Cliff Barnes (as played by Ken Kercheval on Dallas)

Useful information about Cliff Barnes

* Struck it rich in the Gulf and becoming a billionaire.
* Estranged wife Jamie left him 10 percent of Ewing Oil when she died.
* Attempted suicide after embezzling scandal. Disowned by family.
* Has daughter Rebecca with Afton Cooper, singer and former mistress of JR Ewing.
* Was thought to be the real father of John Ross. Blood tests proved otherwise.
* Carries neurofibromatosis genes which have a 50 percent chance of being passed on to children.
* Carries lifelong grudge against JR Ewing.

Who's played Cliff Barnes over the years?

Ken Kercheval (1978-present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Casino business
Past: CEO of Ewing Oil (1991-1996)
Past: Head of the Oil Regulatory Commission (1990-91)
Past: CEO of Ewing Oil (1988-1989)
Past: CEO of Barnes/Wentworth Oil (1982-1988)
Past: Vice President of Operations, Stonehurst Oil (1982)
Past: President of Wentworth Tool and Dye (1981-82)
Past: Legislative counsel to Texas State Senator Bobby Ewing (1981)
Past: Legislative counsel to Dave Culver during his senate campaign (1980-81)
Past: Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County (1980)
Past: Head of the Office of Land Management (1979-1980)
Past: Attorney (1970’s)

Past History

After years of battling with the Ewings, Cliff is now involved in a casino business. He returns to Southfork to try to buy the ranch. Unsuccessful, he turns to his nephew Christopher and his wife Rebecca to invest in Christopher's energy project. Christopher declines because he thinks Cliff just wants to antagonize the Ewings again. Cliff warns him to not let the Ewings destroy him like they did his mother Pamela. Later, Cliff encourages Sue Ellen to run for governor. He warns her he will never stop fighting for what is rightfully his.

Later, it is revealed that Christopher's wife Rebecca is Cliff's daughter.

Past Marriages

Jamie Ewing (1985-1987)
Michelle Stevens (1991)

Flings and Relationships

Penny Ames
Liz Adams
Julie Grey
Sue Ellen Ewing
Donna Culver
Afton Cooper
Marilee Stone
Mandy Winger
April Stevens
Lisa Alden
Tammy Miller


Willard "Digger" Barnes (father - deceased)
Rebecca Barnes Wentworth (mother - deceased)
Tyler Barnes (brother - deceased)
Catherine Barnes (sister - deceased)
Pamela Barnes Ewing (half-sister)
Katherine Wentworth (half-sister)


Pamela Rebecca Cooper (daughter)