Dallas Reboot Pilot: Classic One Liners! image

Ann & her shotgun! (Soaps.com)

Our fave one-liners.

From the pilot episode, Pilot: Changing Of The Guard, Soaps.com noted a few great one liners from the characters. We're sure to see more from JR during the season. Check it out.

Ann catches an intruder in the manse, grabs her shotgun and says, "I don’t miss, mister. Not at any range." [I like her!]

JR, "The courts are for amateurs and the faint of heart."

JR again, "Blood may be thicker than water, but oil is thicker than both." [Yep, that's JR!])

Stay tuned for next week. We'll be listening for more quotes from "Dallas."

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- Christine Fix