Ann Ryland Ewing (as played by Brenda Strong on Dallas)

Useful information about Ann Ryland Ewing

* Ann Ewing is the third wife of Bobby Ewing.

* Ann's first marriage to big-time rich Texas transportation executive Harris Ryland continues to haunt her.

Who's played Ann Ryland Ewing over the years?

Brenda Strong - (June 13, 2012 - present)

Past History

Introduced by mutual friend Sue Ellen, Bobby was instantly struck by Ann's strength and beauty. A talented horse cutter, she fell in love with SouthFork Ranch. They quickly fell in love and married, and the pair settled in to SouthFork and began making it their own. She can work a gun and ride a stallion, handling her role as the matriarch of SouthFork with dignity and grace.

Past Marriages

Harris Ryland