Dallas Recap: Battle Lines.

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Christopher seeks an annulment, Ann is blackmailed, and John Ross fights dirty to take Christopher down.

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On the campaign trail, Sue Ellen drums up support with Ann while John Ross watches from a bar. He gets a bachelorette from a party to sleep with him and in the morning she asks him to go out the back so her dad doesn't see. Instead, he walks right to her father’s office. He is a trucking owner and John Ross blackmails him with video of his tryst with his daughter to get his fleet. He accepts the deal.

Christopher shows off the power of methane to driver Ricky Rudd, and Texas Motor Sports President Eddie Gossage at the speedway. He and Elena hope they will try out their methane car in order to get on the map to acquire the Dallas fuel contract.

At Ewing Energies John Ross gets a jump on the day but JR is there to see if his plan to get the fleet worked. JR heard Christopher is trying to get the city fuel contract and he wants to make sure it won’t happen. Crippling methane will drive Bobby back to oil. JR runs into Bobby, Christopher and Elena on his way out. The rest head into the conference room and accuse John Ross of going behind their back with the trucking contract. Bobby thinks they need both oil and methane. Now that people have heard of Christopher they are chasing it. Alone, Christopher tells John Ross it is only a matter of time before he gets him out of the company. John Ross texts his investigator to tell him Christopher is leaving the building.

Christopher meets with the real Rebecca Sutter at his lawyer’s office. She is his secret weapon to get his annulment. She is worried about Tommy and makes Christopher promise not to put him in jail. His babies are more important to him and agrees. Once they get fake Rebecca on the stand they will compel her to reveal her identity. Real Rebecca leaves and is followed by John Ross’ PI.

Ann picks a painting for Bobby at a gallery. Harris sneaks up on her and tells her he found their daughter. If she gives him back the tape she made for Sue Ellen of him talking about money laundering money he will tell her where she is. She has 48 hours.

John Ross’ PI gives him pictures of the real Rebecca Sutter in his car. John Ross has a score to settle with Christopher.

Ann goes home to Southfork and cries over the picture of her daughter. She composes herself and goes inside. She is finally ready to tell Bobby. Twenty-two years ago her 18-month-old daughter Emma was snatched from her stroller at the fair. She was never found. Harris just found her, but Ann has to give him a tape she made of him admitting to laundering money. She needs to have her DNA tested and Bobby supports her.

Elena and Christopher make out in the pool. He finally feels like everything is falling in place. She wants to be his partner at work too, not just in bed.

Pamela Rebecca Barnes meets with her dad’s right-hand man Frank on the roof of Barnes Global. They need to prevent the annulment so she gets part of Ewing Energies in a divorce. She is ready to make an entrance.

At Southfork Maria takes a call. Rebecca’s lawyer wants to see Christopher. Bobby goes with him and they are surprised to arrive at Barnes Global. Rebecca introduces herself as Pamela Rebecca Barnes - Cliff and Afton's daughter. She would have done anything for Christopher but that is over now. She wants primary custody of the kids but he can see them every day. She also wants 30 percent of Ewing Energies. She is willing to fight with all of Barnes power. He assures her he will take her down with all he has.

Elena meets with an oilman to buy his tapped out oil platforms in the Gulf. She knows they need to tear down the rigs at $5 million apiece if not and is offering him nothing but a win-win.

JR, Christopher, John Ross, Bobby, Elena and the lawyer meet about fighting the Barnes’ at Ewing Energies. John Ross gets a call from his PI that makes him very happy.

At Southfork Ann gets a call confirming her DNA matched the girl in the picture. She goes to see Sue Ellen and Harris is already there. They give him the tape and he hands over the address.

Christopher goes back to the Speedway where Ricky loves the car. He is all in.

Back at Southfork, Ann tells Bobby what happened. He is upset she negotiated with Ryland but agrees to go with her to see Emma. They get to the stables and Emma knows who she is. She was hoping she would never see her again. Ann breaks down and Bobby leads her off.

At campaign headquarters Sue Ellen is confident of her impending win of Governor until the doctor she bribed gives a press conference about Sue Ellen’s misdeed. Elsewhere, JR watches and turns off the TV.

John Ross meets Pamela at her place. He wants to team up with her to destroy Christopher and Elena. She wonders what he could possibly offer her and he brings in the real Rebecca Sutter. She is Christopher’s secret weapon but if she is in, she will be theirs instead.

My take:
Dirty, dirty John Ross. His first deed of the evening – bedding that oblivious bachelorette had JR’s fingerprints all over it, and had to chuckle when he confirmed it in the next scene. I was really hoping Rebecca’s reveal of her identity would have been a little more explosive than it was. I mean, where was Cliff? You would think he would have been salivating to watch Bobby squirm. I do think scheming Rebecca is more fun that trying-to-be-sweet Rebecca, and a pairing with John Ross could be over-the-top hot. And now that we know how Ann lost little Emma, there are so many more questions that need to be answered. The people who took her must have known who she was to have kept her name and poisoned her against Ann.

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- Hollie Deese

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