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Southfork burns. (Warner Brothers)

Burning down the house.

It was classic "Dallas" style to end each season with a crazy cliffhanger, which kept viewers guessing until the start of the next season to see what happened. Season Six was no different when during the last episode of the season, JR and Ray got into a fight that lit Southfork on fire with a sleeping Sue Ellen and John Ross inside. Oh, and JR and Ray were both knocked unconscious, unable to help. It was those kinds of outlandish and high-drama scenarios that kept Dallas high on the ratings game during finales and season premieres.

Changing of the Guard:
It was official! Bobby, Lucy and Miss Ellie voted JR out as president of Ewing Oil. And the bad times kept rolling as Cliff was in a coma after his accident from the previous season’s cliffhanger. Everyone blamed JR for that too. JR found out Christopher was not his son and a furious Bobby raged at JR for blackmailing him about it. Down but not out, JR met with oil lady Holly Harwood and accepted her offer to run Harwood Oil, but kept it a secret from the family.

Where There’s a Will:
Lucy revealed to Pam she was pregnant with Roger’s baby. Meanwhile, JR schemed to get a peek at Jock’s will before everyone else despite the stipulation it be revealed to the family all together. Sue Ellen began having second thoughts about her upcoming remarriage to JR and visited Cliff in the hospital before he was released.

Billion Dollar Question:
JR continued his crusade to bust open Jock’s will and put pressure on Ellie and Bobby to do it. He even brought the IRS into it. The boys did agree Miss Ellie needed to get out again, and she made steps toward getting social. Lucy had an abortion, Cliff accepted a job offer with some reservations and JR’s advances toward Holly were shut down.

The Big Ball:
Who knew there was an Oil Baron’s Ball? Going single was a new experience for Miss Ellie, who afterwards decided to have Jock declared legally dead. Meanwhile, JR continued to run Harwood Oil behind the backs of his family. The man Ray thought was his father his whole life died and he went to the funeral. Sue Ellen's cowpoke Dusty returned, and brought with him a new wife, which devastated Sue Ellen.

Jock’s Will:
After Bobby testified about the fruitless search for Jock in South America, Jock was declared dead and the Ewings were finally able to access the will. Meanwhile, with Dusty remarried, Sue Ellen set the wedding date with JR.

The battle between Bobby and JR over Ewing Oil began with a vengeance as JR looked for a way to pump more oil. Bobby and Pam moved closer to a final adoption date for Christopher, Lucy went back to work and Ray’s brother Mickey settled into life on the ranch, despite his criminal past. Seeking revenge, Rebecca bought an oil company for Cliff, but he loathed having to deal with JR again.

Hit and Run:
Pam was left torn as Cliff took over presidency of a competing oil company. JR and Bobby battled internally – Bobby made a deal on some Canadian fields thanks to Pam and the cartel decided to not work with Ewing. Mickey’s sketchy past left Ray worried about his current behavior.

The Ewing Touch:
JR got his go ahead for more drilling thanks to some classic blackmailing. He worked hard to sabotage Bobby while he pumped as much oil as possible - despite a surplus. Cliff got mad at Pam for helping Bobby secure the Canadian fields. Christopher’s adoption was finalized and Miss Ellie brought a new suitor, Frank, by Southfork for dinner and drama.

Fringe Benefits:
As Sue Ellen and JR’s wedding neared, Pam and Sue Ellen got closer as the brothers feuded more fiercely. JR tried to use Sue Ellen to get a refinery deal, but it backfired on him and Cliff got the deal instead. His bad week continued as he seethed over Miss Ellie dating again.

The Wedding:
Sue Ellen and JR’s big day arrived but Afton was still worried Cliff had feelings for Sue Ellen. Ray warned Mickey to stay away from Lucy. Bobby got pressure to stop JR’s out-of-control drilling. Meanwhile, JR set up a dummy oil company and got Holly to sell some of her assets to it. Bobby accused JR of trying to destroy the family business.

Post Nuptial:
Cliff made a scene at JR and Sue Ellen's reception, then got into a fight with JR that ended up in the pool. Donna, who had joined the Texas Oil Commission, worried it could cause problems for the family. Holly told Bobby that JR owned 25 percent of her company. Bobby feared JR was selling oil to an embargoed foreign country and called him on it.

Barbecue Three:
Bobby dug deeper into his suspicions about JR’s oil sales but all was revealed as JR opened a chain of cut-rate gas stations. Pam and Sue Ellen remained determined to not let Bobby and JR’s feud drive them apart. Miss Ellie was upset by the infighting. Lucy turned down a date with Mickey.

Mama Dearest:
Fed up, Ellie wanted to contest Jock’s will despite JR’s warning that he would fight her in court. Bobby sided with JR, reluctantly, while Pam sided with Ellie, whose lawyer Mark Graison told her they would have to question Jock’s mental well-being to get anywhere. Afton asked Cliff if they were moving toward marriage. JR’s gas stations got some media attention.

The Ewing Blues:
A torn Miss Ellie ultimately moved forward with contesting the will. Bobby decided to force a sale of some oil fields when the cartel got in his way. JR pressured Holly to break her contracts. Cliff continued to push Afton away.

