Ray Krebbs (as played by Steve Kanaly on Dallas)

Useful information about Ray Krebbs

* Ranch hand of Southfork when Jock Ewing owned it.
* Turned out to be the illegitimate son of Jock Ewing and U.S. Army nurse Margaret Hunter Krebbs.
* Had an affair with Lucy Ewing before he knew he was her uncle.
* Jock wrote Ray in for 25 percent of the Ewing boys’ trust fund, over Ray’s protest when it was found he was his son.

Who's played Ray Krebbs over the years?

Steve Kanaly (1978-present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Unknown
Past: Housing project manager and contractor
Past: Southfork foreman
Past: Rodeo performer

Past History

Ray worked for Jock Ewing maintaining Southfork as its ranch foreman and secretly dating the much younger Lucy Ewing. Despite this, Ray became a trusted and upstanding friend of the Ewing family. In 1980 it was revealed that Ray's real father was Jock, who welcomed Ray into the Ewing family with open arms.

Ray eventually married widow of former Texas governor Sam Culver, Donna Culver. By 1987 they had divorced and Donna had a daughter named Margaret Krebbs after Ray's deceased mother.

In 1988 Ray married Jenna Wade after she gave birth to Bobby's son, Lucas. His decision to adopt Lucas caused a rift with Bobby, but they eventually became close again.

Past Marriages

Donna Culver (1981-1987)
Jenna Wade (1988)

Flings and Relationships

Pamela Barnes
Lisa Ewing
Sue Ellen Ewing
Garnet McGee
Bonnie Robertson
Connie Hall


Jock Ewing (father - deceased)
Margaret Hunter Krebbs (mother -deceased)
Gary Ewing (half-brother)
Bobby Ewing (half-brother)
JR Ewing (half-brother)
Lucy Ewing (niece)


Margaret Krebbs (daughter)
Lucas Krebbs (adopted, biological son of Bobby Ewing)