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    Dallas CAST - Bobby Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bobby Ewing Played by Patrick Duffy on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patrick Duffy (Brian To/

    Birthday: March 17, 1949
    Birthplace: Townsend, Montana, USA
    Marital Status: Married to Carlyn Rosser (February 15, 1974 - present)
    Real Name: Patrick Duffy
    Height: 6'2"


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    Truth And Consequences.

    Wednesday, July 04 2012

    Lobell’s office is cleared out. Bobby and Chris find out the conservancy was never in the deal. Lobell lied to him about it all. Marta is a fake. The money exchanged was done offshore. Despite it being an obvious fraud, JR was a third party purchaser, so the sale to him was valid and can’t be undone – unless they can prove he knew about the fraud. Chris ignores a call from Rebecca. When they get back home Ryland oil trucks are already arriving. Bobby tells Ann about the bad deal. Chris wants to fight dirty, but Bobby won’t do business with crooks. That isn’t who they are, but Chris thinks he might be. They decide to stay at Southfork.

    The Last Hurrah.

    Wednesday, June 27 2012

    At the ranch, Bobby and Chris work with a cow in labor. Chris tells his dad about his almost-elopement with Elena and the email John Ross sent. Chris loves Rebecca, but ever since he found out he can’t stop thinking about what could have been. Bobby tells him the choice is his, but he has to make one. If he loves Rebecca, get rid of Elena for good. Bobby has to cut the baby out to save her. They lose the mom.

    After another talk with Bobby outside, Chris visits Elena at home. She is getting ready for the barbecue. He hands her a check. She is ambitious and out to prove she is more than the help, and she already went into business with John Ross once. It is clear how quickly she will compromise her integrity for money. He leaves and she is upset.

    Ann has packed up Bobby’s office and found Miss Ellie’s silver. They go out to join the party. Ray and Lucy are there. Bobby takes the microphone and welcomes everyone there. Southfork will always be with them as they all start new beginnings. Rebecca sees Chris and wants to talk about the email Elena got.

    The Price You Pay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012

    At the doctor, Bobby and Ann learn they got all of the tumor. But the drugs may cause more heath problems, like liver problems and heart failure. Ann is worried, but he feels like he is going to stay around for a long time.

    The phone rings at home for Bobby. It is JR’s doctor. He thinks JR staying at the ranch will help speed up his recovery. Bobby is uncertain and the doctor tells him to think about it. The doctor was really someone from JR’s home who he and John Ross paid off. JR spent most of John Ross’ childhood chasing women he didn’t love and made a deal he regrets. He will get Southfork back.

    At Southfork, JR finds Bobby in the office with Cliff Barnes. He is there to right some of the wrongs the Ewings caused his family. JR tells him the land has been sold to a conservancy and he will be around when they put Cliff in the ground, dancing on the dirt. Cliff leaves and Bobby tells him the deal is on hold. The land has been in their family for 150 years. There is no rush to give it away. JR thinks Cliff will destroy everything in his path to get it.

    In his room, Christopher can’t sleep and goes to his lab. Elena is asleep on the couch and he covers her up. When she wakes up, he has proven his theory correct. They go to tell Bobby, but when they arrive Ann tells them he is in the office signing the papers to sell Southfork. Chris runs in there as Lobell leaves with the paperwork. Chris accuses Bobby of not trusting him to beat John Ross. He can handle more than Bobby thinks. Bobby tells him about his cancer, and Chris is upset he kept it from him for so long. He runs outside and Elena is there. He tells her and they hug, then kiss, before Christopher pulls away. Tommy takes a picture and sends it to Rebecca.

    In bed, Ann asks Bobby how he feels about the sale. She knows JR gave John Ross the journal and Bobby laughs. The fact that JR think he can make him believe he didn’t do it is just who he is and who he will always be. But he looks mad.

    Hedging Your Bets.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    On the ranch, Ann overhears Bobby talk to his doctor. She asks him how long he has known and he assures her he will fight with everything he has. He is having surgery on Wednesday, and there is a 70 percent rate of success. He tells her he will be fine and they kiss.

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