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Year-End wrap-up.

The first season of the reboot of "Dallas" had a lot to live up to, considering the long and storied history surrounding the original series. But even if you never saw a single episode of "Dallas" the first time around, TNT’s version made sure it didn’t even matter thanks to a new generation of Ewing oil drama and a war that has trickled down from brothers Bobby and JR right to their children Christopher and John Ross. The best part was it did not edge out the past all in favor of the new, but in fact have made old grudges and classic characters lynchpins to the storyline. It has been months since the first season finale, so let's look back at the season that introduced us to the new generation of Ewing oil drama.

Episode 1 - Pilot: Changing of the Guard.

After more than 20 years, the Ewings came back to Primetime in fine form – and on Southfork that meant sabotage, backstabbing, and plenty of family drama. Wedding preparations were underway for Christopher, the adopted son of Pamela and Bobby, and Rebecca Sutter, who had some secrets of her own to hide. Bobby was revealed to have cancer while JR and Sue Ellen’s son John Ross was ready to do battle with everyone in his way in order to drill for oil on Southfork. Meanwhile, our first glimpse of JR was in a home where he was battling depression. But not for long! Grade: B+

Episode 2 - Hedging Your Bets.

John Ross was not the only one angling to take control of Southfork and its potential for oil in the land. JR was more than willing to double cross everyone, including his own son, to get what he wanted and made moves to do just that. Rebecca and Christopher wed, despite his history with John Ross's current love Elena, and when John Ross drilled on Southfork land in secret and found a real gusher, it threatened to tear the whole family apart. Grade: A -

Episode 3 - The Price You Pay.

Just as John Ross was ready to prove himself to his father and made a move for his birthright, JR came back to Southfork and put a major kink in his plans. John Ross did, however, find out who sent that "Dear John" email to Elena - and it wasn't Christopher. Christopher and Elena grew closer as he had a scientific discovery, but their plans were put on hold when Bobby sold the rights of Southfork to a land conservancy. Grade: A

Episode 4 - The Last Hurrah.

John Ross threatened Rebecca with what he knew about the email in order to get her to do some dirty deeds for him. JR decided to try another tack and looked into John Ross and Marta instead. Christopher began to really struggle with his lingering feelings for Elena, just days after his marriage to Rebecca, and sought advice from his dad Bobby. All this and a big ol' Southfork barbecue to boot! Grade: A

Episode 5 - Truth And Consequences.

Rebecca confessed to Christopher that her brother sent the email and meeting him was no accident. Needless to say that didn't go over very well and he ended it. Wanting to help Bobby stop the drilling on Southfork, Ann called on her ex Ryland Harris, who agreed - but with a good dose of condescension thrown in for good measure. And good guy Christopher decided to fight dirty. Grade: A

Episode 6 - The Enemy Of My Enemy.

John Ross was not happy with how things were going with the deal and moved to Southfork too. Bobby didn't react well when Ann revealed she went to Ryland for help, but it soon became clear she had much bigger skeletons in her closet. Unable to give up on her relationship with Christopher, Rebecca found the answer Christopher and Bobby needed to help save Southfork. Grade: B

Episode 7 - Collateral Damage.

Rebecca revealed to Elena some major, life-changing news - that she was pregnant with Christopher's child. But when she told Christopher he accused her of lying. After Bobby punched Ryland for his dealings with Ann, he demanded an apology in exchange for dropping the charges and got it. John Ross confronted Marta, for pocketing the difference in the sale of Southfork, but she was killed by the investors and he was framed for the murder. Grade: B+

Episode 8 - No Good Deed.

John Ross got a beating in jail, courtesy of the investor's henchmen. Sue Ellen put on her mom hat and bribed a doctor in the morgue to rule Marta's death a suicide in order to get John Ross out of jail, effectively putting her political aspirations on the line. JR secretly visited John Ross in the hospital and a large oil company approached Christopher about rights to his new methane technology. Grade: A-

Episode 9 - Family Business.

Bobby had a brain seizure breaking up a fight between John Ross and Christopher, which revealed his bigger health problems to more family members. Later, he had another brain aneurism. Sue Ellen feared her aspirations for governor were over after her bribe. Tommy got more desperate so Rebecca took matters into her own hands and later, after the two fought, she killed him. Grade: A

Episode 10 - Revelations.

Revelations was right! After Christopher asked her to give it another go for the sake of their unborn twins, Rebecca turned out to be the daughter of none other than Ewing enemy Cliff Barnes, and he was the one behind her integration into the Ewings all along. John Ross proposed to Elena and she accepted - until Christopher realized Rebecca was still lying to him and found solace in Elena's bed. And undeterred, Sue Ellen threw her hat in the ring for Governor. Alone with JR at the new headquarters for Ewing Enterprises - which happened to be in the old Ewing offices - John Ross realized he had lost the girl and asked JR to teach him everything he knew. Grade: A+

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- Hollie Deese