Dallas Recap: Guilt By Association.

Monday, April 15th, 2013

John Ross and Pamela make a startling discovery, Bobby reveals more of JR’s plan, and Chris searches for his mother.

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John Ross and Pamela admire her gumball wedding ring on her private jet. Cliff calls to tell her everything is playing out in their favor, the ultimate payback for what Jock did to him. Later, John Ross tells her they fight all their battles together and will take Cliff down together. He pulls out the flight history and discovers Cliff was in Mexico the night JR died. He calls Bobby, who urges John Ross to get to Southfork ASAP.

From his office Bobby calls Bum and tells him it’s time to put the plan in motion. When John Ross and Pamela arrive Bobby tells them they still don’t have enough to bring Cliff to justice. Pamela still doesn’t think Cliff knew she would be on the rig. Bobby thinks he can shed some light.

Elena’s mom calls her in Switzerland worried about Drew. Elena calls Drew from the burner phone. He is in a hotel room, spraying the shoes from the shipment with a chemical. Elena urges him to forget Roy and go to Mexico but he refuses. She hangs up quickly when Chris comes in. He found an address linked to Pamela’s accounts. She thinks he must want an explanation from Pamela about why she left him, but he insists he just wants her shares.


Sue Ellen finds Ken in the Cayman Islands. She needs hard evidence of the governor’s involvement. He can’t help her because years ago his son’s tech company was dumping chemicals in the river. He buried the report and the governor knows. Sue Ellen promises to protect him. He still won’t help so she threatens to expose that tech company herself if he doesn’t. A little something she learned from JR – if you can’t count on someone to do the right thing, don't give them the choice.

Chris goes to the home linked to his mom’s accounts. Dr. David Gordon answers and tells Chris his mother isn’t there. Chris rushes in anyway, but no Pamela. David tells Chris that he is Pam’s husband. He was her surgeon after the accident and they fell in love. Pamela traveled this far to escape the Barnes-Ewing feud and never wants to see him again. Chris leaves in tears.

At Southfork, Ann gets a call that Emma has agreed to rehab.

Chris returns to the hotel and Elena can tell it went badly. He can’t understand why she doesn’t want to see her son. He starts crying and she tells him they won’t leave until he confronts Pamela face to face. He is glad she is there and they hold each other.

At Southfork Bobby introduces John Ross and Pamela to Rhonda, the woman who was with JR the night he died. Pamela shows her a picture of Cliff. Rhonda saw him at the club the night JR was killed. John Ross runs off and Bobby follows. Bobby wants stronger proof against Cliff but John Ross demands to know what Bobby is holding on to. Bobby insists Chris needs his mother’s shares first. In the meantime Bobby has a way to prove Cliff did it. He just needs one day and Pamela’s help.

In the hotel, Chris looks through Elena’s bag for a phone charger and finds the burner. He calls the last number and when Drew hears it is Chris he destroys his phone. Elena comes out of the shower and Chris demands to know where Drew is. She tells him he is trying to help but he wants her gone when he gets back.

Ann makes breakfast for Emma and givers her half a pill. Emma takes it.

Chris sits outside his mother’s house and ignores a call from Elena. She begs him to come back to the hotel so she can fix this. She loves him.

Sue Ellen visits the governor and tells him she just got back from breakfast with Ken. She pulls out a copy of the initial findings report that was submitted to his office from TESHA with proof of the second explosion. She pours a drink and he can’t believe Ken trusted a drunk. She tells him the drink is for him – he is going to need it now that she has the goods on him.

Drew goes to a seedy bar and passes cash to the bartender to find him at his hotel if she sees Roy. He leaves and she calls Roy immediately.

Emma goes to Harris with her suitcase and tells him he was right. Ann is trying to make her look go to rehab and she wants to come home. Harris promises her the best detox specialists and welcomes her home.

At Southfork Bobby and Bum look at JR’s belt buckle in a box. Bobby brings John Ross in. Later, Pamela is worried John Ross connects her to what her father did. He assures her nothing he did could change how he feels about her. But he needs her help. He hands her the belt buckle and asks her to plant it on Cliff. They both deserve justice. She agrees.

Roy goes to Drew’s hotel. Inside, Drew gets a tip and leaves out the back quickly as Roy goes in the front. Drew messes with Roy’s truck, then takes off on his bike. Roy chases him at high speeds and the cops follow. They find the shoes in Roy’s truck, surrounded by coke. The biker takes off his helmet but it isn’t Drew.


Sue Ellen meets Bobby at Southfork and she tells him the governor might be more amenable to their requests. He tells her it is just in time. Drew calls him and tells him that Roy was arrested for possession of narcotics –the drugs Harris is transporting. The shows are made from high-pressure molded cocaine and now they can get what they need on Ryland. Drew apologizes and hangs up.

Elena and Carmen talk about Drew. She tells her that lying to Chris was wrong and she should apologize. Carmen assures her with time Chris will forgive her.

Pam and John Ross plant the belt buckle in Cliff’s safe deposit box. She is sad but he promises her a fresh start when this is all over.

Emma goes through Harris’ desk for pills. She goes to the safe instead and Harris finds her.

Chris is drunk in his hotel but wakes up when he get a call that Pam is clearing out her accounts. He leaves for the bank. He gets there in time and it is the same woman from before - but not Pam. He demands to know who she is.

Pamela and John Ross find paperwork in the safe deposit box that Christopher’s mother is dead.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Ugh – Chris and his whining was getting to be unbearable, but thank goodness for Sue Ellen. Her wily ways are rivaling JR’s – she has obviously learned from the best. As for the shocker that Chris’s mom was dead, I have to say I really didn’t think the writers would do that. I thought for sure they would bring her back. Still don't trust that lady with the doctor and am not sure what we are supposed to feel about her. Let's hope JR's masterpiece is fully revealed in the finale!

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All screen shots courtesy Dallas TNT.

- Hollie Deese

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