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    Dallas CAST - Cliff Barnes

    Full detailed profile on Cliff Barnes Played by Ken Kercheval on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kercheval (Emily Grant/
    Cliff Barnes

    Actor: Ken Kercheval

    Who played Cliff Barnes over the years

    Ken Kercheval (1978-present)

    Useful information on Cliff Barnes

    * Struck it rich in the Gulf and becoming a billionaire.
    * Estranged wife Jamie left him 10 percent of Ewing Oil when she died.
    * Attempted suicide after embezzling scandal. Disowned by family.
    * Has daughter Rebecca with Afton Cooper, singer and former mistress of JR Ewing.
    * Was thought to be the real father of John Ross. Blood tests proved otherwise.
    * Carries neurofibromatosis genes which have a 50 percent chance of being passed on to children.
    * Carries lifelong grudge against JR Ewing.


    Current: Casino business
    Past: CEO of Ewing Oil (1991-1996)
    Past: Head of the Oil Regulatory Commission (1990-91)
    Past: CEO of Ewing Oil (1988-1989)
    Past: CEO of Barnes/Wentworth Oil (1982-1988)
    Past: Vice President of Operations, Stonehurst Oil (1982)
    Past: President of Wentworth Tool and Dye (1981-82)
    Past: Legislative counsel to Texas State Senator Bobby Ewing (1981)
    Past: Legislative counsel to Dave Culver during his senate campaign (1980-81)
    Past: Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County (1980)
    Past: Head of the Office of Land Management (1979-1980)
    Past: Attorney (1970’s)


    After years of battling with the Ewings, Cliff is now involved in a casino business. He returns to Southfork to try to buy the ranch. Unsuccessful, he turns to his nephew Christopher and his wife Rebecca to invest in Christopher's energy project. Christopher declines because he thinks Cliff just wants to antagonize the Ewings again. Cliff warns him to not let the Ewings destroy him like they did his mother Pamela. Later, Cliff encourages Sue Ellen to run for governor. He warns her he will never stop fighting for what is rightfully his.

    Later, it is revealed that Christopher's wife Rebecca is Cliff's daughter.


    Jamie Ewing (1985-1987)
    Michelle Stevens (1991)


    Penny Ames
    Liz Adams
    Julie Grey
    Sue Ellen Ewing
    Donna Culver
    Afton Cooper
    Marilee Stone
    Mandy Winger
    April Stevens
    Lisa Alden
    Tammy Miller


    Willard "Digger" Barnes (father - deceased)
    Rebecca Barnes Wentworth (mother - deceased)
    Tyler Barnes (brother - deceased)
    Catherine Barnes (sister - deceased)
    Pamela Barnes Ewing (half-sister)
    Katherine Wentworth (half-sister)


    Pamela Rebecca Cooper (daughter)


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    Monday, April 15 2013: Dallas Recap: Guilt By Association.

    John Ross and Pamela admire her gumball wedding ring on her private jet. Cliff calls to tell her everything is playing out in their favor, the ultimate payback for what Jock did to him. Later, John Ross tells her they fight all their battles together and will take Cliff down together. He pulls out the flight history and discovers Cliff was in Mexico the night JR died. He calls Bobby, who urges John Ross to get to Southfork ASAP.

    From his office Bobby calls Bum and tells him it’s time to put the plan in motion. When John Ross and Pamela arrive Bobby tells them they still don’t have enough to bring Cliff to justice. Pamela still doesn’t think Cliff knew she would be on the rig. Bobby thinks he can shed some light.

    Elena’s mom calls her in Switzerland worried about Drew. Elena calls Drew from the burner phone. He is in a hotel room, spraying the shoes from the shipment with a chemical. Elena urges him to forget Roy and go to Mexico but he refuses. She hangs up quickly when Chris comes in. He found an address linked to Pamela’s accounts. She thinks he must want an explanation from Pamela about why she left him, but he insists he just wants her shares.

    Monday, April 15 2013: Dallas Recap: Legacies.

    Harris confronts Emma in his office and she admits she was looking for pills. He promises to get her help. He opens his safe to get her some pills and she spots a notebook.

    In Switzerland Chris demands to know where his mother is from the doctor. He tells Chris that his mom left Dallas because she didn’t want to scare her little boy. He did what he could as a surgeon but during the final round of surgeries Pam found out she had pancreatic cancer. She died in Abu Dhabi and when Cliff found out the shares would go to Ewing he asked them to keep Pam’s death a secret in exchange for money. The nurse gives Chris Pam’s will, which passes on the Barnes’ shares to him. There is also a note. Her biggest regret was never making it back to Dallas.

