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    Truth And Consequences. - Dallas Daily Updates -

    Truth And Consequences.

    Wednesday, July 04 2012
    Bobby learns the truth, Ann asks an ex for a favor, and Christopher does some digging.

    In the stable, Rebecca tells Chris her brother sent the email, but she did not know until John Ross confronted her to blackmail her. All she knew was Chris was going to be on the train. He runs to the barbecue and punches Tommy, exposing him and Rebecca for scamming him. Tommy says it was just him, not her. Bobby throws Tommy out. Chris runs to their room and throws Rebecca’s clothes in a suitcase and tells her to leave. Outside, Elena apologizes to John Ross. He thinks she is going to run to Chris, but he offered to pay her off and said she had no integrity. The two of them are done. They hug.

    Ann greets Carmen and Bobby in the kitchen. Bobby left a message for Mitch Lobell to see if they can do anything legally about Tommy and Rebecca. A delivery comes from Lobell, but it is the new deed in JR’s name. JR explains. He heard Marta was going to sell Southfork to Cliff so he got some investors, swooped in and bought it. Ewing Oil is back in business. It should have been his in the first place but Bobby can stay as long as he likes. Ann couldn’t imagine he could do this. JR tells her she needs to work on her imagination. Chris returns as Bobby is leaving and they go to see Lobell together.

    Lobell’s office is cleared out. Bobby and Chris find out the conservancy was never in the deal. Lobell lied to him about it all. Marta is a fake. The money exchanged was done offshore. Despite it being an obvious fraud, JR was a third party purchaser, so the sale to him was valid and can’t be undone – unless they can prove he knew about the fraud. Chris ignores a call from Rebecca. When they get back home Ryland oil trucks are already arriving. Bobby tells Ann about the bad deal. Chris wants to fight dirty, but Bobby won’t do business with crooks. That isn’t who they are, but Chris thinks he might be. They decide to stay at Southfork.

    Tommy has boxes of Ewing paperwork to go through at home, and between that and the computer hacking, there had better be something to monetize. He put two years into this so Rebecca better pull herself together. He leaves. Rebecca calls Ann and begs to meet her. Tommy swayed her, but Ann tells her the choices were hers. Ann asks where Tommy is and Rebecca tells her he is trying to figure out his next move. She wonders if Chris can ever forgive her, but Ann says it is not that. It is trust. She needs to prove she is worthy of a second chance.

    Elena visits John Ross and accuses him of being in on the Southfork deal. He needs talk to JR. She was just starting to trust him. She leaves and he calls JR but gets his voicemail.

    John Ross goes to Marta and she shows him the pictures of him and Elena. She warned him not to toy with her. He wants her to undo what she did, but it is too late. He threatens to turn her in but she knows he can’t blow up his dad’s deal if he wants in at all. After he leaves, she watches a video of them having sex. She takes the movie and leaves it at John Ross’ apartment. She leaves and Christopher arrives. He has lied and paid the doorman to get the keys. He sees the movie and note from Marta, begging John Ross to come back. He watches the DVD and sees John Ross call her Veronica.

    John Ross is stopped by JR's PI outside his office. He takes him to Cowboys Stadium to meet with JR. JR tells him he needs to be nicer to Marta. She is a loose cannon. John Ross is mad about getting cut out of the deal, but JR is testing him. He has to leave town and tells John Ross he has power of attorney and to start drilling. Later, he leaves Southfork and tells John Ross when he comes back is up to him. Inside, John Ross tells Bobby he had nothing to do with the deal. He is moving into JR’s suite and pumping section 18 as soon as he can. The last thing he wants to do is kick Bobby off the ranch.

    John Ross visits Elena and tells her JR left town and wants him to do his bidding until he gets back. He wants to do it with her. He did not do the things he is accused of. He is asking her to take a chance on him. She can’t do it.

    Ann visits her ex husband, Harris Ryland, at his office and he wants a hug. She refuses, but asks him to pull his oil trucks from the ranch. He gives her a hard time. She thought he might have changed but he knows people don’t change. As she leaves, tells her he will pull the trucks. It is just going to cost her a hug.

    Chris gets drunk at home and goes to Elena’s. He apologizes for what he said. She lets him in to sleep it off. After he wakes up she kicks him out. She still does not forgive him. John Ross has always had her back. He never made her feel the way Chris did the other day. He decides not to show her the sex tape. Later, she visits John Ross and tells him she can’t drill on Southfork, but she understands he has to prove himself. He swears he had nothing to do with the deal. They have sex on the desk.

    Rebecca is going through the Ewing paperwork at home when Tommy comes in, glad to see she is back on the team. She has not found anything yet. Chris visits John Ross and shows him the video. It proves he knew Marta was a fraud before the deal, conspiring with JR. He won’t show Elena, but fraud and conspiracy are crime. He needs proof that JR was in on the fraud or John Ross is going to jail.

    My take:

    So Ann has a history, and I like it. Her ex husband Harris Ryland is just the sort of character we want to see on Dallas - devious to the core but sweet as sugar. He took such pleasure in giving Ann a hard time, only to give her exactly what she wanted, I just fell in love with his character. Plus, it makes me much more interested in Ann as well.

    Do you want to learn more about the history of these characters? Let us know in our Dallas Recap Survey if you are interested in reading Dallas recaps from the beginning, when the show began its first run in 1978.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by zonie at Saturday, July 07 2012 01:57 PM

    I can't stand John Ross. He is nasty like his
    father. I pray that Bobby gets his land bank. Bobby is
    true to his late mother....

    Posted by Chrissi at Wednesday, July 11 2012 06:38 PM

    Wow that was incredible. So hooked. I can't believe how shocked I am about the conservancy. I was never really interested in it but how shocking nevertheless!!

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