The Reckoning:
JR and Bobby finally agreed on one thing, and that was stopping Miss Ellie’s crusade to contest the will. Pam’s alignment with Ellie did nothing for her marriage. Ellie testified in court that Jock was mentally unstable when he wrote the addendum of his will in order to get a 15-year-old version of Jock’s will put into effect.

A Ewing is a Ewing:
Cliff aimed to lure JR into a trap with the offer of a political post. Meanwhile, JR was busy handling an Air Force general about the cancelled Harwood Oil contracts, and then, handling an irate and gun-wielding Holly.

Crash of ’83:
Ray worried about the influence Mickey was having on Lucy. Bobby played dirty and bribed a Texas Energy commissioner to change his vote on JR’s special oil variance that allowed him to pump endlessly. Pam was disgusted after Bobby told her about his misdeed. At the end of the episode, Afton got word that the Wentworth jet crashed.

Rebecca, who was in the jet crash, died with Pam by her side. JR was blamed for the crash, but it was Cliff who felt guilty and he turned to Afton for consolation. The TEC took back JR’s special variance for extra pumping and it wasn’t long before he found out Bobby used blackmail to make it happen.

Fed up with Bobby and JR, Pam left Southfork for a local hotel. JR was sure to let Mark, who was just waiting to pounce on Pam, that she and Bobby had split. Mark high-tailed it to her hotel. The cartel celebrated JR’s loss, but he resolved to continue selling cheap gas regardless. Clayton told Sue Ellen that while he used to love her, he was with Miss Ellie now. Lucy and Mickey got closer. JR offered what appeared on the surface to be a compromise to Bobby, which he rejected, so JR came out looking on top with the family.

Brothers and Sisters:
Busted! JR had been shipping oil to Cuba and faced jail, so Holly wanted him out at Harwood. Despite that, there was talk JR could be prime to run for a seat in congress. Katherine, angling for Bobby, made sure he saw Pam and Mark together. Bobby made sure Pam knew he would be the one to win Ewing Oil.

Caribbean Connection:
Katherine convinced Mark into spending more time with Pam so she could work on Bobby. Clayton looked for a home in Dallas with Ellie’s help. Together, Bobby and Ray discovered JR’s Caribbean dealings and if the state department found out about Cuba, Ewing Oil would be out of business. JR was ready to throw his cowboy hat in the political ring, but Sue Ellen worried her boozy past and fling with Dusty would make things difficult.

The Sting:
JR ignored his recent remarriage to Sue Ellen and messed around with Serena. Bobby and Ray busted up his Caribbean deal, which got Walt Driscoll arrested in the process. He vowed revenge on JR, but he was not the only one. Holly learned both her money and oil was in Cuba and also sought to get even. JR found out he would have to go to Cuba himself to get his $40 million. Mickey kissed Lucy for the first time and took her to a motel. Bobby fought with Mark over Pam.

Hell Hath No Fury:
Down nearly $20 million, Holly denounced the Ewings to Bobby but attempted a truce and seduction of JR. Regardless, she made sure Sue Ellen knew she was seeing JR. Bobby and Pam had sex, but she wouldn’t go back to Southfork so they ended things again and she continued her fling with Mark. Clayton continued to see Ellie.

Cuba Libre:
JR began his journey to Cuba. Back home, Sue Ellen grilled Bobby for details about JR and Holly. Bobby and Cliff locked horns over the Canadian deal and his marriage to Pam. Meanwhile, Pam vacationed in France with Mark. Clayton cheated on Miss Ellie with Sue Ellen, and JR got arrested the moment he arrived in Cuba.

Tangled Web:
JR was punished but ultimately left Cuba with the $40 million. At home, Ellie continued to help Clayton with his house hunt but soon questioned him about his intentions toward Sue Ellen. JR hopped in bed with Holly when he came back to the states and Sue Ellen caught them in the act.

Things Ain’t Going Too Good at Southfork:
Sue Ellen hit the bottle and cuddled up in Clayton’s bed again. Then, she drunkenly told Ellie that Clayton was the only man for her. Then, Sue Ellen confronted JR about Holly before getting in a wreck with Mickey. Pam, fresh from France, grilled Bobby about his relationship with Katherine, then grilled Katherine herself who denied any wrongdoing.

After the accident, Mickey slipped into a coma but Sue Ellen was quickly released and Lucy was quick to put the blame right at her feet. So was the sheriff, who told JR Sue Ellen had three times the legal limit of booze in her blood when the crash occurred. Pam told Bobby that while she loved him she had feelings for Mark. She then told Christopher she couldn’t live with Bobby anymore. Sue Ellen had regrets about her marriage to JR, but he told her he still loved her. JR offered Holly a buyout of Harwood Oil for $20 million.

Ewing Inferno:
In the season finale Pam decided to divorce Bobby, and Katherine was right there to console him. Ray learned Walt Driscoll was the driver who caused Sue Ellen and Mickey to crash and Mickey took a turn for the worse. Ray and JR brawled which caused Southfork to catch fire around them - and a sleeping Sue Ellen and John Ross. Everyone was trapped as the house went up in flames.

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