    Cliff and Ryland meet in a car about Roy’s arrest. Cliff would be so disappointed if all their hard work came to nothing. Harris gets out and Cliff calls someone with a job.

    Chris tells Elena at home that he can’t trust her anymore.

    Pamela and Cliff head to Mexico and she plants his gun in the limo before they take off in the jet.

    At home Emma mixes up pills in Harris' breakfast, and when he passes out she pulls out the log book and a suitcase from his safe. She goes to Southfork and gives everything to Ann.

    When Harris wakes up the cops are there to arrest him for drug trafficking. Cliff’s safe deposit is searched, JR’s body is exhumed, and Cliff’s gun is found.

    As soon as Cliff and Pam arrive in Mexico, Bobby, John Ross, Sue Ellen and Christopher arrive. They know about Pamela's death and reveal Pam’s marriage to John Ross. The cops come to arrest Cliff but he denies everything. He tells Pamela JR is trying to frame him from the grave. He did not kill JR!

    From his cell Cliff accuses Bobby of framing him. He wants to know who killed JR. Bobby tells him he will never know.

    Bobby and Bum visit JR’s grave. Chris and John Ross join them and ask Bobby what really happened. Bobby pulls out the letter from JR. He was dying from cancer and wanted Bobby to end the feud once and for all. Bobby and Bum worked together to frame Cliff. Bum actually shot JR, at his request. JR asked him to do it and it was the hardest thing he ever did. The only person who could take down JR, was JR.

    At home, Elena is delivered land records from Cliff Barnes' lawyer. Cliff wants to see her.

    Emma visits Harris in jail. He is livid with her for letting the Ewings get inside her head. She tells him it has nothing to do with the Ewings. She is just her father’s daughter.

    By the pool Chris reads the letter from his mom. Pamela joins him and tells him she wants to live her life with John Ross and not look back. Chris is happy for her. She advises him to let go of his anger toward Elena.

    Elena visits Cliff in jail and he tells her that JR paid to have the land deeds of Southfork switched so JR got the rich one and her father got the dry one. He wants her to be the proxy for the third of Barnes he owns and make the Ewings pay for the sins against her family.

    A new portrait of JR is revealed at Ewing Global. They all toast to never going against a Ewing. Later, John Ross revels in having half of Southfork – and the oil under it. Sue Ellen urges him to treat Pamela right. She then grabs a bottle of booze and leaves.

    Chris goes to Elena’s to tell her he loves her but she isn’t there.

    In Mexico, Elena visits Joaquin, someone high up in the cartel, someone she and Drew grew up with in Mexico.

    John Ross goes home with flowers and champagne but they aren’t for Pamela. They are for Emma. She hands him the briefcase from Harris and they get in bed together. He doesn’t mind paying her price as long as she doesn’t tell his wife.

    Monday, April 08 2013: Dallas Recap: A Call To Arms.

    In his office, the governor fills Harris and Cliff in on the Ewing’s accusations. He is grateful for their help with the election, but if this goes bad for him it will go bad for them. He will tell TESHA about the explosion. Cliff assures him nothing will go wrong. The governor encourages them to tie up all loose ends.

    Chris meets with US Attorney Ellis about his mother and learns all of her accounts and paperwork have not been touched in years. Ellis tells Chris she could be dead, or just off the grid. Chris wants to have her declared dead but Ellis can’t just make it happen. Chris rages about Cano getting out of jail. Ellis will get the certificate.

    At home, Ann finds pills in Emma’s room. Ann knows the damage those pills can do and tells her what Sue Ellen saw at the bar. Emma promises she wasn’t high and accuses Sue Ellen of being drunk herself. Ann doesn’t believe it but Emma swears she is telling the truth. She gives Ann the pills. She doesn’t need them anymore. They hug. After Ann leaves Emma searches and finds only empty pull bottles.

    Bobby meets with a sheriff at Southfork about looking onto Ryland. He leaves as Sue Ellen arrives. She tells Bobby that Ken is gone and he leaves to call Bum to help find him. Ann comes down and asks Sue Ellen if she was drinking the night she saw Emma. Sue Ellen swears she was only meeting Ken about the investigation and warns Ann she is doing no favors to Emma by believing her lies.

    Emma meets a new cowboy, McCabe, in the stables and asks for prescription pills. She roughly kisses him and promises him more if he gets her what she wants.

    At home Pamela does research on the TESHA investigation. Cliff arrives and begs forgiveness for not visiting her in the hospital. He hands her the annulment papers – she is finally free from the Ewings. She tells him their accusations about the explosion. He promises her the Ewings will pay for all of their sins.

