chris, but he won’t answer her calls. Later, Elena is working on her truck when Chris arrives. He wants to apologize and she understands – he should have fought harder for her. She tells him he needs to call Rebecca. She feels pressured and blurts out that Rebecca is pregnant.

Ann looks at the locket when Bobby calls. She says she is shopping when she is really at a playground, watching children play. He can tell something is off. Later, the cops arrest Bobby at Southfork for assaulting Ryland. At the jail he learns there is a deal on the table. All Ryland wants is an apology and he will drop the charges. Bobby wants to know where JR is. There are no phone records, nothing from the nursing home, that connects him to the Southfork deal. He did find info on JR’s PI Baum, though.

At lunch, John Ross meets with Lucy. He wants her to talk to Gary to get him to sign off on the mineral rights. He knows Gary will listen to her and John Ross will offer her a significant stake in Ewing Oil.

Chris visits Rebecca but he thinks the pregnancy is another ploy. She thought he would be more understanding considering what his birth parents did to him. He leaves. Later, he visits Ann and Bobby and tells them he is getting a paternity test. Ann tells Chris he is being spiteful and cruel and he leaves. She apologizes for her outburst but refuses to discuss what's been on her mind lately. Bobby tells Ann about his problems with Harris and the deal to apologize. She leaves, upset.

John Ross and Elena are at a bar when he sees Marta leave. He follows her out of the bar but she is gone. One of his investors calls and wants a full report on the progress in one hour. John Ross meets him and is told to produce oil or they will take the ranch. John Ross needs more time and will trade info for it. Marta skimmed off the sale of Southfork and pocketed the difference. She has been a real pain. He gives John Ross one more week and if they don’t get oil, they will take Southfork and everything under it.

At Southfork John Ross sees Lucy leave Bobby’s office. Lucy and Gary are siding with Bobby. John Ross tells Bobby the investors need oil by the end of the week. Bobby refuses and tells him when he gets his deed back, he and his dad will never set foot on his property again.

In her office, Sue Ellen suggests to John Ross to borrow oil from Elena but he does not want to ruin what he has with her. Later, Sue Ellen meets Elena for lunch and asks her to loan John Ross the barrels. She wants her son to succeed. As the sole investor, she hopes Elena makes the right choice. Sue Ellen leaves and Marta has been listening in.

In a limo, JR calls Bum to get up-to-date on the oil situation and about Cliff’s right hand man. Cliff gave him an education and employed him for 30 years, but he is still just a driver. It must frustrate him.

At the hospital, Chris and Rebecca get their paternity testing done. He tells her about that day they met on the train. He thought she was so sweet and genuine. He fell in love with a lie. She apologizes for what she said about his parents. She knows he would not abandon anyone.

Marta calls John Ross in his office from Elena’s phone. She instructs him to meet them at a hotel. He arrives and Marta is there, but not Elena. The investors have been following her and cut off her accounts. She wants John Ross to help her since he sold her out. He realizes she stole Elena’s phone, then sees she is filming their exchange. He grabs Elena’s phone and they struggle. She scratches him on the neck. He leaves as the investors arrive. As John Ross exits the hotel, Marta’s dead body is already on the ground outside. Shocked, he leaves.

Chris goes to Elena’s house and she asks how he is doing. He wants to be with her but she won’t come between him and his child. She is going to make it work with John Ross. He guesses timing is everything.

Bobby apologizes to Ryland at his office and he drops the charges. Bobby tells him the message remains. Stay away from his wife. Ryland pulls out and envelope and hands it to Bobby. It will tell him the kind of person who his wife is. Bobby gets home and hears Ann speaking with Christopher about taking Rebecca and the baby back. Chris’ phone rings – the results are ready. Bobby and Ann go with him. The doctor tells him they are having twins. Chris starts to cry. He joins Rebecca for the ultrasound but pulls his hand from hers. Ann leaves, crying.

Later at home, Ann is looking at the locket when Bobby comes in and tells her the charges were dropped. Harris gave him an envelope and that everything he needs to know about her was in there. He wishes she would trust him enough to tell him. He doesn’t needs to open it and throws it in the fire. They hug and in the fire you can see pictures of a younger Ann with a baby.

John Ross gets back home and holds Elena tight. The cops arrive for John Ross. He fled the scene of the murder of Marta Del Sol. He leaves with the cops.

My take:

Good and evil is not always so cut and dry in Dallas. For me, John Ross was nearly sympathetic this week. He was every bit a little boy lost, in over his head on some shady dealings, left to twist in the wind by dear old dad. Christopher on the other hand was spiteful and bitter this week, which Ann called him out on. Obviously she has some kind of baby secret, which will lead me to wonder, who, and where, is her now-adult baby?

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- Hollie Deese