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Bobby's new wife? (Warner Brothers)

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Ewings do battle.

Season Eight of "Dallas" had classic Barnes and Ewing conflict, classic Ewing and Ewing conflict, and best of all, Ewing working with Ewing to take down Barnes. There was even Ewing and Barnes working together to take down Ewing. Got that? Other than that, Bobby was torn between his first true love Jenna, and Pam, who spent much of the season on a JR-orchestrated wild goose chase. Also this season, Miss Ellie was switched from role originator Barbara Bel Geddes to television star Donna Reed. Fans rebelled and Reed only lasted this season. Bel Geddes returned to the role until she retired from acting. And finally, another classic cliffhanger killed off one of the main characters - or was it all a dream?

Killer At Large.
Afton found Bobby’s body in his office and called for help, and while he lived he was left blind. When Ray told JR that Randolph was back in town, he soon realized that he was the target, not baby brother Bobby. Cliff struck oil and Marilee blamed JR for talking her out of teaming up with Cliff before the big hit. Randolph shot at JR and later he and Bobby realized his assailant was still out there.

Battle Lines.
Bobby found out his office phone was bugged. He also told Jenna that the wedding was off until he could see again. Clayton promised not to tell Miss Ellie about the shooting until they returned from their honeymoon. Sly continued to spy on JR for Cliff – only to report everything right back to JR. Donna set up digs at Bobby’s office while he recovered, which angered JR. And when the cops found the gun that shot Bobby at Cliff’s place he was arrested for attempted murder.

If At First You Don’t Succeed.
JR revealed he set Cliff up and Pam promised to take him down. Later, Cliff’s alibi came through. Bobby opted for a risky procedure to save his sight. The family learned Jock’s estranged brother died. Later, a crazy nurse attacked Bobby in the hospital with a syringe.

Bobby woke up in time to catch his assailant – Katherine! JR rushed to his rescue and she revealed she was the one who shot Bobby. After his procedure Bobby’s sight returned and he went right back to work at Ewing Oil. There, Donna told him she invested some of her own money into a small oil company without telling Ray. Ray found Lucy waiting tables at the same place her mom had worked at and made him promise to keep quiet. Jason’s daughter Jamie descended on Southfork.

Jamie revealed she had a brother and their dad died a pauper. JR demanded she prove she was a Ewing and she produced a photo of Jock and Jason together. Bobby couldn’t shake thoughts of Pam. Cliff agreed to consider an offer by Wendell that involved Weststar's acquisition of Barnes-Wentworth. Jamie told Jenna that her father liked Jenna’s father, which was the opposite of what she had grown to believe. Later, Pam and Jackie saw Mark’s car.

Shadow Of A Doubt.
JR instructed Sly to make Cliff believe he was behind the Weststar deal so Cliff would back out. It worked and Cliff turned Wendell down. Pam learned she needed to maintain Mark’s stuff until the estate was settled, but when she got flowers from him later she doubted he was even dead. Bobby moved forward on wedding plans with Jenna.

JR warned Bobby of the repercussions if Pam and Cliff aligned. Pam hired an expert to look into Mark’s plane crash. She also agreed to go out with David who was more interested in work. Later, JR refused to let Bobby take down Jock’s portrait before Clayton and Ellie returned. At the restaurant Eddie realized that Lucy was more than a waitress – she was a Ewing.

Oil Baron’s Ball III.
Bobby couldn’t convince Pam to give up on finding out what happened to Mark, and Cliff worried about her mental health. Later, she was devastated to learn Bobby and Jenna were to marry in a month. Sly took some time off from spying on JR and Ellie surprised Clayton with new bedroom furniture – bye, bye Jock! Someone caught JR’s eye at the ball but he was not pleased to see Mandy with Cliff.

Bobby lambasted JR for announcing the wedding and he promised Bobby he did not intend to hurt Pam. Later, he looked into Mandy. Lucy agreed to a date with Eddie and Ellie gave Jock’s portrait to Ewing Oil out of respect to Clayton.

