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Bobby (Soaps.com)

Best lines this week!

These one liners come from last night's episode No Good Deed. Which are your faves?

Christopher to Elena: "Maybe he didn't kill that woman... But you play with snakes long enough and eventually you get bit."

Cano tells John Ross: "Be very careful Mr. Ewing. Pointing fingers in the wrong direction can be hazardous to you and your entire family."

Bobby to Cano: "With all due respect Mr. Cano, your fraudulent deal was with my brother. Not with me." Cano replies, "Fraudulant deal. I don't know what you're talking about." Bobby says, "No, of course not. So let me be clear. You may hold the note to Southfork but what my nephew neglected to tell you is that I control the mineral rights so you can call in your note but you will never pump a drop of oil on Southfork."

Christopher, "How the hell could JR do this to his family?" Bobby replies, "How much time do you have?"

Bobby recalls something Miss Ellie one said: "Family is like baking a cake from scratch. Really messy."

Sue Ellen to the medical examiner: "I have sources that have told me that you've been writing more prescriptions than Michael Jackson's doctor. Which is odd since all of your patients are dead."

Christopher to John Ross: "You look like hell." John Ross snarks, "Still better lookin' than you!"

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- Christine Fix