Dallas Recap: Sins Of The Father.

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Ann learns the truth about the abduction, Sue Ellen guns for Elena, and some evidence is found at Pamela’s old condo.

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The real Rebecca Sutter gets cold feet at the police station. Chris tells her Pamela did something to Tommy and if she doesn’t help him she will be joining Tommy in his cell. She agrees and files the missing person report. Chris plays for the investigator the threatening message from Pamela that Tommy sent. The cop asks Rebecca to sign a release for Tommy’s dental records.

At Southfork, Ann congratulates Elena for making partner. Bobby arrives, upset, and Elena leaves. He tells Ann that Ryland took Emma from the fair. The police will question her, but now she knows what she is facing. She fears it is too late to get back Emma. Bobby thinks she deserves to have Ann in her life and encourages her to fight.

John Ross wakes up at Pamela’s ready for round two. She doesn’t trust John Ross – this is just business. He tosses her back in bed and they struggle over who is on top.

Bobby and Ann meet Harris’s mom at the station. She has been waiting 20 years to tell Ann she was just an egg donor. Bobby tells Ann to ignore her and she goes in to see Emma. Bobby warns Judith he is coming for her. She doesn’t think he is her type. Inside, Ann begs to prove to Emma she is not a monster. Harris told Emma that Ann was an addict. She admits she took tranquilizers to push away the pain of her marriage, but it only made things worse. She lost sight of who she was and what mattered – Emma. She died inside when she was taken and never stopped loving her. Emma accuses Ann of just feeling guilty and asks her to leave her alone.

At Southfork, JR tells John Ross how he is going to get Elena’s shares via Sue Ellen. JR wants him to act hurt about his break up with Elena to draw out Sue Ellen’s mama bear. Later, Elena’s brother Drew suddenly shows up and Elena is in shock. He says he is back for good, ready to put down some roots. Later, Christopher takes a call while Drew proposes something to Elena. He came back to Dallas to find oil on their father’s land. She informs him that Maria sold her land to Bobby. He promises to get it back – and find oil under it.

John Ross visits Sue Ellen at her office. He never saw her more alive than when she was running for governor and encourages her to build her own empire. He admits he was hurt by Elena, who played him like a fool. She thinks it is time to show Elena who she is dealing with.

Rebecca meets Pamela at her place, demanding to know where Tommy is. Chris is threatening her with perjury charges. She tells Pamela about the cell phone Tommy sent with the voicemails. She demands one million dollars to disappear or she will be on the stand singing for Christopher. Later, Pamela gives her statement to the police. She tells him that Tommy had been threatening her, and when Chris found out he threatened to hurt Tommy. The cop leaves and Pamela tells Frank to pay off Rebecca and warn her not to come back again.

Elena visits Christopher in his office and tells him she is afraid Drew will drill on that land no matter what. Later, Sue Ellen comes by to see Elena and wants her to treat her interests as more than a hobby. She gives Elena one month to hit oil or she calls in her loan. Later, Elena learns from Chris’ secretary that Sue Ellen and John Ross have been chatting a lot lately. The cops call Chris and tell him they found something in Pamela’s old condo.

Chris arrives at the condo and the cop tells him about the blood splatter in the vents. Pamela has a lot of explaining to do. He texts Rebecca that Tommy is dead and she is in danger. She tries to leave her hotel but Frank stops her.

Elena meets Drew on their father’s old land. He is sure there is oil there but she insists it’s dry. She asks for his help getting oil from the Henderson plot for dad instead.

John Ross meets up with Elena’s oil rig captain at a bar and offers him his undying friendship – and a thick roll of cash - to take his time finding oil.

JR surprises Frank at his place. He heard about the blood splatter at the old condo and knows this is a mess Frank was supposed to clean up. Cliff is going to protect his daughter so Frank might as well tell him where the body is buried. Frank is worried Cliff will know he sold him out, but JR assures him that won’t be a problem. He’ll be in touch soon.

At the courthouse, Chris gets a call that the blood they found was Tommy’s and it is now a homicide investigation. Rebecca never arrives for the hearing. Pamela does, and Chris is scared of her.

At Southfork, Ann overhears Bobby say there is nothing they can do about Harris. She slips out. Later, Bobby comes to JR for help bringing down Harris. JR assures him it will be his masterpiece.

John Ross visits Pamela at her place and tells her the cops found evidence Tommy was shot in her condo. He knows he hit her and asks if she was protecting herself. She doesn’t answer and instead they have sex.

Ann visits Harris at his place and asks why he took Emma. After he is sure she is not wired he tells her it was because she was going to leave him. He would not let her make a fool of him so instead he took her time away with Emma forever. She pulls out a gun and shoots him.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Not shocking at all that Ann took matters into her own hands. Too bad we don’t get to see that kind of revenge JR had planned for him instead. If Harris does die, it will be a hard character to lose but Judith should do nicely filling in his evil footsteps. In fact, the revenge she might exact could almost be as delicious as Harris asking Ann for all those hugs last season. Meanwhile, I can understand Sue Ellen’s blind allegiance to her son, but after so many years dealing with JR you would think she could smell him all over this plot.

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- Hollie Deese

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