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    Dallas - DAILY UPDATES

    Dallas Daily Updates -

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    Dallas Recap: Trial And Error.

    Monday, February 18 2013

    Drew gets in trouble, Ann goes to trial, and Pamela distances herself from John Ross. » Read More

    Dallas Recap: False Confessions.

    Monday, February 11 2013

    Tommy’s body surfaces, Cliff meets with John Ross, and Sue Ellen urges Ann not to give up on Emma. » Read More

    Dallas Recap: Sins Of The Father.

    Monday, February 04 2013

    Ann learns the truth about the abduction, Sue Ellen guns for Elena, and some evidence is found at Pamela’s old condo. » Read More

    Dallas Recap: Venomous Creatures.

    Monday, January 28 2013

    JR saves Sue Ellen, John Ross makes JR proud and Bobby discovers the truth about Emma. » Read More

    Dallas Recap: Battle Lines.

    Monday, January 28 2013

    Christopher seeks an annulment, Ann is blackmailed, and John Ross fights dirty to take Christopher down. » Read More


    Wednesday, August 08 2012

    Rebecca’s identity is revealed, JR and John Ross make a deal, and Bobby is released from the hospital. » Read More

    Family Business.

    Wednesday, August 01 2012

    Bobby has a medical emergency, John Ross and Chris become partners, and Rebecca takes charge. » Read More

    No Good Deed.

    Wednesday, July 25 2012

    John Ross is beaten in jail, Sue Ellen compromises her morals again, and investors are interested in Chris’ technology. » Read More

    Collateral Damage

    Wednesday, July 18 2012

    Ann is hiding something from her past, John Ross ask Lucy for help, and someone meets an unfortunate end. » Read More

    The Enemy Of My Enemy.

    Wednesday, July 11 2012

    Sue Ellen compromises her morals, Chris gets help from Rebecca, and JR has business in Vegas. » Read More

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