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    Dallas - Cast List invites all of our readers to visit the "Cast List" sections for each of your favorite soaps! Find out all about past and present actors, and stay tuned... You'll soon be able to read all about your favorite soap characters!

    Ann Ryland Ewing
    Name: Brenda Strong
    Bobby Ewing
    Name: Patrick Duffy
    Carmen Ramos
    Name: Marlene Forte
    Christopher Ewing
    Name: Jesse Metcalfe
    Cliff Barnes
    Name: Ken Kercheval
    Elena Ramos
    Name: Jordana Brewster
    Harris Ryland
    Name: Mitch Pileggi
    John Ross Ewing III
    Name: Josh Henderson
    JR Ewing
    Name: Larry Hagman
    Lucy Ewing
    Name: Charlene Tilton
    Marta Del Sol/Veronica Martinez
    Name: Leonor Varela
    Ray Krebbs
    Name: Steve Kanaly
    Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing
    Name: Julie Gonzalo
    Sue Ellen Ewing
    Name: Linda Gray