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    The Price You Pay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012
    Christopher has a scientific breakthrough, John Ross find out who sent the email, and Bobby signs the papers.

    John Ross and JR are getting a shave at the same place Jock used to take JR. Jock taught JR everything he knows about the oil business, and wants to share that knowledge with John Ross. He asks John Ross if he really thought he was going to get one over on old JR. He went to Mexico and knows. He doesn’t blame him because of the way JR treated him growing up, but now he wants to pass down what Jock taught him. JR promises not to let him down. They shake, then hug. Now JR needs to meet the real people behind the money. John Ross tells JR about Lobell’s threat. JR tells him to pay him just enough and then they will go after his weak spot – his son.

    At the ranch Ann teaches a nervous Rebecca how to shoot. Tommy shows up and Ann is impressed with his work. Her phone alerts her to Bobby’s doctor’s appointment and she leaves. Tommy pressures Rebecca to find out more about Christopher’s gas hydrate project. He gives her something to insert into his computer that will give him access. He noticed Christopher has been spending time with Elena and she tells him he found someone better. He shoots out all the targets. She pockets the software.

    John Ross introduces JR to the money men with Marta at their home. He changes the parameters of the deal and they are miffed. They allude to his absence from the industry. They are fronting him 50 million for access to the oil reserves and if the oil stops flowing, for any reason, it is unacceptable. They agree to the deal. Outside, Marta is upset and JR insists they have a chat alone. He gives her a pass on screwing him once, but if she double deals him again, that is not a risk she should take. He leaves and she pops a pill.

    At the doctor, Bobby and Ann learn they got all of the tumor. But the drugs may cause more heath problems, like liver problems and heart failure. Ann is worried, but he feels like he is going to stay around for a long time.

    John Ross pays off Lobell in his office, then tells him that JR already knows about the blackmail. Lobell tells John Ross he has bigger problems. Bobby is suspending the sale of the ranch indefinitely.

    The phone rings at home for Bobby. It is JR’s doctor. He thinks JR staying at the ranch will help speed up his recovery. Bobby is uncertain and the doctor tells him to think about it. The doctor was really someone from JR’s home who he and John Ross paid off. JR spent most of John Ross’ childhood chasing women he didn’t love and made a deal he regrets. He will get Southfork back.

    At the lab, Christopher and Elena make progress on his theory. They hug and he phone rings. Rebecca has invited her to lunch. At lunch, Rebecca tells Elena she is intimidated by her and her history with Chris. Elena tells her that when he found out he was adopted he has felt he has had to earn being a Ewing.

    At Southfork, JR finds Bobby in the office with Cliff Barnes. He is there to right some of the wrongs the Ewings caused his family. JR tells him the land has been sold to a conservancy and he will be around when they put Cliff in the ground, dancing on the dirt. Cliff leaves and Bobby tells him the deal is on hold. The land has been in their family for 150 years. There is no rush to give it away. JR thinks Cliff will destroy everything in his path to get it.

    Rebecca visits Christopher in his lab when they are invited to dinner with Cliff. They go and Cliff wants to invest in his gas hydrate project. He knows there has been bad blood with the Ewings but that has nothing to do with him. He pulls out a case with one million dollars, but Chris refuses. He knows if he takes the money he will have one up on the Ewings. Barnes doesn’t want them to destroy him like they did Pam.

    In the stables Ann hears something. She grabs her gun and finds JR looking at old family pictures and papers. He tells her that Bobby is right to sell, Southfork caused many problems. She reminds him he was the cause of most of them. Later, he gives John Ross Ellie’s journal and tells him power is something you take. John Ross comes into the kitchen and threatens Bobby with Ellie’s journal, exposing her stint in a mental ward if he does not sell the land.

