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    Dallas: Season Three Highlights.

    Tuesday, August 21 2012

    Who shot JR?

    One of the most iconic moments in television history, the shooting of JR Ewing was a national phenomenon. Not only were millions of viewers left on edge after the gripping Season Three finale, wondering who among the many who wanted JR dead actually shot him in the gut. Adding fuel to the pop-culture fire, it was nearly nine months later before Season Four premiered and the question was answered. Not only did Hagman... » Read More

    Interview With Dallas’ Julie Gonzalo.

    Tuesday, August 14 2012

    "I wouldn't want to be on the bad side of her."

    As seemingly-sweet Rebecca Sutter Ewing, you couldn’t help but feel like she was a lamb being led to the Southfork slaughter. But once it was shockingly revealed she was actually the daughter of JR’s longtime ultimate nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), we knew better than to underestimate how well she does fit into the family. And while it may have been a shocker to the... » Read More

    Dallas: Season Two Highlights.

    Monday, August 13 2012

    Bigger in Texas.

    Season 2 of "Dallas" certainly didn't shy away from hot-button issues like infidelity, drinking while pregnant, underage sex, pill popping and of course, good old fashioned sibling rivalry.

    Run-off-the-ranch brother Gary returns to Southfork, and thanks to his daughter Lucy, her mother Valene comes back too. That is, until JR overloads him with work and runs them back out of town... » Read More

    Dallas Returns January 28, 2013.

    Thursday, August 09 2012

    The waiting game.

    Please note: If you haven't watched the season one finale of "Dallas" yet, you might want to look away, as to not be spoiled.

    It's always tricky when a beloved TV classic makes a comeback. Not all attempts are successful, but the continuation of "Dallas" was a bonafide hit, ending season one with 4.3 million viewers. In fact, Dallas was renewed for a second season just two weeks after it... » Read More

    Dallas Revelations Classic One Liners.

    Thursday, August 09 2012

    Best lines this week!

    These one liners come from last night's episode Revelations. Which are your faves?

    JR to Bobby in the hospital: "I need you too keep fighting. I need you to keep fighting me.

    Bobby to Chris and Ann when he wakes up: "You two planning on sleeping all day?"

    John Ross to Elena: "Marry me and make me the luckiest man in the world."

    John Ross to Chris:... » Read More

    Dallas Family Business Classic One-Liners.

    Thursday, August 02 2012

    Best lines this week!

    These one liners come from last night's episode Family Business. Which are your faves?

    Harris to Sue Ellen: "When dealing with people, I suggest more carrot, less stick."

    Ann, to JR, when he doesn't understand why he can't see Bobby: "Of Course you don’t, you’re a sociopath."

    Ann, pointing a gun at JR: "Since you don't have a heart, it will be somewhere more... » Read More

    Dallas No Good Deed Classic One-Liners.

    Thursday, July 26 2012

    Best lines this week!

    These one liners come from last night's episode No Good Deed. Which are your faves?

    Christopher to Elena: "Maybe he didn't kill that woman... But you play with snakes long enough and eventually you get bit."

    Cano tells John Ross: "Be very careful Mr. Ewing. Pointing fingers in the wrong direction can be hazardous to you and your entire family."

    Bobby to Cano:... » Read More

    Dallas: Season One Highlights

    Tuesday, July 24 2012

    Meet the Ewings.

    On April 2, 1978, Dallas premiered in Primetime, introducing the world to the life of the Ewing oil family. What was supposed to be a five-part miniseries turned into 14 years on the small screen - for its first run. That original mini-series is what is now considered season one, and during those five episodes we are introduced to devious JR, his infinitely-more humane brother Bobby, their parents Jock and Ellie... » Read More

    Dallas Collateral Damage Classic One Liners.

    Thursday, July 19 2012

    Best lines of the week.

    These one liners come from last night's episode Collateral Damage. No JR this week but still some great lines. What's your favorite?

    Christopher snarks to John Ross, "Without the mineral rights on Southfork, you can’t even sell the mud off your boots." John Ross retorts, "I’ll give you that for free."

    John Ross asks Bobby about his conversation with Aunt Lucy, "How’d you... » Read More

    Dallas Episode Six: Classic One Liners.

    Thursday, July 12 2012

    Best lines of the week.

    These one liners come from last night's episode The Enemy Of My Enemy. What's your favorite line?

    Bobby tells John Ross, "You’re just like your daddy, all hat and no cattle."

    An original line from Bobby: "A lifetime of dealing with JR has put me on both sides of blackmail. An eye for an eye just makes both people blind."

    JR - you can just hear him say this:... » Read More

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