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The Enemy Of My Enemy.

Wednesday, July 11 2012
Sue Ellen compromises her morals, Chris gets help from Rebecca, and JR has business in Vegas.

At Elena’s John Ross can’t sleep. He used to look out over everything and imagine it was his. She wants him to come back to bed but he is going to get the rest of his stuff and get to work. The oil isn’t going to drill itself. She does not believe in the war, but believes in the warrior. He walks up to the main house. Bobby tells him JR’s biggest mistake was underestimating him. He is like JR – all hat and no cattle. Earl approaches and tells them Ryland trucks were pulled. John Ross never pegged him as someone to have his wife do his bidding.

At home, Tommy wonders if Rebecca has found anything, but she says she hasn’t as she slips something away. Chris has not been using his laptop – the thinks she really broke his heart. She takes what she found and brings it to Chris and Bobby at Southfork. It is a copy of an invoice that separates the mineral rights from the land. Tommy stole it not her. Chris doesn’t believe her but she wants to make up for what she did. If it is true, JR owns the land but not the oil. She offers to help but Bobby tells her they will handle it from there. She leaves and her nose starts bleeding. She gets faint as Elena walks up. She takes Rebecca to the hospital. Rebecca thanks Elena. She did not know Tommy broke them up. She hopes Chris can be happy with her now. Elena sets her straight that Chris made sure that would not happen.

At home Bobby asks Ann if she had something to do with pulling the rigs. She wanted to help and knew he would talk her out of it. She has never had a kind word for Harris. He is right, she should have told him. He hopes this does not come back to bite them.

In his office John Ross tries to pull together more tankers but Ryland has a near monopoly. His investors need their first shipment Friday. Chris shows up and wants the evidence on JR. John Ross does not have it. JR screwed all of them, and he has nothing. John Ross thinks Chris is mad about Elena but he denies it. Seeing John Ross pay would prove there is justice in the world. Later, one of JR’s investors visits John Ross and threatens him if the oil does not come through.

Bobby and Chris look in storage for a safety deposit key when Chris tells Bobby they don’t need it. He has a DVD of John Ross having sex with Marta, connecting him to the fraud. Blackmail never pays off in the end, says Bobby. It is bad business. They find keys to Texas National Bank. At the bank, they find the document they need.

JR’s PI calls him in Vegas while he is getting a massage to tell him about John Ross. JR wants to see if he can get himself out of it. JR is looking into Cliff’s real agenda- bringing gambling to Texas. He needs to put Barnes out of his misery and get in that game. Later, he tells Cliff’s driver he wants in on Cliff’s poker game. The driver tells him the buy-in is $1 million by invitation. He wants in. He calls his PI to have dirt dug up on the driver, then calls Carlos Del Sol and tells him he needs $1 million.

John Ross visit Sue Ellen’s office and wants her to play politics and promise Harris Ryland something to get those trucks back, anything. She made a promise to her supporters and he tells her to screw them. JRs investors own 14 percent of the ranch. If they don’t pay them on time, they could take the ranch – or worse. Later at his apartment he breaks a model oil rig. Marta shows up to apologize. He calls her crazy, but she wants to make it up to him. She has a lot of money and they can go away together. He throws her out.

John Ross and Elena walk into their house and while she runs a bath he can tell someone has broken in and stabbed the picture of him and Elena. He tells her he got a text and has to step out. He pays the guys to watch and goes back to Marta’s, but she is gone. Later, he gives the PI a picture of her after he says JR would have him do something about it.

Carmen gives Ann her favorite flowers that have arrived. She thinks they are from Bobby, but they are from Harris. He also sent a locket that makes her start crying. Bobby rushes out and she runs inside. He sees the letter and leaves for Harris’ office. Bobby busts in his meeting, backhands him and warns him to stay away from Ann. Later, she puts the necklace on and looks in the mirror.

After the doctor, Rebecca gets her car from Southfork. Chris tells her he found what they needed and drives off. At home later, Tommy tells her Chris is using his laptop and realizes she gave him the trust document. She yells at him that she is done. She gives him her rings and tells him to get out of Dallas. She is pregnant.

Sue Ellen visits Harris at work and asks him to release the truck. When she is governor, she is planning on making new appointments and his knowledge would make him a good choice - if he would accept these terms. He can’t allow her to compromise herself like that. He was sensing the trucks back anyway. He aligned with the wrong side of the family. But now he wants to donate to her campaign. She does not want to accept it but he insists.

At Southfork, the trucks come back and Sue Ellen tells John Ross he can always count on her. Later, Bobby and Chris show up with the trust document. JR owns Southfork, but Bobby has the mineral rights and they are shutting the drilling down. Chris has beat his cousin, fair and square.

My take:

So JR is already onto the next scheme, not fading away at all. Trying to beat his old nemesis Cliff by bringing gambling to Vegas should be interesting. And of course Rebecca is pregnant! I can’t help but feel bad for her. Chris is giving her no love, not even a warm look. And I love how in a few seconds Harris went from being in Sue Ellen’s pocket to having her in his. Surprised he didn’t ask her for a hug. Are you interested in reading Dallas recaps from the beginning, when the show began its first run in 1978? Let us know in our Dallas Recap Survey.

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- Hollie Deese