Hedging Your Bets.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Elena and John Ross are business partners only, Rebecca and her brother are up to something, and JR is ready to double cross everyone.

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In a bed, Christopher and his wife make love. The next morning she knows she does not want his dad to sell Southfork. She tells him the honeymoon can wait and he should do what he needs to.

At her place, Elena looks over the email as John Ross calls her. She refuses to answer. He gets back to JR and Marta at the facility, and JR tells John Ross he needs to get Bobby to sign the contract. John Ross may have found the oil, but JR is the one who is going to steal it from Bobby. Outside, Marta tells John Ross if the deal goes through they will celebrate like they used to. JR watches them make out from inside.


On the ranch, Ann overhears Bobby talk to his doctor. She asks him how long he has known and he assures her he will fight with everything he has. He is having surgery on Wednesday, and there is a 70 percent rate of success. He tells her he will be fine and they kiss.


John Ross shows up to Elena’s and she shows him the email. He assures her he only came to Mexico for her because he was crazy about her, not because he set it up. It hits him that if she didn't have that email, she would still be with Christopher. He tells her to screw herself and storms out.


Rebecca’s brother Tommy approaches Ann at the stables and asks if she is ok. She doesn't want to talk so he tells her how great Rebecca is. She thinks it will be nice having him around. Elsewhere Bobby meets with Christopher. He does not want Bobby to sell, especially for something so risky. He thinks he can fix the problem, and if he can, Bobby will keep his promise. But if something should happen to him he does not want him fighting with John Ross.


At home, Ann reassures Rebecca that Christopher loves her. She gives Rebecca an old book filled with the family recipes, and Rebecca's is touched. Rebecca sees her brother leave in his car.


In his office, Mitch tells John Ross that he thought his betrayal of Bobby Ewing was worth $500,000, but now that it is in his lap he wants $2 million. If he doesn’t pay, not only will he tell Bobby John Ross set him up, but he will tell JR he was trying to screw him over.

John Ross approaches Christopher at a bar and tells him they are not family. Christopher accuses JR of using the Ewing name to get what he wants. They talk about Elena until John Ross gets a text about the sale documents.

From home, Elena asks Sue Ellen for money to buy oil deeds. Sue Ellen is proud of Elena for the way she handled her dad’s passing on the oil rig. She would be thrilled to work with Elena and if she had not met John Ross she would still like her. She will have the papers draw up and invites her to be her date at the CBB ball.


JR arrives to the ball in a walker and tells John Ross to watch and learn. Inside, Sue Ellen gives a speech and someone shouts out that she should run for governor. Bobby is shocked to see JR there and gets him a chair. JR thanks him for all of the times he visited him. His last visit shook him out of his depression. He tells Ann he is happy to have her as a sister-in-law and then Bobby introduces Marta. JR lets him know that John Ross already told him about the conservancy sale and understands. JR is upset Marta’s father did not call and she tells him he has been sick. JR excuses himself and approaches Sue Ellen. He tells her she is the prettiest girl at the ball and would make one hell of a governor. Elsewhere, Elena tells John Ross she will honor their business arrangement, nothing more. She borrowed money from Sue Ellen to invest in oil.


Marta and John Ross go to a hotel room and she drugs his drink. They start going at it on the bed and she is recording the whole thing. The next morning he looks rough. She opens the safe and pulls out all the money. She put her neck out with the investor and if Mitch is causing trouble he needs to handle it. She hands him the phone. Later, he asks someone to dig up dirt on Mitch, but also wants to know who sent the email to Elena. Because he did not.


At home, Bobby leaves for the hospital and assures Ann he will be fine. She is afraid the reason he wants to sell is because he has given up faith, and is afraid if he is not around Christopher will be burdened. She encourages him to tell Christopher about his cancer.


Christopher shows up at Elena’s and wants to prove to Bobby he can make his method safe. Will she help him?


Tommy approaches his sister Rebecca in the kitchen and tells her he is in and everything is on track. She doesn’t know what the point is anymore and he reminds her they have spent the last two years working on this job. There is too much money and she has to keep her eye on the ball. She looks troubled.


In Mexico, JR meets with Marta’s dad. If they are going to make a deal he wants to look him in the eye. He is not aware of any deal. When Marta comes in, it is not the woman he has been dealing with. He can’t wait to introduce her to John Ross.

Hollie's take:

Sue Ellen should definitely run for governor, considering the political ties she has to the Barnes family. Also, can’t wait to find out the story between Tommy and Rebecca. What is their angle, and are they even related? Me thinks not. JR and John Ross are already at it and it is only the second episode. New "Dallas," you are doing just fine.

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- Hollie Deese

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