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Julie knows too much. (Soaps.com)

Too pilled out to help. (Soaps.com)

Bigger in Texas.

Season 2 of "Dallas" certainly didn't shy away from hot-button issues like infidelity, drinking while pregnant, underage sex, pill popping and of course, good old fashioned sibling rivalry.

Run-off-the-ranch brother Gary returns to Southfork, and thanks to his daughter Lucy, her mother Valene comes back too. That is, until JR overloads him with work and runs them back out of town again.

Old Acquaintance:
Bobby has a romantic past - Jenna Wade - that he has kept secret from Pam. Not anymore! She lets them both know Bobby is hers and Jenna better back off.

Jock has a heart attack, and while everyone is beside themselves, JR uses it to his advantage at Ewing Oil.

Black Market Baby:
Despite years of trying, Sue Ellen can't get pregnant. Doc tells her she is not the problem but JR won't consider he is. Instead, she lines up to buy a newborn from an unwed mom-to-be.

Double Wedding:
Oops! Pam never told Bobby she has an ex-husband, and he shows up at the ranch to inform her there is nothing "ex" about their marriage. JR couldn't be happier for the couple.

Hot-headed Lucy throws a fit when her mom is not invited to come to her birthday party on the ranch. She runs away from home and becomes the hostage of a con man.

Pam helps her brother Cliff seek political office, which gives JR the perfect opportunity to sabotage it by making Cliff's private sexual history very public.

It's life or death for JR and Bobby when their plane crashes in a swamp and the ladies at the ranch fear the worst.

Act Of Love:
The baby daddy is very much in question as Sue Ellen, pregnant with John Ross, spends lots of time with Cliff while JR is out of town.

Ranch hand Ray has it in for JR when he catches him with his lady friend, a country singer. Meanwhile Lucy wants to use her inheritance to help out the little lady's career.

Fallen Idol:
Bobby breaks from character and starts a construction business with an old buddy to try to build a mall on Southfork!

Who could want JR out of the picture? Just about everyone. Too bad the bungling abductors snag Bobby instead and face JR's wrath in the process.

Home Again:
Miss Ellie's long-thought dead brother Garrison returns and he wants what is rightfully his - Southfork! Surprise, surprise, JR is not having it.

For Love Or Money:
Sue Ellen has had enough and moves away from JR, which gives her plenty of time to cozy up with Cliff again.

Julie's Return:
Since Jock's heart attack the family treats him like an invalid. His trusted secretary Julie, however, makes him feel normal. Too bad rumors abound that there is more to their relationship than friendship considering the amount of company secrets she is privy to.

The Red File:
Julie knows where the skeletons are hidden and wants to pass the info to Cliff. But when she ends up dead, JR pins the murder on Cliff. But she left behind evidence that could rip JR's world apart. Pamela, convinced JR is behind the setup, leaves the ranch.

Sue Ellen's Sister:
Conniving Kristin sets her sights on Bobby now that Pam is off the ranch, and JR couldn't be more encouraging of the relationship.

Call Girl:
JR does everything he can to get a picture of Pam in a compromising three-way. His lies only bring Bobby and Pam back together.

Royal Marriage:
Lucy gets engaged to a big wig from Mainwaring Oil. JR loves the power it can give him and has no intention of revealing what he knows that would doom their relationship.

The Outsiders:
Ray is tired of following the Ewing's orders. But when he falls in love with the wife of a powerful politico JR needs in his pocket, he refuses to bow down any more.

John Ewing III:
Sue Ellen spends her pregnancy hitting the bottle. Meanwhile, Lucy is popping pills and when Sue Ellen falls down the stairs she is in no position to help her. Sue Ellen is sent to rehab but sneaks booze anyway, and when she is released gets in a car accident that causes her to go into premature labor with John Ross. Will either one survive?

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