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    Dallas CAST - Sue Ellen Ewing

    Full detailed profile on Sue Ellen Ewing Played by Linda Gray on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Linda Gray (Apega/
    Sue Ellen Ewing

    Actor: Linda Gray

    Who played Sue Ellen Ewing over the years

    Linda Gray - (June 13, 2012 - present)

    Useful information on Sue Ellen Ewing

    * Met JR during Miss Texas pageant in 1967. She won, he was a judge.
    * Married JR in 1971.
    * Recovering alcoholic. Binge drank during her pregnancy with John Ross, which caused his premature birth.
    * Arrested for shooting JR, but it was really her sister Kristin.
    * Has deep regrets about how she was a mother to John Ross.
    * Considering a run for governor.


    Current: Dallas power player considering run for governor
    Past:CEO of Ewing Oil
    Past: Anonymous film producer
    Past: Owner of Valentine Lingerie
    Past: Miss Texas 1967


    Sue Ellen Shepard was born in Dallas. Her father was an alcoholic, and soon after Sue Ellen’s sister was born, he deserted the family and died. Her mother Patricia never remarried.

    She went to the University of Texas at Austin, then won the Miss Texas Pageant in July 1967, where she met JR. He was unfaithful to her throughout their marriage, and she ended up having a one-night stand with ranch hand Ray Krebbs, then an ongoing affair with Ewing enemy Cliff Barnes.

    A drinking binge during her pregnancy with John Ross led to a premature delivery and stint in rehab.

    Now she is a powerful woman in Dallas, leading successful fundraising campaigns, taking on causes and making connections. She is considering a run for governor, with campaign backers already lining up to support her.

    She regrets the kind of mother she was to John Ross and will do anything to make things right for him. She knows that her drinking and feuding with JR left deep wounds in John Ross that she will never be able to heal. She offers herself as an ally in his quest to find oils as she tries to right the wrongs of her past.


    JR Ewing (1971 and 1982, divorced twice)
    Don Lockwood (1990, divorced)


    Clint Ogden
    Ray Krebbs
    Cliff Barnes
    Dusty Farlow
    Peter Richards
    Nicholas Pearce


    Patricia Shepherd (mother - deceased)
    Kristin Shepherd (sister - deceased)


    John Ross Ewing III (son)


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    Monday, April 15 2013: Dallas Recap: Guilt By Association.

    Sue Ellen finds Ken in the Cayman Islands. She needs hard evidence of the governor’s involvement. He can’t help her because years ago his son’s tech company was dumping chemicals in the river. He buried the report and the governor knows. Sue Ellen promises to protect him. He still won’t help so she threatens to expose that tech company herself if he doesn’t. A little something she learned from JR – if you can’t count on someone to do the right thing, don't give them the choice.

    Chris goes to the home linked to his mom’s accounts. Dr. David Gordon answers and tells Chris his mother isn’t there. Chris rushes in anyway, but no Pamela. David tells Chris that he is Pam’s husband. He was her surgeon after the accident and they fell in love. Pamela traveled this far to escape the Barnes-Ewing feud and never wants to see him again. Chris leaves in tears.

    At Southfork, Ann gets a call that Emma has agreed to rehab.

    Chris returns to the hotel and Elena can tell it went badly. He can’t understand why she doesn’t want to see her son. He starts crying and she tells him they won’t leave until he confronts Pamela face to face. He is glad she is there and they hold each other.

    Sue Ellen visits the governor and tells him she just got back from breakfast with Ken. She pulls out a copy of the initial findings report that was submitted to his office from TESHA with proof of the second explosion. She pours a drink and he can’t believe Ken trusted a drunk. She tells him the drink is for him – he is going to need it now that she has the goods on him.

    Drew goes to a seedy bar and passes cash to the bartender to find him at his hotel if she sees Roy. He leaves and she calls Roy immediately.

    Emma goes to Harris with her suitcase and tells him he was right. Ann is trying to make her look go to rehab and she wants to come home. Harris promises her the best detox specialists and welcomes her home.

    At Southfork Bobby and Bum look at JR’s belt buckle in a box. Bobby brings John Ross in. Later, Pamela is worried John Ross connects her to what her father did. He assures her nothing he did could change how he feels about her. But he needs her help. He hands her the belt buckle and asks her to plant it on Cliff. They both deserve justice. She agrees.

    Roy goes to Drew’s hotel. Inside, Drew gets a tip and leaves out the back quickly as Roy goes in the front. Drew messes with Roy’s truck, then takes off on his bike. Roy chases him at high speeds and the cops follow. They find the shoes in Roy’s truck, surrounded by coke. The biker takes off his helmet but it isn’t Drew.

    Sue Ellen meets Bobby at Southfork and she tells him the governor might be more amenable to their requests. He tells her it is just in time. Drew calls him and tells him that Roy was arrested for possession of narcotics –the drugs Harris is transporting. The shows are made from high-pressure molded cocaine and now they can get what they need on Ryland. Drew apologizes and hangs up.

    Elena and Carmen talk about Drew. She tells her that lying to Chris was wrong and she should apologize. Carmen assures her with time Chris will forgive her.

    Pam and John Ross plant the belt buckle in Cliff’s safe deposit box. She is sad but he promises her a fresh start when this is all over.

    Monday, April 15 2013: Dallas Recap: Legacies.

    Pamela visits Roy in prison and demands to know if Cliff knew she was on the rig. He encourages her to have more children and forget her dad. There was nothing unintentional about it. Later, Roy’s throat is slashed by a guard.

