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John Ross (Soaps.com)

Best lines of the week.

These one liners come from last night's episode Collateral Damage. No JR this week but still some great lines. What's your favorite?

Christopher snarks to John Ross, "Without the mineral rights on Southfork, you can’t even sell the mud off your boots." John Ross retorts, "I’ll give you that for free."

John Ross asks Bobby about his conversation with Aunt Lucy, "How’d you play her? Tradition, family, Miss Ellie and all that crap?"

Bobby sneers to John Ross, "This what’s gonna happen, young man. I stop you from drilling, I link JR to the fraud and I get my deed back. And you and your daddy never set foot on my property again."

Sue Ellen tells John Ross this about Elena: "She’s in the oil business. She’s in a mess already."

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- Christine Fix