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    Dallas CAST - Bobby Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bobby Ewing Played by Patrick Duffy on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patrick Duffy (Brian To/

    Birthday: March 17, 1949
    Birthplace: Townsend, Montana, USA
    Marital Status: Married to Carlyn Rosser (February 15, 1974 - present)
    Real Name: Patrick Duffy
    Height: 6'2"


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    Hedging Your Bets.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    Rebecca’s brother Tommy approaches Ann at the stables and asks if she is ok. She doesn't want to talk so he tells her how great Rebecca is. She thinks it will be nice having him around. Elsewhere Bobby meets with Christopher. He does not want Bobby to sell, especially for something so risky. He thinks he can fix the problem, and if he can, Bobby will keep his promise. But if something should happen to him he does not want him fighting with John Ross.

    JR arrives to the ball in a walker and tells John Ross to watch and learn. Inside, Sue Ellen gives a speech and someone shouts out that she should run for governor. Bobby is shocked to see JR there and gets him a chair. JR thanks him for all of the times he visited him. His last visit shook him out of his depression. He tells Ann he is happy to have her as a sister-in-law and then Bobby introduces Marta. JR lets him know that John Ross already told him about the conservancy sale and understands. JR is upset Marta’s father did not call and she tells him he has been sick. JR excuses himself and approaches Sue Ellen. He tells her she is the prettiest girl at the ball and would make one hell of a governor. Elsewhere, Elena tells John Ross she will honor their business arrangement, nothing more. She borrowed money from Sue Ellen to invest in oil.

    At home, Bobby leaves for the hospital and assures Ann he will be fine. She is afraid the reason he wants to sell is because he has given up faith, and is afraid if he is not around Christopher will be burdened. She encourages him to tell Christopher about his cancer.

    Pilot: Changing Of The Guard.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    Bobby’s doctor meets him in his office and tells him he has a rare form of cancer. He needs to start oral chemotherapy right away. Bobby does not want his family to know. His son is getting married and he has family business to attend to before anyone knows he is dying. At the ranch, Bobby rides a horse across the property. He goes inside and speaks with his wife Ann about visiting China and going on a cruise. He wants to do something for her for once. They kiss.

    Bobby visits JR in the assisted living facility. He has clinical depression. Bobby pulls up a chair and tells him their fights changed him in ways he doesn’t like. He wants their sons to have a chance at being family without all the bitterness and bad blood. He misses him and still loves him. He leans in for a kiss, then leaves.

    At the ranch, Christopher tells his dad he turned down the investor’s offer and Bobby wonders why he won’t take money from him. At dinner, Elena encourages John Ross to tell Bobby about the oil when he offers Elena up to be a bridesmaid for Rebecca and Rebecca insists. Sue Ellen asks Bobby if he has seen JR, and Bobby encourages John Ross to go before it is too late. Bobby stands up to say something. He is selling Southfork. John Ross tells him to get in his truck and come with him. At the drill site, Bobby is livid. He is sick of the family devouring themselves over money. He promised Ellie there would be no drilling on Southfork. John Ross and Christopher fight before Bobby pulls them apart. There will be no drilling.

    At home, Rebecca fixes Christopher up. He thinks John Ross is using Elena. Elsewhere John Ross tells Elena that Bobby forced his hand. Bobby and Christopher are in their office with lawyer Mitch when they are served with injunction papers from John Ross. The grounds: mental instability. Bobby is going to give John Ross the fight of his life. Later, Bobby has papers served to John Ross to stop drilling.

    At work, Christopher video chats with his partner in China. There has been a big disaster and their work is not safe. A lab tech overhears and leaves. Later, Bobby wakes up at home and Ann gets him something for his stomach. She sees an intruder and grabs a shotgun. He gets away but she finds Bobby’s chemo drugs. She looks them up online and realizes he has cancer and she cries. The intruder goes to Christopher’s lab and downloads something.

    The ranch is set up for the wedding. Bobby shows Marta from the land conservancy and he shows her around. Christopher wants to talk to Bobby before he does anything. Later, John Ross looks at the disk and realizes Christopher’s work is dangerous. He tells Christopher to get Southfork off the market of he will expose him as a fraud. Christopher finds Elena and accuses her of telling John Ross, but she didn’t. She accuses him about the email he sent her on their wedding day calling it off, but he did not send it. He goes outside and grabs John Ross, accusing him of sending it. Then he tells Bobby about the danger and does not want him to sell for his sake. But Bobby tells Marta he is moving forward and John Ross is livid. Christopher and Rebecca get married and after he shares a look with Elena. Everyone is happy in that moment.

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