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JR's shooter is revealed. (Soaps.com)

Goodbye Jock. (Soaps.com)

Ewing power struggle.

Season Four began with JR near death, and a line of people who might be guilty of shooting him - not to mention the millions of viewers who wanted to finally know who shot JR. This was also the last season we saw Jock, as actor Jim Davis died mid-season in 1981. But this season really showcased the feud between Bobby and JR as they both did battle to remain at the top of Ewing Oil.

No More Mister Nice Guy:
The Ewings gathered together as the authorities searched for clues and gathered suspects in the shooting of JR. As JR fought death that required multiple operations, With Jock's blessing, Bobby took over Ewing Oil.

Despite his paralysis, JR was not about to just let Bobby just take over Ewing Oil without a fight. He did whatever he could to destroy his efforts from his sick bed. Plus, Ellie found the gun that shot JR.

Who Done It?
Sue Ellen's fingerprints are all over the gun that was used to shoot JR, but is it possible she is being set up? Too bad she was too drunk the night JR was shot to even know if she was! Still, she is tossed in jail and the Ewings give her the cold shoulder. Sue Ellen finally figured out it was her sister Kristin who shot JR and set her up.

Taste Of Success:
Ewings loved power, and Bobby was no different at the top of Ewing Oil. He works hard to get a refinery, something his father Jock had always wanted but JR was never able to deliver. Neither Pam nor JR were pleased with the new Bobby.

The Venezuelan Connection:
Jock got put in the middle when JR and Bobby battled for the top spot at Ewing, with neither one willing to back down. Meanwhile, Lucy needed some serious luck when she brought her new beau Mitch around.

The Fourth Son:
Oops! Bobby stepped in it big time when an oil tanker goes down with 600,000 gallons of crude, and since it was not insured, the final total in loss to Ewing neared $20 million! Meanwhile, Ray Krebbs' long-lost dad Amos showed up at Southfork with big news for the clan - Ray was actually a Ewing!

Trouble at Ewing 23:
More trouble for Bobby as an extortionist threatened to blow up one of the fields. Of course, JR couldn't be happier as the door to take back power opened up.

The Prodigal Mother:
JR finally found the nail for Bobby's Ewing Oil coffin and used it to take back power. In other big news, Pam found her long-lost mother, Rebecca Wentworth, and Lucy asked Mitch to marry her.

Executive Wife:
Bobby continued to tangle with JR over control of Ewing Oil, again. This time, JR encouraged Jock to go through with a business deal he knew would leave the Ewings with a lot less cash, but would also make Bobby look bad. Tired of comign in second place to Bobby's job, Pam found manly attention elsewhere with businessman Alex Ward.

End Of The Road:
At Lucy and Mitch's wedding, JR took a shine to Mitch's sister Afton, which almost distracted him from securing Bobby's job for good. Not to be outdone, Sue Ellen cozied up to her old boyfriend. JR's plan worked and Bobby resigned, but Ellie accused Jock of unforgivable behavior for his unwitting role in things.

Making Of A President:
JR was back on top of Ewing Oil but his image was a serious PR nightmare. He hired Leslie Stewart to make him over, and she was not willing to be pushed over by him. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen discovered Pam on a little date with Alex.

Start The Revolution With Me:
Leslie got her hooks in JR, but continued to keep him at arms length. But he had bigger fish to fry as he aimed to break any law to topple the Southeast Asian government that took his foreign oil wells.

The Quest:
Sue Ellen was being followed, but JR refused to believe her, which forced her to take matters into her own hands. JR was too busy making sure Cliff Barnes is not elected for public office, which affected everyone from Bobby and Pam to Donna and Ray.

Lover, Come Back:
JR's tangling with the Asian government brought back the cartel. Jock had his own surprise for the family - he cut Ray in on the family trust without consulting Miss Ellie. Donna and Ray get back together and began planning a wedding. And Sue Ellen discovered that Dusty was alive and well - an unwilling to get back together with her.

The New Mrs. Ewing:
Ray and Donna tied the knot, making her the new Mrs. Ewing, but the happy occasion does nothing to melt the ice between Ellie and Jock who were at odds over a land deal. Meanwhile, Bobby formed an unlikely business alliance with Cliff. His growing jealousy over Pam forced a confrontation with her suitor Alex.

Mark of Cain:
Bobby got caught up in the fight between Jock and Ellie. JR let his guard down with PR maven Leslie and she finally had him right where she wanted him. Lucy's ego as Young Miss Dallas caused problems in her marriage, while Sue Ellen's fling with Clint continued.

The Gathering Storm:
AS Miss Ellie threatened to divorce Jock, he countered by threatening to sell Ewing Oil. Of course, JR had a hand in all of it. Clint pushed Sue Ellen to leave JR and Pam got suspicious of Cliff's motives.

Ewing vs. Ewing:
Miss Ellie moved forward with the divorce, so JR sped up his efforts to sell the family business. He soon got distracted when Leslie's es-husband showed up at the ranch. Awkward!

New Beginnings:
JR was forced to slam the brakes on the sale of Ewing Oil when Jock and Elli reconciled - and left for a second honeymoon. Donna let JR have it for humiliating Ray while someone else looks for revenge against him. Meanwhile, Mitch and Lucy continued to struggle with newlywed-itis. Cliff was presented with meeting his mother, but not sure if he should go through with it.

Full Circle:
Back from Cali, Kristin dared to show her face around Southfork again, this time with a whole new scheme. Sue Ellen met up with Dusty, again, while Lucy moved out on Mitch. Bobby and Cliff continued their alliance against JR as Cliff gathered evidence in relation to JR's southeast Asian dealings and handed it over to Bobby's senate committee. Finally, Cliff met his mother.

Ewing Gate:
J.R.'s Asian dealings may cost him Ewing Oil - and his freedom as he faced jail. Dusty continued to push Sue Ellen to leave JR - and take John Ross with them. Cliff discovered a dead woman in Southfork's pool - but it wouldn't be until Season Five when it was revealed who.

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