Dallas Recap: Guilt And Innocence.

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Pamela is injured, Afton returns, and Drew is asked to leave Dallas.

Dallas Recap: Guilt And Innocence. image

It’s chaos on the rig after the explosion as John Ross and Christopher free Pamela, who was trapped by a beam.

In the hospital, Pamela was the most severely hurt. Sue Ellen comforts John Ross as Chris checks on Elena. Meanwhile, Bobby finds Ann. She begs his forgiveness about keeping Emma from him. He already forgave her. He loves her. Carmen and Drew arrive and find Elena. She tells them about the explosion and Drew leaves to get air. Later, Harris pulls Emma aside and tells her about Judith’s fall. He misses her. "I know," she says before walking off.

Drew goes to the warehouse and attacks Cliff’s man Roy, who denies setting off the bomb. He blames Drew for making a mistake. He encourages Drew to leave town in the morning and get his head straight.

Pamela’s doctor pulls Chris in her room and tells them Pamela’s condition is serious. They need to do surgery or she will die. She suggests they terminate the pregnancy to save Pam’s life. Pamela begs Chris not to allow it. Later, Bobby and Elena find Chris in the chapel and give him news of surgeons coming who can help. Chris blames himself for pushing the presentation too early. He is sure there must have been a gas explosion but Bobby thinks there could be another answer. An investigation is underway.

Harris sits with Judith in her room and tells her she has a metal plate in her leg. She wants her Oxycontin every three hours on the dot. He apologizes for leading them on the path to Ann. He tells her he was weak like his father. She is glad Ann gave them Emma and demands he repair the rift between them. If so, she will give him full pardon. In the hall, Emma offers John Ross something to loosen him up. Harris walks up and instead asks her to go see Judith. Emma agrees. John Ross is told he can see Pamela. She wonders if this is karma. He just thinks bad things happen. Suddenly Pam’s mother Afton arrives - John Ross called her. She asks to be alone with Pam and accuses her decision to follow her father for getting her in this position. Outside, Sue Ellen is livid that John Ross called Afton. Someone from TESHA comes by and questions Chris about the explosion. Bobby dismisses the investigator until they have a lawyer. John Ross blames Chris for the explosion – and Afton was listening to the whole thing. Sue Ellen joins John Ross in the waiting room and tells him that Ewing Energy is their shared liability so they have to stick together. An old friend, Ken Richards, is one of the chairs of TESHA and she will work on getting an inside source on the investigation.

Emma visits Judith in her room. Judith tells her that Harris tried to kill her. She will give Emma the company if she goes with her back to England. Harris walks in and tries to calm Judith down as a nurse sedates her. Emma is horrified and tells Harris that Judith is out to get him. "I know," he says.

Sue Ellen meets Ken at a bar. He hopes she isn’t calling just to manipulate the investigation. She would gladly take any information but thinks it is serendipitous that the current circumstances gave her the courage to pick up the phone to see him again.


Afton sings to Pamela and John Ross in her room when Chris and Elena come in. Afton asks to speak to them outside and proceeds to blame Chris for the explosion. Inside, Pamela’s aneurism begins to rupture and she is rushed to surgery. Afton begs them to save Pam, but Chris demands they save the babies first - it’s what Pam wanted. John Ross tells Chris if Pam dies it is on him. Emma tries to distract John Ross in the waiting room, but he wants to stay for Pam. Later, Pam’s doctor comes out and tells them they all made it through surgery. Afton asks to see Pamela alone. Later, Chris tells Pam he is glad she is okay. Crying, she asks him if the explosion was his fault and he doesn’t deny it.

Emma finds Drew packing at his place and asks if he is leaving. He tells her just for a couple of days but she doesn’t believe him. He thinks she deserves someone better than him. She knows no one is perfect and kisses him. He wakes up beside her in his bed the next morning and looks at his empty suitcase.

Drew meets Roy at his warehouse and tells him he isn’t leaving. He threatens to take Roy down with him if he ever tells anyone what happened.

Emma goes to the hospital to visit Judith, but Harris has sent her somewhere else. He tells Emma they are both finally safe from her. Meanwhile, Judith is heavily medicated in an ambulance on her way to a facility.

Bobby gets a package at home about the investigation he is working on. He tells Ann that JR was looking for Pam – Chris’ mother. She went to Abu Dhabi in 1989, where her passports expired. Bobby is going to look for her. Ann thought he was done with her. So did he.

Ken visits Sue Ellen in her office and tells her that a recording picked up two explosions and is sure they will find explosives on the rig.


At the hospital, Chris is surprised when John Ross blames Cliff for the explosion. John Ross is sure Cliff wants to devalue the company. They hear a code blue call in neonatal and rush to Pamela’s room. They watch as the heart rates drop on both babies. One baby flatlines. Then the other.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Holy cow that was intense. Poor John Ross had to sit outside while Christopher and Pamela learned the hard truths of what was to come, but nothing could have prepared me for both babies flatlining at the end of the episode. Here's hoping some magic happens between now and next week. As for Judith and her pain pills – every three hours or else Harris! Plus, Lee Majors back as Ken as well as Audrey Landers as the still-singing Afton – so great for fans of the classic series.

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All screen shots courtesy Zade Rosenthal/Dallas TNT.

- Hollie Deese

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