Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing (as played by Julie Gonzalo on Dallas)

Useful information about Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing

* Met Christopher on a train in Asia just days after his engagement to Elena was broken off and he fled the country heartbroken.

* Determined to find her own place at SouthFork as the new Mrs. Ewing.

Who's played Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing over the years?

Julie Gonzalo - (June 13 2012 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Law school graduate working to pass the bar exam.

Past History

Rebecca lost her parents at a young age in a car accident. She grew up alone with her brother Tommy. She worked hard to put herself through law school with Tommy's support.

Past Marriages

Christopher Ewing - (June 13, 2012 - present)


Tommy Sutter - (brother)


Twins on the way.