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Spoilers for the Week of February 06, 2012

02/06/2012 12:00am

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Ann helps Sue Ellen nail Harris! (TNT)

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In the premiere June 13:

The pilot you've been waiting for! Changing Of The Guard recap posted after the episode airs!

Hedging Your Bets recap.

Ann learns Bobby has been keeping a cancer diagnosis from him.

John Ross goes against Bobby's wishes and drills on the ranch property.

JR comes out of his deep clinical depression.

Sue Ellen's running for Governor!

Watch for a wedding.

Lucy returns.

Bobby offers land to Marta Del Sol, who is not what she appears.

Christopher was engaged to Elena, who brings up an email that destroyed their life together. Christopher and John Ross both deny sending it so who did?

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Broken engagement. (Zade Rosenthal for TNT)

Wednesday June 20:

In The Price You Pay recap, up after the episode airs.

JR decides to move back to Southfork as John Ross sets out to claim his birthright.

Ann's not happy with JR's move.

Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) returns and tries reconnecting with Christopher.

A major announcement might be an opportunity to put to rest family issues.

Wednesday June 27:

The Last Hurrah recap up after the show airs!

Sue Ellen takes a meeting with Cliff Barnes.

John Ross wants to gain the upper hand on a family member and resorts to blackmailing them.

JR decides to handle John Ross' situation in his own way.

Christopher opens up to Bobby about the challenge he faces choosing between the two loves in his life.

Wednesday July 4:

In Truth And Consequences recap up after the episode airs.

The reveal of the deed to Southfork causes drama between newlyweds Christopher and Rebecca.

Family ties and bonds are shattered.

A mysterious person from Ann's past helps her counter JR's machinations.

Christopher realizes he must take the gloves off and fight hard.

Wednesday July 11:

The Enemy Of My Enemy recap is up after the show airs.

Frustrated, John Ross moves into Southfork.

Bobby's not happy to learn that Ann sought help from her ex-husband.

Rebecca thinks she has information that could save the ranch and shares it with Bobby and Christopher.

Wednesday July 18:

Collateral Damage recap is up after the show airs.

Rebecca divulges her pregnancy secret to Elena.

Feeling pressured, John Ross plans a feud between his family members.

A family associate, Marta is murdered, making everyone suspicious. John Ross is implicated.

Turns out Rebecca is having twins. Christopher is moved by Rebecca's news.

Bobby declines looking at the documents about his wife's past. As he throws them in the fire to burn, we see there's a photo of Ann with a baby.

Big spoiler return!

Catch up with... Dallas season one highlights!

Wednesday July 25:

No Good Deed recap is up after the show airs!

Intrigue surrounds the family due to the murder last week.

The family is forced to make crucial decisions.

Sue Ellen does the unthinkable!

John Ross is beaten up.

An outside force - Cano - threatens Southfork.

A powerful oil company contacts Christopher about new methane technology.

Christopher helps John Ross out with Vincente Cano.

Bobby goes to Miss Ellie's grave for a chat.

Rebecca may have another secret.

Christopher does a background check on Rebecca which comes up clean.

Rebecca and Tommy share a kiss - they're not brother and sister!

Could Rebecca's child be Tommy's? Some are speculating.

John Ross is cleared of Marta's murder.

Wednesday August 1:

Family Business recap was up right after the show aired!

A medical scare strikes the Ewing family.

Bobby suffers a brain seizure. He has to have it operated on in a few days.

Bobby decides to go home instead of waiting in the hospital for surgery.

John Ross learns fast that blood and water don't mix. He must choose between his family and business.

John Ross chooses his family when Chris reminds him that he once loved Bobby.

Sue Ellen and Rebecca are in danger of falling victim to powerful men.

Sue Ellen is blackmailed by Ann's ex. He wants her to launder money.

Rebecca takes a gun from her safe deposit box.

Rebecca is slapped around by Tommy and in a scuffle somebody is shot!

August 8:

Season Finale!


JR tells his brother he loves him!

There's an engagement - John Ross and Elena.

Tommy dies.

Rebecca is working with Cliff Barnes who hid Tommy's body.

Rebecca learns Tommy hawked her rings.

Christopher and Rebecca have a fresh start.

Sue Ellen makes a public appearance.

A health crisis brings the Ewing family together.

Some pretty major secrets are exposed.

Bobby finds a video of JR's double-dealing against him!

Elena and Christopher learn harsh truths about those closest to them.

Christopher learns Rebecca is not really who she seems. He ditches her.

Elena and Christopher have sex.

John Ross wants to learn how to get back at Christopher and Elena.

Rebecca's father? Cliff Barnes!

Sue Ellen is able to run for Governor after Ann blackmails Harris!

Spoumer about Rebecca's real parents here! Is it a spoiler or rumor? We will have to wait until we watch to find out!

More Dallas cliffhanger teasers!

Rest assured. It's not over yet! Dallas is renewed for season two!

Dallas returns Monday January 28, 2013! Shooting starts September 24.

On the heels of learning that icon, Larry Hagman died at age 81, Soaps.com learned that "Dallas" will lay JR to rest in the upcoming season in an episode which will air March 11.

Dallas 2013 Spoilers!

In season two of Dallas, Sue Ellen's run for governor is threatened by her bribe to the medical examiner.

Gary (Ted Shackelford) and Valene Ewing (Joan Van Ark) will return.

Ryland goes to Ann claiming to have news about her daughter.

Chris goes to Des Moines to find the real Rebecca!

Fake Rebecca shows who she really is as Cliff Barnes' daughter.

JR goes against John Ross to take over Sue Ellen's loan to Elena in order to gain control over Ewing Energies.

JR dies.

Monday March 11:

JR is laid to rest. Read more in our Primetime Dish.

** Interview: Dallas’ Julie Gonzalo. **

Taylor Hamra, one of the writers of "Dallas" did an interview with TV Fanatic about the reboot. They dished about the possibility of there being more original characters returning this season. Taylor says, "You never know. People can show up at any time. Those characters are still out there."

All Dallas recaps are posted after the show airs!

Audrey Landers returns as Afton Cooper!

Dallas Season 6 Highlights!


Rumors are circling the web that Victoria Principal will return for a guest spot.

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- Christine Fix

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