Dallas Recap: Trial And Error.

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Drew gets in trouble, Ann goes to trial, and Pamela distances herself from John Ross.

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Judith calls for hospital security as Ann demands Ryland tell the cops the truth – that she shot him, not Bobby. He refuses. This is the price she has to pay for thinking she could live in a world without his tender, loving care. He tells her to kiss Bobby goodbye. She sees Emma on her way out, and she has heard the whole thing. Emma asks Harris why he told the cops it was Bobby if he knew it was Ann. He blames it on the coma and Judith reminds her it is not her place to question. Outside, Ann drops her keys and notices blood splatter across the toes of her boots.

Ann goes to the cops, drops her boots on the counter and confesses to shooting Harris.

At her apartment, Cliff comes down on Pamela for all the carnage she has caused. He wants Ewing Energies but can’t understand her bringing in John Ross, who is as Machiavellian as JR. She assures him no more emotions will be getting in the way. He doesn’t buy it.

At Southfork, Lawyer Lou lets Chris, Elena and Bobby know the boots are sufficient evidence to dismiss Ryland’s false charges and to indict Ann. His plan is to go with a sudden impassioned defense, that she shot him as a result of extreme duress. Meanwhile, JR checks out Ryland’s bio on his website and takes a call from Cliff, who tells him John Ross was the one who sold him out.


One month later, the trial against Ann begins and the courthouse is mobbed with press. Court is called to session and Judith is first on the stand. She testifies that Ann stayed out late, spending money and picking up men. Once she was pregnant all Ann wanted was an abortion. Lou objects, calling Judith's testimony biased. The judge agrees and asks Judith to step down. She is distraught and the judge threatens to hold her in contempt. He calls a recess. Outside, John Ross calls Clyde, who lets him know about Drew’s dirty freight runs to Laredo. Noting Sue Ellen’s morality clause, John Ross tells Clyde to take Drew down. Meanwhile, Chris and Elena find Lou prepping Pamela as a character witness. Chris accuses her of having a hand in Tommy’s murder. Pamela reminds him that Tommy hurt her. She warns Chris to stop his witch hunt or she’ll move Barnes Global, and the babies, to Bermuda. Later, she thanks John Ross for warning Cliff about Frank. Cliff loved Frank and Pamela thinks deep down maybe she hated him for that. John Ross tries to comfort her but she pulls back. Cliff thinks they are no good together and she ends it. He seems upset. Later, Sue Ellen urges JR to forgive John Ross. Meanwhile, Christopher and Bobby see Mr. Cano being led out and find he has an extradition hearing. Cano reminds Christopher of their unfinished business as he is led off. Back in session, testimony from police and forensics casts doubt on Ann’s crime of passion plea. Sue Ellen and Pamela testify on Ann’s behalf.

Clyde follows Drew to a barbecue restaurant and smashes out his rear taillight while he is inside. Later, Drew gets pulled over. Clyde records everything as Drew is arrested for hauling smuggled goods.

Drew calls Elena while she is in court and she drives to Waco to bail him out.


In the court bathroom, JR is inclined to forgive John Ross when they get the news that Drew was arrested. Later, Harris testifies that Ann left the baby at home alone while she got drunk. He took Emma to protect her. Then Ann testifies that Harris was the first person to pay attention to her and they were happy. Judith began to interfere and made Harris believe she was seeing other men. He then tried to control her like he had been controlled. She realized the marriage was a mistake. After Emma was born she was diagnosed with post partum depression and put on medication. She left the baby with Judith so she could go see a divorce lawyer. When Harris learned about the divorce he forced her to see a doctor who gave her more meds. The day of the fair she took a few more pills than she should have and couldn’t think straight. She left Emma in her stroller and went to get a soda. When she turned back, Emma was gone.


Outside the courthouse, Christopher urges Emma to make things right and tell the truth – not someone else’s, but her own. Later, Emma testifies that she heard Ann say she shot Harris and wished he was dead. Harris has the biggest heart in the world. She wakes up every morning grateful that she was rescued from her mom. During recess, Chris tells Pamela he agrees to mediation for the children. She lets him feel the babies kick and he starts to cry.

At her apartment, Cliff congratulates Pamela for getting Chris to the negotiating table.

At a restaurant, Ann, Bobby, Chris, Lou and Sue Ellen wait for the jury to reconvene. Ann is heartbroken by Emma’s testimony. Lou gets the call that court reconvenes in the morning.

In the courtroom, Ann is found guilty of attempted murder. Emma runs out of the courtroom as Ann is placed into custody. Bobby assures her they will figure it out while Harris and Judith look pleased. Ann is taken to lockup as Cano is taken out.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Oh please let us see whatever nefarious plot JR has planned for Harris fully realized before he is gone from Southfork forever. He promised Bobby it would be his finest hour, and I so want to believe it. After tonight’s episode I do feel a little bit bad for Harris – his mother is the craziest piece of work ever. It’s any wonder Ann didn’t snap and take Judith out years ago. Meanwhile, I wonder how long it will take John Ross to get Emma in bed? I don’t really feel too invested in Drew yet, but I’ll reserve judgment on all that until Elena feels that fallout from that arrest via Sue Ellen’s morality clause.

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All screen shots courtesy Skip Bolen/Dallas TNT.

- Hollie Deese

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