Cliff, convinced JR and Wendell had conspired against him, insisted Mandy accept JR’s offer for a date and report back to him. Bobby thought Jenna should tell Charlie that Marchetta was her father, but then Charlie disappeared. Ray found Charlie in her horse's stall and she later told Jenna and Bobby she had seen Bobby listed as her father on her birth certificate.

Barbecue Five.
Mandy had lunch with JR, a psychic told Pam that Mark lived, and Marchetta intended to remarry Jenna. Cliff confronted Wendell about his deal with JR, but Wendell assured him he was only being paranoid. JR loved that Mandy provided a new way to get at Cliff but when JR tried to throw Jamie off the ranch she provided a document that shocked everyone – Ewing Oil was jointly owned by Jock, her father Jason, and Digger Barnes!

Do You Take This Woman?
JR and Bobby decided to buy the Weststar fields. JR told Mandy he hoped Cliff got caught up in trying to prove Jamie’s document true, and she passed that on to Cliff. Jenna panicked when she learned Marchetta picked up Charlie and was a no-show at her wedding to Bobby. Later, Bobby found a note from Jenna that stated she loved another.

Deja Vu.
Bobby and JR looked for Jenna and Marchetta. Pam was ecstatic to hear of the cancelled wedding and JR and Cliff each worked to keep Bobby and Pam apart. New evidence in Mark’s death, instigated by JR, sent Pam to the Caribbean while Cliff sought to substantiate Jamie’s claim. Jenna told Bobby that she and Marchetta were married.

Odd Man Out.
Bobby drank his sorrows over Jenna, who was actually being held against her will by Marchetta. He forced her to go to Laredo where she was eventually drugged and set up for Marchetta’s murder. Meanwhile, Mandy teased to Cliff that she was falling for JR, but she may have been serious. Pam continued her wild goose chase in the Caribbean.

Lockup in Laredo.
Jenna was denied bail but when Bobby learned the truth tried to track Charlie down in Rome. Jenna told her lawyer that she may have been drugged. Jamie saw JR cuddled up with Serena and later Sue Ellen witnessed JR and Jamie fight about it - and her document.

Winds Of War.
Jamie left Southfork to team up with Cliff against JR, who got booted from the bedroom by Sue Ellen. A diary entry gave credence to Jamie’s document, and Clayton predicted she would use the document to divide the company. Bobby learned Jenna’s prints were all over the gun and when Marchetta’s associate arranged to meet about Charlie’s release, Bobby paid the $50,000 she asked for.

Bail Out.
Jenna was reunited with Charlie after her bail was paid. She wouldn’t marry Bobby like he wanted as her trial loomed but still moved into the Southfork guest house. Mandy confronted JR about him using her against Cliff. Pam learned JR paid to set up the goose chase.

Legacy Of Hate.
Pam got on board with Jamie and Cliff to destroy Ewing Oil just as Bobby felt drawn to her again. Later, Bobby, JR and Ellie were sued by Jamie and Cliff for their share of the company, backed by Pam. Mandy slept with JR and started spying for Cliff again but later decided she didn’t want anything to do with either of them.

Sins Of The Fathers.
More bad news for JR as further evidence supported Cliff and Jamie’s claim to Ewing – that Jock did it to protect Digger from his vindictive brother Jason. JR vowed to expose Digger as a drunk during the trial. A temporary injunction Cliff imposed on Ewing was short-lived but he later found the proof he needed to make his claim.

The Brothers Ewing.
JR turned to Sue Ellen for comfort but she was not interested in giving it. Instead, she agreed to go to Hong Kong with Pam to follow up yet another lead about Mark. JR, Bobby and Ray bonded over their impending fight for the company while Pam and Jamie fretted over how their fathers would look after all was said and done.

Shattered Dreams.
Lucy learned Eddie was two-timing her with Betty. Marchetta’s accomplice agreed to testify in Jenna’s trial, but it didn’t matter when she was found dead before she had the chance. JR converted some assets to cash and moved them to a Swiss account. Cliff offered Jamie a job at Barnes-Wentworth while Pam admitted she still had strong feelings for Bobby.

