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After actor Jim Davis died during the production of Season Four, his character Jock was killed off in a mysterious helicopter accident mid-season while doing business in South America and the Ewings were left to pick up the pieces in Season Five, with Ellie at a loss as to how to go on without him. Producers originally planned to bring his character back, even asking the actor who played Sue Ellen’s cowboy Clayton Farlow, but fans were against having anyone else play the role. A portrait of Jock hung above the fireplace at Southfork as a memorial to the actor, and can still be seen in the "Dallas" reboot.

Missing Heir:
And the dead lady floating in the pool is … Kristin, Sue Ellen’s sis and the person who shot JR. Cliff and JR accuse each other of the murder and are both questioned by the cops. JR has bigger fish to fry however, as Sue Ellen moved John Ross out of Southfork. He accused the baby-obsessed Pam of helping her out, and he was right, which caused even more tension between Pam and Bobby when he found out.

Gone, But Not Forgotten:
JR and Cliff both testified at the inquest into Kristin’s murder. Meanwhile, people were still upset that JR got off unscathed in the Asian deal. Pam’s baby obsession got worse, which made her more distant with Bobby. Donna was not happy with the changes she saw in Ray after becoming a Ewing. And while Sue Ellen took action to end her marriage, JR made plans to get back John Ross.

Showdown at San Angelo:
JR tried to get Ellie’s help in snatching back John Ross while Jock was away on business. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen worried her plan to run off with Dusty was not the best. Cliff was ready to leave Dallas for good, but Rebecca presented him with a better idea. Pam’s desperate need for a baby had Bobby looking into adoptions.

Little Boy Lost:
JR and Sue Ellen headed to court to do battle for custody of John Ross - until JR’s carefully-laid plans to discredit her backfired. In fact, he even got a surprise of his own. Pam’s depression got even worse as Bobby searched for help for his wife. And when Cliff became part of Wentworth Tool and Die, he was introduced to his half-sister, Katherine.

The Sweet Smell of Revenge:
The court decided in Sue Ellen’s favor, elating her and the Farlows – until JR used his power to squash the Farlows from helping Sue Ellen any more. Meanwhile, Pamela went off the rails and the police found her on the verge of committing suicide. Bobby received a letter about Kristin, then used a picture of her with her baby Christopher to buy more information about who the father could be.

The Big Shut Down:
JR proved he was willing to do anything to get back at Sue Ellen and Get John Ross back when he put Ewing Oil on the line in order to borrow $200 million dollars from Vaughan Leland to dry up the oil supply to the Farlow refineries. Bobby kept digging into finding out the identity of the father of Kristin’s baby while Pam continued her mental treatment as she was sure Bobby was prepared to leave her. Meanwhile, Lucy and Mitch’s relationship continued to decline.

Bobby got confirmation that Jordan Lee was not Christopher’s father and continued his search. JR’s plot to get John Ross back began to backfire as the Farlows continued to harbor Sue Ellen and John Ross while the crude oil he was stockpiling to get back at them threatened Ewing Oil.

The Split:
Jock sent Ellie a shocking legal document that affects the future of the business while doing work in South America for the State Department. Later, JR at Clayton had a showdown at the Cotton Bowl stadium. Ray’s new land deal was in danger after he got some starting news, and Donna’s book got published.

Five Dollars a Barrel:
Brother Gary returned to Southfork only to have his voting shares in Ewing Oil targeted by JR, who also aimed to take over Ray’s as well. Bobby resigned as Senator and got closer to learning more about Kristin’s baby daddy. Pam was given permission to leave the hospital to visit the ranch, while Cliff Barnes forces JR to submit to his demands for Ewing Oil or lose Southfork to foreclosure on the note he now holds.

Starting Over:
Dusty got back in the saddle for a rodeo, but then he and Sue Ellen parted ways. Bobby, convinced that JR was Christopher’s father, bought the baby and brought him back to Southfork. Miss Ellie decided to help Ray out of his money troubles, but discovered JR’s irresponsible scheme has put the business on the brink of disaster and she was mad!

Waterloo at Southfork:
Ellie was finished with JR’s double dealing and took business matters into her own hands. While Bobby secretly investigated the possibilities of adopting baby Christopher, an overjoyed Pam bonded with the baby immediately. JR decided to fight dirty in desperate attempt to regain custody during his final divorce hearing.

Barbecue Two:
Freed from JR, Sue Ellen took John Ross and moved into an apartment. Ellie prepared a good old fashioned Southfork barbecue to welcome Jock home from his work in South America, but is devastated by news that his helicopter went down. Some other big news was that it was revealed that Rebecca Wentworth and Clayton Farlow were old friends through their business dealings in Houston.

The Search:
No one wanted to believe Jock could really be dead so JR, Bobby and Ray flew to South America to join in the investigation. After they searched the jungle Bobby found Jock’s medallion but no signs of a body.

