Lucy Ewing (as played by Charlene Tilton on Dallas)

Useful information about Lucy Ewing

* In high school she had a fling with Ray Krebbs, the ranch foreman on Southfork. He turned out to be her uncle.
* First fiance Kit Mainwaring III turned out to be gay. She developed a drug problem after they separated.
* Was kidnapped and raped by her photographer Roger Larson.
*Grew up hating JR after he drove her parents from Southfork, threatening to kill her mother if she ever came back for her.

Who's played Lucy Ewing over the years?

Charlene Titlon (1978-present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Patron of the Arts
Past: Southern Methodist University student (1979-1981)
Past: Ward Publications’ Young Miss Dallas (1981-1982)
Past: Freelance fashion model represented by the Blair Sullivan Agency (1982-1983)
Past: Waitress at The Hot Biscuit, Fort Worth, Texas (1983)
Past: Partner in construction business (1984)

Past History

The daughter of Gary and Val Ewing, her parents were run off the ranch and forced to leave Lucy behind. She had an affair with Ray Krebbs, the ranch hand who turned out to be the illegitimate child of Jock, making him her uncle. She left Southfork for good in 1990 when she wen to Italy. In 2012, John Ross asked for her help in securing the rights to Southfork oil. She refused.

Past Marriages

Mitch Cooper (1981-1982, 1985-1988)

Flings and Relationships

Kit Mainwaring III (engaged, 1979)
Alan Beam (engaged, 1980)
Mickey Trotter (engaged, 1983)
Ray Krebbs
Eddie Cronin
Casey Denault


Ellie Ewing Farlow (grandmother - deceased)
Lilimae Clements (grandmother - deceased)
Jock Ewing (grandfather - deceased)
Jeremiah Clements (grandfather - deceased)
Val Ewing (mother)
Gary Ewing (father)
Bobby Ewing (brother)
Betsy Ewing (sister)
Molly Whittaker (half-sister)
Bobby Ewing (uncle)
JR Ewing (uncle)
Ray Krebs (uncle)
Christopher Ewing (nephew)
John Ross Ewing (nephew)