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    Dallas CAST - Harris Ryland - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harris Ryland Played by Mitch Pileggi on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mitch Pileggi (

    Birthday: April 5, 1952
    Birthplace: Portland, Oregon, USA
    Marital Status: Married to Arlene Warren (January 1, 1997-present); Divorced from Debbie Andrews (December 13, 1978-Jul 2, 1984)
    Real Name: Mitch Pileggi
    Height: 6' 1½"


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    Dallas Recap: The Furious And The Fast.

    Monday, March 04 2013

    At the house, Judith and Harris tell Emma she is going back to London. She's clearly unhappy by the decision. Emma meets Ann at the stables. She relays a story about how controlling her grandmother is. Ann asks her to go for a ride. She agrees and revels in how free is she there. Back at the house, Harris knows Emma is with Ann. Judith orders him to keep control over Emma. She won't let him lose their daughter.

    Emma wakes up in bed to Harris, who knows she was with her mother. She wants to stay in Dallas to get to know Ann. Harris won't allow it. He asks if she's been taking her meds for anxiety. She hasn't, so he hands her a pill. When Judith comes for Emma to leave for their flight, she finds her room empty. She rails at Harris for bringing Emma back. She wonders what was so bewitching about Ann. She keeps pushing until Harris grabs her and says he loved Ann because she wasn't her.

    Dallas Recap: Blame Game.

    Monday, February 25 2013

    Bobby testifies about how he met Ann during her hearing. He calls her the most caring, compassionate person he knows and pleads with the jury to see the larger truth of what happened. Judge calls recess and Harris gets a dig in at Bobby and Ann before she is cuffed and led off.

    In court Ann and Lou worry when Bobby doesn’t show up. Ann testifies to Harris’ mental abuse and kidnapping of their daughter. She apologizes to Emma and begs her for a second chance. Harris testifies and asks the jury to put her behind bars for a very long time. It goes to jury and Ann is even more worried about Bobby. Later, Ann is sentenced to probation. Judith demands a mistrial and the judge can’t take anymore. He tells Harris he might have shot him too if he had done the same to him.

    Dallas Recap: Trial And Error.

    Monday, February 18 2013

    Judith calls for hospital security as Ann demands Ryland tell the cops the truth – that she shot him, not Bobby. He refuses. This is the price she has to pay for thinking she could live in a world without his tender, loving care. He tells her to kiss Bobby goodbye. She sees Emma on her way out, and she has heard the whole thing. Emma asks Harris why he told the cops it was Bobby if he knew it was Ann. He blames it on the coma and Judith reminds her it is not her place to question. Outside, Ann drops her keys and notices blood splatter across the toes of her boots.

    One month later, the trial against Ann begins and the courthouse is mobbed with press. Court is called to session and Judith is first on the stand. She testifies that Ann stayed out late, spending money and picking up men. Once she was pregnant all Ann wanted was an abortion. Lou objects, calling Judith's testimony biased. The judge agrees and asks Judith to step down. She is distraught and the judge threatens to hold her in contempt. He calls a recess. Outside, John Ross calls Clyde, who lets him know about Drew’s dirty freight runs to Laredo. Noting Sue Ellen’s morality clause, John Ross tells Clyde to take Drew down. Meanwhile, Chris and Elena find Lou prepping Pamela as a character witness. Chris accuses her of having a hand in Tommy’s murder. Pamela reminds him that Tommy hurt her. She warns Chris to stop his witch hunt or she’ll move Barnes Global, and the babies, to Bermuda. Later, she thanks John Ross for warning Cliff about Frank. Cliff loved Frank and Pamela thinks deep down maybe she hated him for that. John Ross tries to comfort her but she pulls back. Cliff thinks they are no good together and she ends it. He seems upset. Later, Sue Ellen urges JR to forgive John Ross. Meanwhile, Christopher and Bobby see Mr. Cano being led out and find he has an extradition hearing. Cano reminds Christopher of their unfinished business as he is led off. Back in session, testimony from police and forensics casts doubt on Ann’s crime of passion plea. Sue Ellen and Pamela testify on Ann’s behalf.

    In the court bathroom, JR is inclined to forgive John Ross when they get the news that Drew was arrested. Later, Harris testifies that Ann left the baby at home alone while she got drunk. He took Emma to protect her. Then Ann testifies that Harris was the first person to pay attention to her and they were happy. Judith began to interfere and made Harris believe she was seeing other men. He then tried to control her like he had been controlled. She realized the marriage was a mistake. After Emma was born she was diagnosed with post partum depression and put on medication. She left the baby with Judith so she could go see a divorce lawyer. When Harris learned about the divorce he forced her to see a doctor who gave her more meds. The day of the fair she took a few more pills than she should have and couldn’t think straight. She left Emma in her stroller and went to get a soda. When she turned back, Emma was gone.

    Dallas Recap: False Confessions.

    Monday, February 11 2013

    Ryland’s mother finds his body when she comes home and screams for Emma to call 911.

    Judith takes care of Ryland in his hospital room. She is ready to send Bobby to jail and take him from Ann the way she took Harris from her.

    Ryland makes a statement from his hospital room that Bobby shot him.

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