Miss Ellie won’t believe that Jock is dead and refused to allow his will to be read and his death declared official. But when it came to missing Jock, Ray, Lucy and JR took it harder than anyone. While JR let his responsibilities at Ewing Oil slip, Bobby picked up the slack. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen met a new man named Tom which spurred JR warn her he would never let her take John Ross away again. Donna’s book became a hit, which pushed her and Ray further apart.

Head of the Family:
Bobby lied to Pam about Christopher’s mother and instead told her that he privately adopted him from a couple from Louisiana. Ray put off duties around the ranch which earned some harsh words from Bobby. Bobby also warned Miss Ellie that he would have to stop in with the family business again if JR couldn’t get straightened out. Lucy got a modeling offer, which made things worse with Mitch. Donna decided to write another book on the late Sam Culver, her ex husband and former governor she left when she took up with Ray.

The Phoenix:
JR got back in the game and brought John Ross to the Ewing Oil office for his first ever visit and showed him his future. Pam got paranoid about the health of Christopher’s family and pressured Bobby for more answers about his background. Meanwhile, the impending reading of Jock’s will had JR on edge, unsure of how the shares of Ewing stock would be split up. Lucy's photographer Roger turned stalker, Cliff got Afton a singing gig, Ray slept with someone from the bar and JR slept with Marilee Stone to get the cartel back in business with him.

My Father, My Son:
Donna delved further into her book as JR tried to convince her to get Ray to give up his voting shares to him. JR spied Cliff and Sue Ellen together and hired a detective to put her under constant surveillance. A lawyer informed Bobby that if he wanted to adopt Christopher he would have to first have to get permission from Sue Ellen. Lucy turned to Roger when she found out Mitch was seeing someone else.

JR had a lot of plotting to do this episode. First, he worked with one of the largest conglomerates in southwest to arrange to get Cliff out of town for a new job. Rebecca didn’t want to see Cliff go but left the choice up to him. Then, JR tried to win back Sue Ellen. Finally, Donna found Ray in bed with the woman from the bar, thanks to another of JR’s plans. To keep Pam busy, Bobby bought her an aerobics business to run.

Bobby approached Sue Ellen for permission to adopt Christopher while Cliff became wary of his new job offer and found out JR was behind it. Lucy’s photographer Roger got more obsessive with her as another woman tried to get Mitch. Meanwhile, JR was still after Ray’s voting shares.

The Maelstrom:
Sue Ellen informed Clayton that Kristin and JR were lovers, further bolstering suspicion about the father of Christopher. And when JR learned Bobby paid Sue Ellen a visit, he accused accuses him of turning Sue Ellen against him. Ray made it up to Donna. JR met Cliff's half-sister Katherine while a fed-up Mitch pressured Lucy for divorce, who in turn went to crazy Roger for comfort.

The Prodigal:
Cliff got put in charge of Wentworth Tool and Die, which made Katherine turn to JR for help. Jeff Farrady tried to blackmail Bobby about the baby as JR got a hold of the birth records. As for Donna, she dug up an ugly secret in the Ewing and Culver history that involved Jock. Obsessed Roger threatened Lucy.

JR put a plan in motion to set up Cliff, and he is talked into spending millions in a trap of a land deal. Donna struggled with the evidence she found against the Ewings. Roger kidnapped Lucy after she told her agent she could never work with him again. Cliff asked Sue Ellen to marry him but she turned him down. And JR got the proof to prove who Christopher’s father really was.

When Farraday was found murdered, Bobby was brought in by the police for questioning. Donna and Miss Ellie fought over Donna's discovery of Jock's involvement in Jonas Culver's death. Cliff thought he was on the verge of striking oil and asked Sue Ellen to marry him, again. JR lied to Bobby and told him he was Christopher's father. In return for keeping the matter secret he demanded Bobby's loyalty on Ewing Oil business.

The Investigation:
The Ewings worried about Lucy's disappearance until Bobby and Pam rescued her and took her to the hospital. Mitch met her there and they agreed to divorce. Rebecca learned Cliff had been withdrawing large amounts from Wentworth Tool and Die. Faced with financial ruin he tried to borrow money from Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen shared Cliff's situation with Pam.

Not one to give up, JR pulled out all the stops in his attempt to win back Sue Ellen, including sending her roses every day. Rebecca asked Cliff to resign from Wentworth Tool over the embezzlement. Bobby helped the cops catch Farraday's murderers by arranging a fake cocaine deal. Miss Ellie became increasingly withdrawn over Jock’s death and Ray reminded her that Jock was no saint. In the end, she gave Donna her blessing to go forward with the Culver book. Cliff felt abandoned by everybody and Afton consoled him.

Goodbye, Cliff Barnes:
Devastated that Sue Ellen went back to JR, Cliff tried to kill himself and Sue Ellen told JR she might not be able to marry him if Cliff died. Bobby revealed the truth about Christopher to Pam – that Kristin miscarried JR’s baby, Farraday and Kristin got married, and that Farraday is Christopher’s father. Lucy revealed she was raped by Roger. Finally, Rebecca showed up at Southfork and told Miss Ellie the Ewing-Barnes feud was far from over.

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