Dallas Recap: A Call To Arms.

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Ewing Energies is in trouble, Christopher and John Ross plot to turn Pamela against Cliff, and Bobby works to expose Ryland.

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Sue Ellen and Bobby watch the governor gives a press conference on the Henderson’s land, thanking Barnes Global. After, Sue Ellen and Bobby tell him they know he is colluding with Harris and Cliff. He plays dumb, but they call him on Harris’ campaign contributions. They are taking down Harris, and him too.

At Southfork, Bobby tells Chris, Sue Ellen and John Ross he wants to double down on JR’s plan. Carlos told them Ryland’s trucks come to Dallas twice a week with clean inspections. John Ross wants to catch him in Mexico. JR took the long view, and so should they. They will take Cliff down by taking his company. Bobby pushes Chris to find his mom and Chris pushes John Ross to get Pamela.

John Ross visits Pamela at home where she is painting the nursery. He tells her Cliff caused the explosion, along with Harris and the governor. She refuses to believe him and throws him out.

Outside Southfork Drew explains his injuries to Christopher as a fall and Elena backs him up. Later, she pushes Drew to tell the truth about Harris but he doesn’t want her involved. She warns him to stay away from Emma. Inside, he tells Emma he wants to run away with her but she is sure Harris will find them and asks him to leave her alone.

In his office, the governor fills Harris and Cliff in on the Ewing’s accusations. He is grateful for their help with the election, but if this goes bad for him it will go bad for them. He will tell TESHA about the explosion. Cliff assures him nothing will go wrong. The governor encourages them to tie up all loose ends.

Chris meets with US Attorney Ellis about his mother and learns all of her accounts and paperwork have not been touched in years. Ellis tells Chris she could be dead, or just off the grid. Chris wants to have her declared dead but Ellis can’t just make it happen. Chris rages about Cano getting out of jail. Ellis will get the certificate.

At home, Ann finds pills in Emma’s room. Ann knows the damage those pills can do and tells her what Sue Ellen saw at the bar. Emma promises she wasn’t high and accuses Sue Ellen of being drunk herself. Ann doesn’t believe it but Emma swears she is telling the truth. She gives Ann the pills. She doesn’t need them anymore. They hug. After Ann leaves Emma searches and finds only empty pull bottles.

Bobby meets with a sheriff at Southfork about looking onto Ryland. He leaves as Sue Ellen arrives. She tells Bobby that Ken is gone and he leaves to call Bum to help find him. Ann comes down and asks Sue Ellen if she was drinking the night she saw Emma. Sue Ellen swears she was only meeting Ken about the investigation and warns Ann she is doing no favors to Emma by believing her lies.

Emma meets a new cowboy, McCabe, in the stables and asks for prescription pills. She roughly kisses him and promises him more if he gets her what she wants.

At home Pamela does research on the TESHA investigation. Cliff arrives and begs forgiveness for not visiting her in the hospital. He hands her the annulment papers – she is finally free from the Ewings. She tells him their accusations about the explosion. He promises her the Ewings will pay for all of their sins.

Sue Ellen meets with Bum in her office and asks for help finding Ken. She is convinced the governor pushed him to disappear. JR always said he had a knack for finding people. Bum is on it.

John Ross nurses a drink in JR’s room. Bobby joins him and asks how things went with Pamela. John Ross told the truth and she didn’t believe him. If anyone knows how complicated a relationship with a Barnes woman can be, it’s Bobby. She always chose her family first, as did he.

Emma meets McCabe at the stables and she takes a pill right away. He kisses her as Drew pulls up. She asks Drew to leave her alone and walks off with McCabe.


Chris tells everyone at the dinner table that he asked Ellis to have Pamela declared dead. Derrick calls Bobby and tells him they have something on Harris’ truck.

At the warehouse, Bobby, Christopher and John Ross find out Harris’ load was legit but Bobby isn’t buying it. They find Harris’ man and Bobby gives him some cash to call them when they see another one of Harris’ trucks. They leave and he calls Harris, who knew all along the Ewings were following him and set up the legit load to throw them off.

Drew approaches Emma by her horse. He warns her he will go to the feds about her father if he ever sees her high or with McCabe again. In her room she crushes up a pill and snorts it.

At Ewing Energies Bobby learns he didn’t get the extension on the loan, and in fact it was sold to Cliff Barnes. Cliff comes in and calls in the loan. They need to come up with $200 million in 24 hours or he owns them. And he doesn’t take checks.

John Ross calls Pamela and tells her to ask Cliff why he wants a company with faulty technology and a $200 million fine. She hangs up. Inside she finds Cliff, who tells her they will own Ewing tomorrow. He tells her the babies would have tied her to the Ewings forever and she realizes he is lying. She goes to the bathroom and freaks out.

Pamela goes to John Ross and tells him he was right. Cliff killed her babies. They make love and later she tells John Ross she wants to hurt him as much as he hurt her.

Elena sees tow texts on Chris’s phone. Ellis has news about his mother and she is shocked he didn’t tell her. He tells her he is trying to get her shares. They need to take from Cliff what he is taking from them. Chris tells her his mom was dead to him years ago.

Elena and Chris meet with Ellis. They found a list of deposits made to a Swiss account that mirror the amount in the trust. Pamela is alive.

Hollie’s thoughts:
If there was any question whether "Dallas" could survive without JR, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" Love Sue Ellen, love John Ross and really love a feisty Bobby, who seems to be channeling JR after all these years. Ann and Drew seem to have a real mess on their hands with Emma, but with his hand in the bomb business he really has his own problems to worry about. And Sue Ellen couldn’t have done any better than warn Ann that believing Emma’s lies will only hurt her in the long run. I love the sisterhood these two women have and hope to see it develop more.

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All screen shots courtesy Zade Rosenthal/Dallas TNT.

- Hollie Deese

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