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    Dallas CAST - Bobby Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bobby Ewing Played by Patrick Duffy on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patrick Duffy (Brian To/

    Birthday: March 17, 1949
    Birthplace: Townsend, Montana, USA
    Marital Status: Married to Carlyn Rosser (February 15, 1974 - present)
    Real Name: Patrick Duffy
    Height: 6'2"


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    Dallas Recap: Trial And Error.

    Monday, February 18 2013

    In the courtroom, Ann is found guilty of attempted murder. Emma runs out of the courtroom as Ann is placed into custody. Bobby assures her they will figure it out while Harris and Judith look pleased. Ann is taken to lockup as Cano is taken out.

    Dallas Recap: False Confessions.

    Monday, February 11 2013

    At Southfork, Bobby finds Ann washing blood off her hands. She shot Harris. Downstairs, Christopher lets the cops in. Ann’s car was seen leaving the scene of Harris’ shooting. He is in critical condition. Bobby confesses and is cuffed but allowed a moment with Ann. He refuses to let her take to fall or she will lose Emma forever.

    In court Bobby is charged with the attempted murder of Harris and bail is set at $1 million. Judith assures Ann that Bobby will rot in prison.

    Bobby and JR share a drink at Southfork. JR demands the truth and Bobby admits he is covering for Ann. JR offers to bribe the judge if he ever needs it.

    Elena finds Christopher at Southfork and he tells her about Tommy’s body. Lou comes by to tell them that Ryland filed a complaint against Bobby a few days ago and since he was there when Bobby threatened Ryland he has to withdraw as Bobby’s attorney. Bobby could face up to 20 years in jail.

    At Southfork, Chris urges Bobby to tell the truth. It has a way of popping up when you least expect it. Lou comes by to tell them that Ryland is about to make his statement. Ann and Bobby confess to Lou that Bobby didn’t shoot Ryland. Ann did. He also reveals Frank was arrested for Tommy’s murder.

    Dallas Recap: Sins Of The Father.

    Monday, February 04 2013

    At Southfork, Ann congratulates Elena for making partner. Bobby arrives, upset, and Elena leaves. He tells Ann that Ryland took Emma from the fair. The police will question her, but now she knows what she is facing. She fears it is too late to get back Emma. Bobby thinks she deserves to have Ann in her life and encourages her to fight.

    Bobby and Ann meet Harris’s mom at the station. She has been waiting 20 years to tell Ann she was just an egg donor. Bobby tells Ann to ignore her and she goes in to see Emma. Bobby warns Judith he is coming for her. She doesn’t think he is her type. Inside, Ann begs to prove to Emma she is not a monster. Harris told Emma that Ann was an addict. She admits she took tranquilizers to push away the pain of her marriage, but it only made things worse. She lost sight of who she was and what mattered – Emma. She died inside when she was taken and never stopped loving her. Emma accuses Ann of just feeling guilty and asks her to leave her alone.

    At Southfork, Ann overhears Bobby say there is nothing they can do about Harris. She slips out. Later, Bobby comes to JR for help bringing down Harris. JR assures him it will be his masterpiece.

    Dallas Recap: Battle Lines.

    Monday, January 28 2013

    At Ewing Energies John Ross gets a jump on the day but JR is there to see if his plan to get the fleet worked. JR heard Christopher is trying to get the city fuel contract and he wants to make sure it won’t happen. Crippling methane will drive Bobby back to oil. JR runs into Bobby, Christopher and Elena on his way out. The rest head into the conference room and accuse John Ross of going behind their back with the trucking contract. Bobby thinks they need both oil and methane. Now that people have heard of Christopher they are chasing it. Alone, Christopher tells John Ross it is only a matter of time before he gets him out of the company. John Ross texts his investigator to tell him Christopher is leaving the building.

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