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    Dallas CAST - Bobby Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bobby Ewing Played by Patrick Duffy on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patrick Duffy (Brian To/

    Birthday: March 17, 1949
    Birthplace: Townsend, Montana, USA
    Marital Status: Married to Carlyn Rosser (February 15, 1974 - present)
    Real Name: Patrick Duffy
    Height: 6'2"


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    Collateral Damage

    Wednesday, July 18 2012

    Chris visits Rebecca but he thinks the pregnancy is another ploy. She thought he would be more understanding considering what his birth parents did to him. He leaves. Later, he visits Ann and Bobby and tells them he is getting a paternity test. Ann tells Chris he is being spiteful and cruel and he leaves. She apologizes for her outburst but refuses to discuss what's been on her mind lately. Bobby tells Ann about his problems with Harris and the deal to apologize. She leaves, upset.

    At Southfork John Ross sees Lucy leave Bobby’s office. Lucy and Gary are siding with Bobby. John Ross tells Bobby the investors need oil by the end of the week. Bobby refuses and tells him when he gets his deed back, he and his dad will never set foot on his property again.

    Bobby apologizes to Ryland at his office and he drops the charges. Bobby tells him the message remains. Stay away from his wife. Ryland pulls out and envelope and hands it to Bobby. It will tell him the kind of person who his wife is. Bobby gets home and hears Ann speaking with Christopher about taking Rebecca and the baby back. Chris’ phone rings – the results are ready. Bobby and Ann go with him. The doctor tells him they are having twins. Chris starts to cry. He joins Rebecca for the ultrasound but pulls his hand from hers. Ann leaves, crying.

    Later at home, Ann is looking at the locket when Bobby comes in and tells her the charges were dropped. Harris gave him an envelope and that everything he needs to know about her was in there. He wishes she would trust him enough to tell him. He doesn’t needs to open it and throws it in the fire. They hug and in the fire you can see pictures of a younger Ann with a baby.

    John Ross gets back home and holds Elena tight. The cops arrive for John Ross. He fled the scene of the murder of Marta Del Sol. He leaves with the cops.

    The Enemy Of My Enemy.

    Wednesday, July 11 2012

    At Elena’s John Ross can’t sleep. He used to look out over everything and imagine it was his. She wants him to come back to bed but he is going to get the rest of his stuff and get to work. The oil isn’t going to drill itself. She does not believe in the war, but believes in the warrior. He walks up to the main house. Bobby tells him JR’s biggest mistake was underestimating him. He is like JR – all hat and no cattle. Earl approaches and tells them Ryland trucks were pulled. John Ross never pegged him as someone to have his wife do his bidding.

    At home Bobby asks Ann if she had something to do with pulling the rigs. She wanted to help and knew he would talk her out of it. She has never had a kind word for Harris. He is right, she should have told him. He hopes this does not come back to bite them.

    Bobby and Chris look in storage for a safety deposit key when Chris tells Bobby they don’t need it. He has a DVD of John Ross having sex with Marta, connecting him to the fraud. Blackmail never pays off in the end, says Bobby. It is bad business. They find keys to Texas National Bank. At the bank, they find the document they need.

    Carmen gives Ann her favorite flowers that have arrived. She thinks they are from Bobby, but they are from Harris. He also sent a locket that makes her start crying. Bobby rushes out and she runs inside. He sees the letter and leaves for Harris’ office. Bobby busts in his meeting, backhands him and warns him to stay away from Ann. Later, she puts the necklace on and looks in the mirror.

    Truth And Consequences.

    Wednesday, July 04 2012

    Ann greets Carmen and Bobby in the kitchen. Bobby left a message for Mitch Lobell to see if they can do anything legally about Tommy and Rebecca. A delivery comes from Lobell, but it is the new deed in JR’s name. JR explains. He heard Marta was going to sell Southfork to Cliff so he got some investors, swooped in and bought it. Ewing Oil is back in business. It should have been his in the first place but Bobby can stay as long as he likes. Ann couldn’t imagine he could do this. JR tells her she needs to work on her imagination. Chris returns as Bobby is leaving and they go to see Lobell together.

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