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He said what? (Soaps.com)

Best lines this week!

These one liners come from last night's episode Family Business. Which are your faves?

Harris to Sue Ellen: "When dealing with people, I suggest more carrot, less stick."

Ann, to JR, when he doesn't understand why he can't see Bobby: "Of Course you don’t, you’re a sociopath."

Ann, pointing a gun at JR: "Since you don't have a heart, it will be somewhere more vital."

JR to John Ross when he moves back: "I'm too old to have a roommate."

JR to Ann: "Well I am back honey, and I am going to be bigger than ever."

JR to Sue Ellen: "Wife No. 3 is at the door and she is packing heat."

Ann to Sue Ellen when she heard she slapped JR: "Well, that deserves a muffin."

John Ross about JR: "He is being pig-headed and selfish." Sue Ellen: "That is so unlike JR."

Bobby to JR: "No, your lapses are not when you do wrong. Your lapses are when you do right. Like the scorpion said to the frog, 'It is just in my nature.'"

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- Hollie Deese