    In his room, Christopher can’t sleep and goes to his lab. Elena is asleep on the couch and he covers her up. When she wakes up, he has proven his theory correct. They go to tell Bobby, but when they arrive Ann tells them he is in the office signing the papers to sell Southfork. Chris runs in there as Lobell leaves with the paperwork. Chris accuses Bobby of not trusting him to beat John Ross. He can handle more than Bobby thinks. Bobby tells him about his cancer, and Chris is upset he kept it from him for so long. He runs outside and Elena is there. He tells her and they hug, then kiss, before Christopher pulls away. Tommy takes a picture and sends it to Rebecca.

    Tommy calls Rebecca at home and wonders why he does not have access to Christopher’s computer yet. He tells her no excuses. Tommy sends her the picture but Chris tells her about it when he gets home. He is sorry he has been distracted, but no more. They kiss and decide to stay at Southfork until the sale goes through. She throws away the spyware.

    John Ross pulls up outside Lobell’s office and gets a call from JR. The sale went through. Elated, John Ross goes inside. Lobell tells him he will blow up the deal and tell Bobby if he does not get $5 million, now. Later, John Ross meets with his PI to get dirt on Lebell’s son. The PI found out who sent the email to Elena – Rebecca Sutter.

    In bed, Ann asks Bobby how he feels about the sale. She knows JR gave John Ross the journal and Bobby laughs. The fact that JR think he can make him believe he didn’t do it is just who he is and who he will always be. But he looks mad.

    Hollie’s Take:

    If you weren't gasping during the opening scene when JR called John Ross out as that blade dragged across his throat, you are immune to JR's devious ways. Time has done nothing to deter JR from his single-minded mission to grab as much power and money as he can, and a whole new generation is able to see it for themselves. As for Bobby, he should have known better. His soft spot for family is sure to cost him big this time.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by SICK OF THE MESS at Thursday, June 21 2012 02:27 AM

    I like the end where Bobby admits he did not buy JR's act and he knows that he gave the book to John Ross. The writing is truly good in that respect. It is good to see that they don't intend to make Bobby and Chris idiots.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 21 2012 07:11 AM

    Christopher isn't an idiot? first he marries this girl even though he was still looking over his shoulder at the girl left behind and then we find out that she is involved with her brother and some scheme and that it started since the moment he left to go to china or before - I just don't know what to think of this Rebecca. When Christopher kissed Elena I was fit to be tyed and said DO IT -take that travel drive thing and download it he doesn't deserve you even though we knew she was working with her brother last week but then now this developement! OMG.

    Posted by Rosevillmb at Thursday, June 21 2012 08:52 AM

    Ha ha just love the old fox JR.
    Love the storyline to,but Ann still has to grown on me.

    Posted by denny1 at Thursday, June 21 2012 11:30 AM

    I like Ann too. She looks pretty confident holding a shot gun.

    Posted by mimi1225 at Friday, June 22 2012 06:24 AM

    Week 1 was excellent. The 6/20 segment broke down for me. Too many old men with bad teeth. If they keep it focused on them, I doubt that they will keep the ratings. Bobby is still pleasant to look at and listen to, but JR is just too mangy looking for words. He also made John Ross look wussy this week. Hope John Ross has a plan to doublecross JR.

    Posted by ngirl26 at Saturday, June 23 2012 09:54 PM

    As far as I am concerned, I hope that Christopher knocks everyone on their butts down the line. Christopher is a complete sweetheart, but I think that even he has a limit to exactly how much Bull#### he is going to take from these people. First, Elena breaks his heart with John Ross (mistakenly, but still...she could've called the boy...dang), he falls in love with a lying seductress, then his uncle and brother are double-crossing his father. Man, it sucks to be him right now. He has not done anything to deserve this crap. Therefore, I hope that he begins to kick some serious booty.

    Posted by grandmanean at Sunday, June 24 2012 09:46 PM

    Loved the first 2 weeks of this show and seeing some old favs back for the wedding. All in all, everybody has aged pretty well (even though some have undergone a few 'procedures';-) and Cliff Barnes and JR's old rivalry is still spot on. Now if JR could just get control of those eyebrows...:-) !

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