Dead Ends.
In Hong Kong, Pam and Sue Ellen learned the patient they hoped was Mark, wasn’t. Eddie apologized for hurting Lucy. Donna couldn't understand why Ray aligned himself with JR and later struck oil herself. Cliff and JR brawled over Mandy at a party. Jenna’s request for a postponement of her trial was denied.

Trial And Error.
The prosecution held no punches against Jenna at the start of her trial. Bobby was called to testify. Later, they learned Veronica’s sister was too scared to testify on Jenna’s behalf. Donna decided to move out of Southfork. Pam and Sue Ellen returned and although JR denied sending them to Hong Kong he admitted he wanted to keep Pam and Bobby apart.

The Verdict.
Bobby went to California to convince Veronica’s sister to testify, but she gave him a note to read in court instead. One of the Ewing wells was shut down for seeping into the water supply. Ray tried to convince Donna to come home. Sue Ellen came back to Southfork but made sure JR knew things were not okay between them. He let Mandy know a divorce might be in his future. Jenna was convicted of manslaughter, a lesser charge than murder.

Jenna worried about Charlie’s fate as she waited on sentencing. Bobby testified that he was Charlie’s father in order to keep her safe, which angered Pam who thought he had been lying to her. She reaffirmed her commitment to Cliff and Jamie to take down Ewing Oil. JR didn’t hide his affair with Mandy, which angered Sue Ellen. She threatened divorce. JR told Pam that Bobby only said he was Charlie’s father as a precautionary measure. JR used blackmail to get one of Cliff’s offshore operations shut down.

Terms Of Estrangement.
JR did an about face and worked to reunite Pam and Bobby to pull her away from Cliff’s side of the lawsuit, but she stuck her ground. Bobby and Ray watched video footage from Veronica’s flight and saw a man slipped her drugs and the case was reopened. Cliff asked Jamie to marry him and her brother Jack arrived in the big D. Later, JR met up with Jack, who wanted 10 percent of Ewing Oil in exchange for help with the suit. Sue Ellen recommitted to her marriage to spite JR.

The Ewing Connection.
JR, Bobby and Ray agreed to give Jack his 10 percent. Donna considered divorcing Ray. John Ross stayed home with a slight temperature while Sue Ellen went to her therapy. When he had to be rushed to the hospital for appendicitis, JR accused her of being a bad mom and she hit the booze. Lucy met up with her ex husband Mitch and they wondered where things went wrong.

Deeds And Misdeeds.
Cliff and Jamie got married, unaware of the new evidence the Ewings had in their fight. Later, all seemed lost for the Ewings when Jack’s papers were destroyed in a fire, but Jock’s first wife Amanda stepped forward with duplicates. Bobby continued to struggle with his feelings for Pam and Jenna. JR secretly loved that Sue Ellen was back to drinking and assured Mandy they would be together soon. Donna found out she was pregnant.

Veronica’s hit man refused to cooperate with the police so Bobby worked on a plan to make him confess. I worked, but not until after he and Pam declared their love for each other, which left him conflicted about Jenna. JR pushed Cliff to go to trial, confident their documents from Amanda would trump his and Jamie’s. Mitch asked Lucy to move in with him. JR made plans to have Sue Ellen institutionalized for her drinking. Someone read an item about one of the Ewings in the paper that infuriated them. Donna kept her pregnancy a secret from Ray.

Swan Song.
Donna told Ray she was pregnant. After the trial, Sue Ellen got loaded at the Ewing victory party and Miss Ellie reluctantly backed JR’s efforts to have her put in an institution. Later, Sue Ellen assured Ellie and Clayton that she quit drinking. Jenna was ecstatic she and Bobby could finally wed, which left him in a bit of a pickle. Cliff gave Jamie grounds for an annulment, but she refused, which surprised him. Pamela told Bobby to marry Jenna after a heartbreaking conversation. When he left Pam’s house a car headed straight for her. Bobby pushed Pam out of the way and took the hit instead. The driver was none other than Katherine, who died on the scene. Bobby was rushed to the hospital, where he died.

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