    Emma watches a news report about Roy’s murder and Harris assures her he had nothing to do with it. She is glad Drew is gone and Roy is dead because they can’t hurt him.

    Chris returns to Southfork and asks Bobby what’s next. He hands over the copy of Pam’s will and John Ross hands over the death certificate they found – July 14, 1989. Pamela and John Ross tells Chris about their marriage as well. Chris is glad one good thing came out of it. Bum arrives and Bobby is ready to reveal what was in JR’s letter. He opens the safe and shows them the gun that killed JR. Pamela recognizes it as Cliff’s. Bum tells them that Cliff was using the cartel to cover his tracks. He called Carlos, who bought the gun that Cliff used to kill JR from the cartel. They need to bust Cliff in Mexico and Pamela assures them she can get him there.

    Chris tells Elena at home that he can’t trust her anymore.

    Pamela and Cliff head to Mexico and she plants his gun in the limo before they take off in the jet.

    At home Emma mixes up pills in Harris' breakfast, and when he passes out she pulls out the log book and a suitcase from his safe. She goes to Southfork and gives everything to Ann.

    When Harris wakes up the cops are there to arrest him for drug trafficking. Cliff’s safe deposit is searched, JR’s body is exhumed, and Cliff’s gun is found.

    As soon as Cliff and Pam arrive in Mexico, Bobby, John Ross, Sue Ellen and Christopher arrive. They know about Pamela's death and reveal Pam’s marriage to John Ross. The cops come to arrest Cliff but he denies everything. He tells Pamela JR is trying to frame him from the grave. He did not kill JR!

    Elena visits Cliff in jail and he tells her that JR paid to have the land deeds of Southfork switched so JR got the rich one and her father got the dry one. He wants her to be the proxy for the third of Barnes he owns and make the Ewings pay for the sins against her family.

    A new portrait of JR is revealed at Ewing Global. They all toast to never going against a Ewing. Later, John Ross revels in having half of Southfork – and the oil under it. Sue Ellen urges him to treat Pamela right. She then grabs a bottle of booze and leaves.

    Chris goes to Elena’s to tell her he loves her but she isn’t there.

    In Mexico, Elena visits Joaquin, someone high up in the cartel, someone she and Drew grew up with in Mexico.

    John Ross goes home with flowers and champagne but they aren’t for Pamela. They are for Emma. She hands him the briefcase from Harris and they get in bed together. He doesn’t mind paying her price as long as she doesn’t tell his wife.

    Monday, April 08 2013: Dallas Recap: A Call To Arms.

    Sue Ellen and Bobby watch the governor gives a press conference on the Henderson’s land, thanking Barnes Global. After, Sue Ellen and Bobby tell him they know he is colluding with Harris and Cliff. He plays dumb, but they call him on Harris’ campaign contributions. They are taking down Harris, and him too.

    At Southfork, Bobby tells Chris, Sue Ellen and John Ross he wants to double down on JR’s plan. Carlos told them Ryland’s trucks come to Dallas twice a week with clean inspections. John Ross wants to catch him in Mexico. JR took the long view, and so should they. They will take Cliff down by taking his company. Bobby pushes Chris to find his mom and Chris pushes John Ross to get Pamela.

    John Ross visits Pamela at home where she is painting the nursery. He tells her Cliff caused the explosion, along with Harris and the governor. She refuses to believe him and throws him out.

    Outside Southfork Drew explains his injuries to Christopher as a fall and Elena backs him up. Later, she pushes Drew to tell the truth about Harris but he doesn’t want her involved. She warns him to stay away from Emma. Inside, he tells Emma he wants to run away with her but she is sure Harris will find them and asks him to leave her alone.

    Emma meets a new cowboy, McCabe, in the stables and asks for prescription pills. She roughly kisses him and promises him more if he gets her what she wants.

    At home Pamela does research on the TESHA investigation. Cliff arrives and begs forgiveness for not visiting her in the hospital. He hands her the annulment papers – she is finally free from the Ewings. She tells him their accusations about the explosion. He promises her the Ewings will pay for all of their sins.

    Sue Ellen meets with Bum in her office and asks for help finding Ken. She is convinced the governor pushed him to disappear. JR always said he had a knack for finding people. Bum is on it.

    John Ross nurses a drink in JR’s room. Bobby joins him and asks how things went with Pamela. John Ross told the truth and she didn’t believe him. If anyone knows how complicated a relationship with a Barnes woman can be, it’s Bobby. She always chose her family first, as did he.

    Emma meets McCabe at the stables and she takes a pill right away. He kisses her as Drew pulls up. She asks Drew to leave her alone and walks off with McCabe.

    Monday, April 08 2013: Dallas Recap: Love & Family.

    Pamela accesses Barnes Global’s website from her apartment. She needs to find something on her father and John Ross assures her they will. They make love.

    Cliff meets Harris at home and gives him a check to get his company back from Judith. He is sure the Ewings won’t get the money they need in time to pay the fine, but Harris warns him how persistent they are. Cliff isn’t worried.

    At Ewing Energies Sue Ellen tells Bobby that Bum can’t find Ken. Pamela comes in with John Ross and tells them she can’t find anything in Cliff’s files. Chris tells everyone it appears his mother has been signing checks in Switzerland for years. Chris tells Pamela that the other Pamela owns a third of Barnes Global. Pamela had no idea. Bobby knows all Cliff cares about is his business and that is how they will bring him down.

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