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Lamb to slaughter. (Soaps.com)

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Meet the Ewings.

On April 2, 1978, Dallas premiered in Primetime, introducing the world to the life of the Ewing oil family. What was supposed to be a five-part miniseries turned into 14 years on the small screen - for its first run. That original mini-series is what is now considered season one, and during those five episodes we are introduced to devious JR, his infinitely-more humane brother Bobby, their parents Jock and Ellie and their spouses, Sue Ellen and Pamela. Here are some of the highlights of season one.

Digger's Daughter
As Bobby arrives back to the family ranch, Southfork, he has his new bride Pamela in tow. The only problem? Her last name is Barnes, and there is nothing but bad blood between her father, Digger, and the Ewings. JR tries to disrupt things by making sure Pamela is caught by Bobby in a compromising position with ranch hand Ray Krebbs, her former beau. It doesn't work.

The Lesson
Instead of showing up for classes at high school, Lucy - the daughter of brother Gary Ewing and his wife Valene - has been meeting Ray in the hay loft for daytime romps instead. Newcomer Pam is not as easily charmed by Lucy as the Ewing men and tries to help.

Spy In The House
JR continues to try to unearth secrets about Pam as he thinks she married Bobby to implant herself as a mole in Ewing family dealing.

Winds Of Vengeance
A hurricane heads for Southfork, but that is not the biggest danger the Ewings are in. JR and Ray spent an evening carousing with some ladies in Austin, and their men are out for revenge. They get to Southfork before the storm and take Pam, Lucy, Sue Ellen and Ellie hostage. Threatening rape and worse, Jock and Bobby get back in time to save them.

The Barbecue
Big news hits the ranch - Bobby and Pam are expecting a baby! Sue Ellen and JR are none too pleased as they thought they would be the first to produce a Ewing heir. Jack and Digger feud and we find out Ellie and Digger dated before she chose Jock over him. The day ends in tragedy when a drunken JR tried to apologize to Pam, caused her to fall and lose the baby. The doctor thinks she may never be able to have children again.

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- Hollie Deese