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    Dallas CAST - Cliff Barnes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cliff Barnes Played by Ken Kercheval on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kercheval (Emily Grant/

    Birthday: July 15, 1935
    Birthplace: Wolcottville, Indiana, USA
    Marital Status: Divorced from Ava Fox (1986-1993); Divorced from Cheryl Paris (1994-2004)
    Real Name: Ken Kercheval
    Height: 5'10"


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    Dallas Recap: A Call To Arms.

    Monday, April 08 2013

    Chris tells everyone at the dinner table that he asked Ellis to have Pamela declared dead. Derrick calls Bobby and tells him they have something on Harris’ truck.

    At the warehouse, Bobby, Christopher and John Ross find out Harris’ load was legit but Bobby isn’t buying it. They find Harris’ man and Bobby gives him some cash to call them when they see another one of Harris’ trucks. They leave and he calls Harris, who knew all along the Ewings were following him and set up the legit load to throw them off.

    Drew approaches Emma by her horse. He warns her he will go to the feds about her father if he ever sees her high or with McCabe again. In her room she crushes up a pill and snorts it.

    At Ewing Energies Bobby learns he didn’t get the extension on the loan, and in fact it was sold to Cliff Barnes. Cliff comes in and calls in the loan. They need to come up with $200 million in 24 hours or he owns them. And he doesn’t take checks.

    John Ross calls Pamela and tells her to ask Cliff why he wants a company with faulty technology and a $200 million fine. She hangs up. Inside she finds Cliff, who tells her they will own Ewing tomorrow. He tells her the babies would have tied her to the Ewings forever and she realizes he is lying. She goes to the bathroom and freaks out.

    Pamela goes to John Ross and tells him he was right. Cliff killed her babies. They make love and later she tells John Ross she wants to hurt him as much as he hurt her.

    Elena sees tow texts on Chris’s phone. Ellis has news about his mother and she is shocked he didn’t tell her. He tells her he is trying to get her shares. They need to take from Cliff what he is taking from them. Chris tells her his mom was dead to him years ago.

    Elena and Chris meet with Ellis. They found a list of deposits made to a Swiss account that mirror the amount in the trust. Pamela is alive.

    Dallas Recap: Ewings Unite.

    Monday, March 18 2013

    At home Cliff regales Ryland with tales of his hatred for the Ewings and wants to team up to take them down. He offers Ryland muscle, access to the governor and all the money he needs to take control of his company back from his mother. Ryland is in.

    Chris shows the crew around the rig with Bobby, Elena, John Ross and Pamela while Ryland’s guy watches on a screen. When he sees Pamela on the rig he calls Cliff. Cliff tells him to just do it. On the rig Chris gets the deal and the bomb goes off.

    Dallas Recap: JR’s Masterpiece.

    Monday, March 11 2013

    At the wake at Southfork, Ray and Lucy swap JR stories and try to comfort Bobby, who acts cold. He moves on to Dallas bigwigs Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban and Mayor Mike Rawlings, who all have a JR story. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen chats about being married to him with his other exes, Cally and Mandy. They agree he was bad as hell but as hot as they come and admire Sue Ellen for making her peace with JR. She admits it was easy after all of his lying and cheating. Later, John Ross accuses Pamela of putting her father ahead of their deal and then catches Emma alone with a bottle of Clonazepam. He takes one and she takes one too. Back downstairs Sue Ellen tells Gary she has never wanted a drink more. Cliff Barnes suddenly busts in to loudly pay his disrespects. John Ross accuses him of killing JR. He wishes he had. Without JR there is nothing keeping him from taking the Ewings down. Pamela gets him to leave, but another drunk well-wisher pipes up that JR was a prick. Chris knocks him out and a full-on brawl breaks out. Later, Chris promises to help John Ross avenge JR’s death. Ann brings Bobby a drink as Carlos and his affiliates arrive. He has Sgt. Ruiz with him, as well as the medical examiner. They affirm JR was the victim of a robbery and the killer might not likely be found. John Ross calls bullsh*t and leaves. Emma follows him outside and they go at it in the back seat of a car. Back inside, Bobby and Ann get ready for bed and she begs him to talk to her. He snaps about her omission about her daughter. He has been very tolerant of her but she has made him feel isolated and insignificant. She will do anything to make things right. He walks away.

    Sue Ellen lets herself into JR’s room and opens the letter he left her - but slugs down a drink before reading it, then a bigger one.

    Dallas Recap: Trial And Error.

    Monday, February 18 2013

    At her apartment, Cliff comes down on Pamela for all the carnage she has caused. He wants Ewing Energies but can’t understand her bringing in John Ross, who is as Machiavellian as JR. She assures him no more emotions will be getting in the way. He doesn’t buy it.

    At her apartment, Cliff congratulates Pamela for getting Chris to the negotiating table.

    Dallas Recap: False Confessions.

    Monday, February 11 2013

    John Ross meets Cliff Barnes at the stadium and tells him that Frank and JR are conspiring against Pamela. Cliff is not sure – Frank has been with him for 25 years. He tells John Ross he has wasted his time but John Ross urges him to check up on Frank regardless.

    Cliff meets Frank in jail and asks why he aligned with JR. Frank was upset with the way Pamela treated him. Cliff wishes Frank would have come to him – that is what families do. Cliff was building his empire for Frank and Pamela to run together. Now Frank has to do the honorable thing. Cliff hugs Frank goodbye.


    Wednesday, August 08 2012

    At home, Chris finds Rebecca on the floor. He tells her he spoke with Tommy’s sister. She is not the only one who lied. The truth is he never had a chance with her because he is still in love with Elena. Chris assures her he will find out who she is and then he will send her to prison and take the babies. Later, she meets Frank in the hangar and her dad – Cliff Barnes! He pulls out her wedding rings and she apologizes. She has given him two years of her life to make him happy and won’t stop now. He needs her to tap into Ewing Energies to bring that family down for good. She assures him she will not lose focus. Frank asks her what her first move is.

    The Last Hurrah.

    Wednesday, June 27 2012

    JR visits Sue Ellen at her office with a gift, some pearls. Cliff Barnes comes in and JR can’t believe he thought Bobby would sell him Southfork. Cliff will never stop fighting for what is rightfully his. Cliff and Sue Ellen get up to leave. JR asks her why, but he lost his right to say with who she lunched a long time ago.

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