Dallas Recap: Let Me In.

Monday, April 1st, 2013

John Ross and Pamela bond, Ryland makes a move against Drew, and Sue Ellen is let in the loop.

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A distraught Christopher takes apart the cribs at home, while Pamela sets up the nursery at her place.

Three weeks later John Ross tells Pamela on the phone that he has moved back into Southfork. When he asks she assures him she is fine and quickly hangs up. Meanwhile, Bobby packs up JR’s room and apologizes to John Ross. He shakes his hand and welcomes him home.

Christopher finds Bobby talking to John Ross in his office and demands to know what is going on. Bobby needs more time to track Pamela in Abu Dhabi. Chris is sure that Barnes Global was behind the explosion. Bobby tells them they need proof.

In the meeting with TESHA, Sue Ellen is upset to hear that Ken will not be there. TESHA finds Ewing Energies at fault for a glitch in the control system that causes a dangerous increase of methane. Sue Ellen asks about the second explosion and Chris accuses them of a cover up. TESHA issues a $1 billion dollar fine. They storm off with Bobby, determined to fight.

At Ewing Energies Sue Ellen, Bobby, Chris and John Ross circle the wagons. Sue Ellen is going to use Ken’s feelings for her to find out what happened. Later, Chris demands John Ross dig around Pamela for info on Cliff. John Ross is reluctant because she is grieving. Chris demands it.

John Ross goes to Pamela’s and finds empty pill bottles. She sent Afton home last week. He asks where her father is and she tells him he sent flowers. John Ross won’t leave until she is okay. She tells him he will be there a long time.

Chris knocks back a beer at the bar and, spotting Ken, accuses him of a cover up. Ken denies it but Chris grabs him and fights with security. Elena comes to get him and warns him he is being reckless. He accuses her of not ever wanting the babies and she slaps him.

Harris intercepts Emma as she rides her horse on Southfork. He demands she stop seeing Drew. She rides away and finds Drew. He is feeling guilty for the babies’ death. She knows he was just a weapon and asks him out for a date. Harris’ man watches as they kiss and reports back to Harris.

John Ross copies the files from Pamela’s computer. She comes out of the bedroom and he wants her to know he loves her and is there for her. Chris calls him and demands the Cliff info. John Ross hangs up and she tells him she will be okay. He tells her she needs to know something about the explosion.

Drew mourns the explosion at home while Emma wonders where he is. She texts him from the bar and tells him an old dude is checking her out and he needs to meet her. He tries to text he is on his way but is attacked outside. Harris texts back to Emma that he got a better offer.

Ken meets Sue Ellen at the bar and she warns him he doesn’t want to be against the Ewings when they unite. She sees Emma flirting at the bar when she leaves. Later, Harris takes Emma to a warehouse and reminds her of the time he put down a horse that hurt her. He turns on the headlights and she sees Drew beat on the ground.

At Southfork Sue Ellen tells Ann what she saw with Emma. She thinks she was high and encourages Ann to talk to her.


Ken tells the governor on a duck hunt that the Ewings are charging hard. The governor thought Ken could handle them. He reminds Ken of a time he turned a blind eye to toxic chemicals and accepts his resignation despite Ken not offering it.

Bobby gets a call from Carlos. He found the woman who was with JR that night in Laredo and will bring her by. Bobby asks about Harris’ trucks and Carlos tells him he runs a legitimate business and isn’t sure what JR was on to.

Elena finds Chris at home and he apologizes for what he said to her about the babies. He knows she would have been a great mother. He wants to be able to tell Pam he is not responsible and she encourages him to. Pamela will believe him.

Carlos brings Rhonda to Bobby’s office and she tells him she met JR at the club where she worked, owned by the cartel. He wanted to know about one man specifically who came in a lot. Bobby shows her a picture of Harris and she confirms it. Bobby wonders if Harris is trafficking drugs across the border and Carlos will look into it. She assures Bobby that JR was a gentleman and is sorry for what happened to him.

Chris goes to see Pamela at home. John Ross told her about the sabotage and she makes him promise to make whoever did it, pay.

In her office Sue Ellen opens an envelope from Ken. He has picked a side. She tells Bobby that Harris was the biggest contributor to the governor’s campaign. They are putting pressure on TESHA but she wonders why Harris would be involved. Bobby tells her everything about JR’s masterpiece. They have a copy of Rebecca Wentworth’s will from Pamela’s computer. She left everything to her three kids, Katherine, Cliff and Pam. If they can’t find Pam her Barnes Global shares go to Chris.

Elena finds Drew beaten at home and he tells her Harris did it.


In his office the governor tells Harris the Ewings will be served any minute.


Bobby is handed an envelope in his office. They go to the Henderson well, which has been seized by the state. If they can’t pump oil they can’t pay the fine. Cliff and Ryland want them to lose everything.

strong>Hollie’s thoughts:
I can’t help but love John Ross and Pamela together. Their relationship is complex and caring and devious, but intense. And Harris is certainly picking up the crazy stick where Judith left it laying. Watching him crunching on those nuts, telling the governor his little story about the komodo dragon overcoming the buffalo was over the top and oh-so-awesome. I am glad that Sue Ellen is in the loop on the plan considering she is more devious than all those Ewing boys combined. She has experience, savvy and the connections to make big things happen.

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All screen shots courtesy Dallas TNT.

- Hollie Deese

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