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    Wednesday, August 08 2012
    Rebecca’s identity is revealed, JR and John Ross make a deal, and Bobby is released from the hospital.

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    Posted by JMJasonLover at Thursday, August 09 2012 09:03 PM

    Hey Cowboys, I'll even go one further....I don't think Rebecca is pregnant at all. After the way Tommy knocked her around, she would have been having some complications.

    I really enjoy how this show is tying in some old storylines with the newer ones. Love that John Ross bought the old Ewing Oil building. I think he had good intentions of trying to make things right, but losing Elena made him go into back up and turn in mini-JR. I just wish he'd show his father a little more respect.

    Yeah, I agree with the poster who said that Elena should have returned the ring. But she was too busy getting her groove on with Christopher.

    ngirl26, maybe John Ross and Rebecca will team up. Cliff won't really care which Ewing he's pimp'in out his daughter to. Same old Cliff...using anyone even those who he supposedly loves to stick it to the Ewings. What a wasted life.

    Posted by JMJasonLover at Thursday, August 09 2012 09:06 PM

    Forgot to mention that I find it difficult to believe that if Bobby was that close to death that they would not have called Gary and Ray to the hospital. Lucy too for that matter, who I must say, has not aged well. (Sorry Charlene). And, Pam. I expected Pam to make a cameo in the season finale's episode. I thought she was going to step off Cliff's private jet.

    Posted by notodo at Friday, August 10 2012 06:12 AM


    Having that test rigged is a strong possibility! Cliff Barnes has connections everywhere!


    I was thinking the same thing! How in the world did that pregnancy survive without complications after that physical altercation with Tommy! Did she even think to have herself and the babies checked out (if she is indeed pregnant)

    Also, it would have been nice to see the other family members since Bobby’s condition was critical. Even JR got emotional!

    Posted by hecate2909 at Saturday, August 11 2012 09:38 AM

    Okaysoone has to Wonder!
    what is Rebecca *Barnes* Real first Name?

    Hope it's not Pam!
    Can't see Cliff naming his Lil' girl after his lil' sis as she was obviously such a disappointment! Pam that is!
    Marrying a Ewing an all'!

    I just won a bet with the Hubster!

    I jus' knew it was Cliff and his Man of arms wasn't acting alone!

    Knew there was a reason I liked Rebecca!
    Despite all the shadyness she is Digger Barned Granddaughter!

    I Always did think that Jock did Digger Wrong!

    Can't blame Chris for being pissed but I also don't blame Rebecca for trying to help out her pops!

    Wowzers guess I don't always root for the 'GOOD GIRL'

    @notodo! Hi Hun!
    Tell me friend do you like Elena???
    I know what's not to like?
    she just rubs me up the wrong way!

    Go Team Rebecca or whatever her name is???


    Posted by hecate2909 at Saturday, August 11 2012 09:45 AM

    @grizzskin - Wowzers!
    I'm With notodo! Is that you hun???

    4 Real???

    Missed ya Bud!

    B&B Board just ain't the same without ya!

    Tru Dat!

    (Smiles & Nods)

    P.S come Back to Us!

    You are Sorely Missed!

    Posted by hecate2909 at Saturday, August 11 2012 09:51 AM

    @grizzskin - *lol* I Love to hate JR Ewing and he even make TGVN look Tame!

    Though Victor never had a Brother!

    Of course JR Loves his Little Brother Bobby?


    Posted by notodo at Saturday, August 11 2012 11:10 AM

    Heyyyyyyyyyy Hecate

    So glad you hopped on this site hun to share your amusing but insightful comments lady!

    I wish grizz would come back to the B&B board as well! Here that grizz, many miss you from both sides of the fence and middle too (neutrality....LOL)

    Hecate! I'm not feeling Elena and Chris right now....regardless if they were engaged or not! I do believe that Rebec Barnes truly loves Chris .....but looks like she will continue to follow daddy's orders......time will tell

    Posted by notodo at Saturday, August 11 2012 11:12 AM


    "Hear" that grizz

    Pardon typos

    Posted by denny1 at Saturday, August 11 2012 02:36 PM

    Shout out to Hecate, Cards 1 and Notodo-

    I'm just not sure I like Elena. She seemed to jump ship way too quickly. I do like Rebecca. I love this new Dallas. Can't wait until January. I really hope that Pam comes back for at least a few episodes. And it needs to be Victoria Principal and not a new actress to take over.

    Posted by notodo at Saturday, August 11 2012 03:30 PM


    Hey lady! Good to read ya!

    Yes, Elena jumped shipped quick....kind of reminds you of someone eh on B&B.....LOL

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