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    The Last Hurrah. - Dallas Daily Updates -

    The Last Hurrah.

    Wednesday, June 27 2012
    John Ross has something on Rebecca, JR turns the tables on John Ross, and everyone prepares for the last barbecue at Southfork.

    In bed, Christopher dreams of making love to Rebecca, then Elena. He wakes up flustered.

    Tommy comes into the kitchen and Ann appreciates all of his help packing. Christopher and Bobby come in and Ann asks for his help going though his parent’s things. It will have to wait. Elena arrives and tells Chris some bids came in for his tests. Sparks fly between them as they go over notes. Rebecca joins them but has to run off to the library.

    John Ross ignores Marta’s call at JR’s office. JR did some more digging and found out Lobell’s son has a couple of drug felonies under his belt. He has a weakness for pretty ladies and wants John Ross to use Marta to get pictures of him doing drugs. She is getting clingy so JR tells him to find someone else he can trust. Later, JR meets with his PI Bum and gets the goods on Marta. She is bipolar with a knack for going after men who have wronged her.

    John Ross calls Rebecca about the email. She meets up with him at the stables and she swears she didn’t send it but he doesn’t care. The proof is in her hand. He needs her to get pictures of Lobell’s son doing drugs. If she pulls it off, she can get away with her scam.

    JR visits Sue Ellen at her office with a gift, some pearls. Cliff Barnes comes in and JR can’t believe he thought Bobby would sell him Southfork. Cliff will never stop fighting for what is rightfully his. Cliff and Sue Ellen get up to leave. JR asks her why, but he lost his right to say with who she lunched a long time ago.

    Elena meets John Ross at a bar and needs his help getting Mrs. Henderson’s permission to drill. He agrees and JR’s PI watches them leave together. They get to Mrs. Henderson’s house and he charms his way into her letting them drill. They go to the site and John Ross sprays Elena. Wet frolicking ensues. JR’s PI takes pictures of them. He calls JR and tells him he got something good on his boy.

    At the ranch, Bobby and Chris work with a cow in labor. Chris tells his dad about his almost-elopement with Elena and the email John Ross sent. Chris loves Rebecca, but ever since he found out he can’t stop thinking about what could have been. Bobby tells him the choice is his, but he has to make one. If he loves Rebecca, get rid of Elena for good. Bobby has to cut the baby out to save her. They lose the mom.

    At Sue Ellen’s office, Elena needs $75,000 for the driller. She will transfer funds today, then asks to speak to John Ross. She wonders if JR has really changed. He is glad his dad is teaching him about the oil business. He leaves and she looks at the pearls JR gave her.

    Rebecca goes to an AA meeting where Lobell’s son is. It has been one of those days. Would he be willing to go somewhere? They sit in his car and she urges him to do drugs with her. He is not going to partake. He is clean, finally, because of love. He lets her know she has a choice. He has changed her mind and she leaves. She goes home and Tommy is installing the program on Chris’ computer that she never did. He reminds her they are there for money. He is searching for personal family items in the family storage, but needs her to do her part.

    JR looks over the pictures his PI took and wants John Ross to bring Elena to the last hurrah.

    John Ross brings Elena home and they talk about how good business was today. She could use him as a partner. If he agrees to it, what about them? She tells him one step at a time. Later, he goes home and Marta is waiting. She is upset he missed their date. She kisses him and has a present for him. They arrive at a jewelry shop and she picks out a Piaget watch for him. His phone rings and it is Rebecca telling him she could not do it. He is not playing around. She has to do what he asks by tomorrow or Chris will find out everything. Marta agrees to get the incriminating pictures in the morning and they will meet in the afternoon.

    JR approaches Elena in the kitchen and suggests she invite John Ross to the shindig and she thinks about it. He joins Sue Ellen and they discuss the end of Southfork. Cliff offered to finance her campaign. What does JR want? He claims he is just looking out for John Ross and he is doing his part to make up for the past.

    After another talk with Bobby outside, Chris visits Elena at home. She is getting ready for the barbecue. He hands her a check. She is ambitious and out to prove she is more than the help, and she already went into business with John Ross once. It is clear how quickly she will compromise her integrity for money. He leaves and she is upset.

    John Ross gets out of the shower and gets a text from Elena inviting him to the barbecue. JR calls and John Ross tells him Marta took care of their problem. Then John Ross texts Rebecca and tells her he will see her at the barbecue. She should have done what he asked.

    JR visits Marta with the pictures of John Ross and Elena from yesterday, when he was missing their date. He was just using her. He knows what John Ross is missing and he wants to make a new deal with her. Later, he presents the pictures to Lobell and in exchange for silence, no more blackmail. Plus, he needs a new contract drawn up that cuts John Ross out completely. He can wait his turn.

    Ann has packed up Bobby’s office and found Miss Ellie’s silver. They go out to join the party. Ray and Lucy are there. Bobby takes the microphone and welcomes everyone there. Southfork will always be with them as they all start new beginnings. Rebecca sees Chris and wants to talk about the email Elena got.

    My take:

    JR is nothing if not consistent. His treatment of his own son would be appalling if we did not know how much he is capable of. But his reputation from years gone by may be lost on new viewers. That is why we want to know if you are interested in reading Dallas recaps from the beginning, when the show began its first run in 1978. Let us know in our Dallas Recap Survey.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 28 2012 05:01 AM

    Marta is a chameleon isn't she? Sometimes I am thinking I am looking at a different actress. I know she isn't the same one Marta that JR met at the end of the second episode the real daughter of his longtime friend but when she met up with JR and John Ross at JR's rehab home she looked like one person and then at Dallas Stadium she looked like a totally different person. Once again last night when she was angry at JohnRoss for forgetting their date and leaving her waiting she looked totally different from when JR came the next day and showed her the photos of JohnRoss frolocking with Elena. The bipolar diagnosis is perfect for her since she changes so much.

    I am enjoying this revamped Dallas a lot.

    Christopher I am still ticked off that you married Rebecca when clearly you found out Elena and you weren't over. I know Rebecca is being manipulated now by her brother but she seems to have come into this knowing she was going after Christopher just didn't expect to fall in love. I don't think she wrote the email to Elena, I am sure it was her brother but she had to have known.

    Any ideas on who played Lobell's son? The actor looks very familiar.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 28 2012 06:11 AM

    I think I figured it out on my own. Jeremy London. I think he was on 7th heaven and married to one of those Camden girls.

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