    Sue Ellen meets with Bum in her office and asks for help finding Ken. She is convinced the governor pushed him to disappear. JR always said he had a knack for finding people. Bum is on it.

    John Ross nurses a drink in JR’s room. Bobby joins him and asks how things went with Pamela. John Ross told the truth and she didn’t believe him. If anyone knows how complicated a relationship with a Barnes woman can be, it’s Bobby. She always chose her family first, as did he.

    Emma meets McCabe at the stables and she takes a pill right away. He kisses her as Drew pulls up. She asks Drew to leave her alone and walks off with McCabe.

    Chris tells everyone at the dinner table that he asked Ellis to have Pamela declared dead. Derrick calls Bobby and tells him they have something on Harris’ truck.

    At the warehouse, Bobby, Christopher and John Ross find out Harris’ load was legit but Bobby isn’t buying it. They find Harris’ man and Bobby gives him some cash to call them when they see another one of Harris’ trucks. They leave and he calls Harris, who knew all along the Ewings were following him and set up the legit load to throw them off.

    Drew approaches Emma by her horse. He warns her he will go to the feds about her father if he ever sees her high or with McCabe again. In her room she crushes up a pill and snorts it.

    At Ewing Energies Bobby learns he didn’t get the extension on the loan, and in fact it was sold to Cliff Barnes. Cliff comes in and calls in the loan. They need to come up with $200 million in 24 hours or he owns them. And he doesn’t take checks.

    John Ross calls Pamela and tells her to ask Cliff why he wants a company with faulty technology and a $200 million fine. She hangs up. Inside she finds Cliff, who tells her they will own Ewing tomorrow. He tells her the babies would have tied her to the Ewings forever and she realizes he is lying. She goes to the bathroom and freaks out.

    Pamela goes to John Ross and tells him he was right. Cliff killed her babies. They make love and later she tells John Ross she wants to hurt him as much as he hurt her.

    Elena sees tow texts on Chris’s phone. Ellis has news about his mother and she is shocked he didn’t tell her. He tells her he is trying to get her shares. They need to take from Cliff what he is taking from them. Chris tells her his mom was dead to him years ago.

    Elena and Chris meet with Ellis. They found a list of deposits made to a Swiss account that mirror the amount in the trust. Pamela is alive.

    Monday, April 08 2013: Dallas Recap: Love & Family.

    Pamela accesses Barnes Global’s website from her apartment. She needs to find something on her father and John Ross assures her they will. They make love.

    Cliff meets Harris at home and gives him a check to get his company back from Judith. He is sure the Ewings won’t get the money they need in time to pay the fine, but Harris warns him how persistent they are. Cliff isn’t worried.

    At Ewing Energies Sue Ellen tells Bobby that Bum can’t find Ken. Pamela comes in with John Ross and tells them she can’t find anything in Cliff’s files. Chris tells everyone it appears his mother has been signing checks in Switzerland for years. Chris tells Pamela that the other Pamela owns a third of Barnes Global. Pamela had no idea. Bobby knows all Cliff cares about is his business and that is how they will bring him down.

    John Ross tells Pamela about the bomb at her place as Cliff arrives unannounced. John Ross hides as she gets Cliff out.

    At lunch, Cliff gives Pamela some diamond and emerald earrings that belonged to her aunt Katherine. Bum listens in on a wire. She wants to be a partner in Barnes Global and demands her due. He clinks glasses with her.

    Harris, Cliff and the governor watch the news and see that Harris’ man Roy is arrested and an alert is out on Drew. The governor is livid but Cliff thinks this will only accelerate their access to Ewing. There is no evidence against them.

    Emma visits Harris at home and accuses him of using Drew to make the bomb to get him away from her. She demands to know what he did with Judith and he tells her she is getting round the clock care. He has more pills for Emma, but she has to pack up her things at Southfork. She agrees.

    Chris gets a call at home and runs to his computer. He gets Bobby and Ann and tells them someone saw Pam and they are emailing over a picture. Her face is partially hidden, and after the car accident, Bobby can’t tell if it is really her. Chris is on the next flight to Zurich. Elena wants to go with him and he agrees. Later, Sue Ellen meets Bobby and tells him Ken is still missing and no one will cover their loan. Bobby is not used to doing things the way JR did and tells Sue Ellen that JR had a plan. John Ross texts him and tells him the shares are his.

    Pamela and John Ross get married at a chapel.

    Cliff arrives at Ewing Energies the next morning for his money. Bobby hands over the keys to Ewing Energies instead and tells him not to get too comfortable. They both wish they could see the look on JR’s face right now.

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