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The Ewings are back. (TNT)

The waiting game.

Please note: If you haven't watched the season one finale of "Dallas" yet, you might want to look away, as to not be spoiled.

It's always tricky when a beloved TV classic makes a comeback. Not all attempts are successful, but the continuation of "Dallas" was a bonafide hit, ending season one with 4.3 million viewers. In fact, Dallas was renewed for a second season just two weeks after it premiered.

Things may have changed a little on Southfork, as season one opened to J.R. and Bobby a bit older than the last time we saw them. J.R. was even in a nursing home, seemingly incapacitated. That didn't last long though, as he rebounded for some good old-fashioned Ewing rivalry. In addition, the brothers are now fathers to adult sons John Ross and Christopher, Bobby has a new wife Ann and J.R.'s ex, Sue Ellen, is running for governor.

The season centered on JR and John Ross pitting themselves against Bobby and Christopher for the beloved Southfork. Of course, there was still love sprinkled in amongst the family, but with the likes of Vincente, Marta and even Christopher's wife Rebecca, as well as the core family, there was a lot of backstabbing, manipulation and flat out lying going on.

Things turned on their head as the finale saw Elena dumping John Ross and hitting the sheets with his cousin, and her ex, Christopher, who learned his pregnant wife wasn't who she said she was. Rebecca was revealed to be Ewing rival Cliff Barnes' daughter, who had been trying to bring down the Ewings all along. Ann got the upper hand on her ex Ryland and Sue Ellen ended on a recharged note pursuing her governorship. Finally, John Ross looked to his daddy for guidance on being a bad ass and screwing over his cousin Christopher.

There's a lot to look forward to when "Dallas" returns January 28, 2013. Until then, relive what went down this season with Soaps.com's Dallas recaps.

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- Lori Wilson