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    Dallas CAST - Carmen Ramos

    Full detailed profile on Carmen Ramos Played by Marlene Forte on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marlene Forte (FayesVision/
    Carmen Ramos

    Actor: Marlene Forte

    Who played Carmen Ramos over the years

    Marlene Forte (2012-present)

    Useful information on Carmen Ramos

    * Longtime housekeeper for the Ewings.
    * A widow, her husband worked for Ewing Oil. He died in a tragic oil rig accident.
    * Her daughter, Elena, grew up with John Ross and Christopher.
    * Fiercely loyal to Bobby and his family.


    Current: Ewing housekeeper


    A longtime housekeeper for the Ewing's, she is the mother of Elena. She does not approve of Elena's relationship with John Ross. A widow, her husband worked for Ewing Oil. He died in a tragic oil rig accident.


    Husband Ramos (deceased)


    Elena Ramos (daughter)


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    Monday, April 15 2013: Dallas Recap: Guilt By Association.

    Sue Ellen meets Bobby at Southfork and she tells him the governor might be more amenable to their requests. He tells her it is just in time. Drew calls him and tells him that Roy was arrested for possession of narcotics –the drugs Harris is transporting. The shows are made from high-pressure molded cocaine and now they can get what they need on Ryland. Drew apologizes and hangs up.

    Elena and Carmen talk about Drew. She tells her that lying to Chris was wrong and she should apologize. Carmen assures her with time Chris will forgive her.

    Pam and John Ross plant the belt buckle in Cliff’s safe deposit box. She is sad but he promises her a fresh start when this is all over.

    Monday, April 08 2013: Dallas Recap: Love & Family.

    Carmen and Elena worry at home. Drew calls Elena and tells her he has to find Roy before he comes back. But he needs money. Carmen begs Elena to help him. She agrees. Later, she lies to Chris. He looks at her phone and sees the unknown number.

    John Ross waits for Pamela at home. She comes in and tells him about Cliff’s gift. She is concerned when he isn’t happy and he tells her he thinks she is pulling one over on him. She promises she could never side with Cliff after he killed her babies. He isn’t worried about Cliff, but her once she has her power. She gives him her word but he wants action.

    Elena and Carmen meet Drew in a field. They give him $5,000 and an untraceable phone. He promises to find Roy and make things right. He asks Elena to find oil and make their father proud.

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