Dallas Recap: Blame Game.

Monday, February 25th, 2013

John Ross seeks help from Sue Ellen, Chris settles with Pamela, and Cano has plans for the Ewings.

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Sue Ellen visits Ann in prison and tells her they are all preparing something for the sentencing. Ann doesn’t have much hope. Sue Ellen is sure they won’t sentence her to 20 years and encourages Ann not to give up.

Outside court, Sue Ellen grills Elena about getting the report on the drill site and Elena assures her she will get it done. Later, John Ross joins Sue Ellen. She is aggravated and he encourages her to take what is hers.

Cano is reprimanded at the consulate for Marta’s death and crossing the Ewings. He is being sent back home. Later, he plots giving the Ewings a proper goodbye before he leaves.

At mediation, Chris agrees to give Pamela 10 percent of Ewing Energies in exchange for full joint custody and an annulment. Lou advises them the agreement is binding but won’t be final until after the birth.

In her office Sue Ellen looks over her contract with Elena and John Ross tips her off to Drew’s arrest. If she invokes her morality clause she will get all of Elena’s shares. He wants to partner with Sue Ellen to grow Ewing Energies. Chris and Elena screwed him over and he needs her on his side. She asks if he set up Drew. He didn’t, just made sure he got caught.

JR gets his iPad set up at home and bugs Bobby until he clicks on a cute animal video that makes him chuckle.

Elena and Drew chat about his arrest at home when Chris arrives. They tell him Drew is going to plead guilty and then it will be over. Chris wonders why she didn’t tell him but she didn’t want to bother him. He is ready to plan the wedding.

Bobby testifies about how he met Ann during her hearing. He calls her the most caring, compassionate person he knows and pleads with the jury to see the larger truth of what happened. Judge calls recess and Harris gets a dig in at Bobby and Ann before she is cuffed and led off.

In her condo, Pamela calls Cliff and tells him she got into Ewing like he wanted. John Ross joins her later and is glad she can sign over her shares to him. She tells him she has to hold onto them for her kids. He demands more answers but she thinks he will be fine with Sue Ellen’s shares from Elena. He is furious.

Bobby visits Emma while she is riding to remind her that she has another family at Southfork. She is affected when he tells her she reminds him of Ann.

Chris visits Drew in his office and grills him about why he did it. Drew was trying to earn money to buy their father’s land back from Bobby. Drew is sure someone smashed his taillight on purpose to set him up and points out the previous foreman’s obvious drilling mistake.

At Ewing, Chris tries to get ahead of Sue Ellen’s plot to take Elena’s shares. He finds what he needs and calls Elena to warn her, but is too late to stop Drew from signing the plea. Later, she is livid with Drew but he wants to help her fight the Ewings.

As Cano is driven away from the consulate his cuffs are removed in the car. He has two hours before his escape is noticed.

At home, Pamela signs the contract with Chris and decides to drop it off in person with a copy of the ultrasound.

Emma surprises Ann in prison. Ann tells her about a time when she got highlights but panicked on the way home about how Harris would react. She was so afraid of upsetting him she dyed it back before he got home, but he knew and was furious anyway. She promises Emma it will get easier.


At Southfork Chris and Elena try to work around the contract and Bobby is furious when he hears. Sue Ellen and John Ross arrive, so he gets the thumb drive with the evidence of John Ross' double dealing with Cano. The file erases as soon as he plugs it in his computer and John Ross tells him that video JR sent him gave him a virus. Outside, Cano and his men grab Pamela as she is about to go in with the papers. They storm in and demand Chris’s methane prototype. He has one hour to get it or Elena dies.

In court Ann and Lou worry when Bobby doesn’t show up. Ann testifies to Harris’ mental abuse and kidnapping of their daughter. She apologizes to Emma and begs her for a second chance. Harris testifies and asks the jury to put her behind bars for a very long time. It goes to jury and Ann is even more worried about Bobby. Later, Ann is sentenced to probation. Judith demands a mistrial and the judge can’t take anymore. He tells Harris he might have shot him too if he had done the same to him.

At Ewing Chris gets out his prototype then tosses it at the henchman. They struggle and Chris gets the gun, but the henchmen has a text ready to go telling Cano to shoot Elena.


Everyone watches the clock at Southfork. Elena asks John Ross why he did it and he tells her she broke his heart. The day she topped seeing the good in him was the day that it died. Meanwhile, Bobby encourages Sue Ellen to give back Elena’s shares. Later, Pamela asks John Ross if she was really just revenge sex and he tells her that was all he could afford. Chris returns with the prototype and Cano decides to take Elena with him. John Ross starts a fight to distract inside. Outside, Drew sees what is going on, gets a gun and shoots Cano as Chris covers Elena to protect her.

At Ewing Energies, John Ross introduces Sue Ellen as the new board member. Bobby assures Chris they are in for the fight of their lives.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Nothing was more satisfying this episode than watching the judge light into Judith and Harris the way they deserved. So great to see! As for Elena's brother Drew, he claims to be trying to be on the straight and narrow, but no one looking to be clean keeps a crazy sniper like that just hidden under the bed. And is Sue Ellen ready to take over where JR is about to leave off? Very interesting episode and full of classic Dallas drama - I mean, how many times can the family be held hostage at Southfork?

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All screen shots courtesy Zade Rosenthal/Dallas TNT.

- Hollie Deese

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