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    Dallas CAST - Marta Del Sol/Veronica Martinez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marta Del Sol/Veronica Martinez Played by Leonor Varela on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Leonor Varela (

    Birthday: December 29, 1972
    Birthplace: Santiago de Chile, Chile
    Marital Status: Expecting child with producer partner Lucas Akoskin
    Real Name: Leonor Varela
    Height: 5' 6 1/2"



    Collateral Damage

    Wednesday, July 18 2012

    John Ross and Elena are at a bar when he sees Marta leave. He follows her out of the bar but she is gone. One of his investors calls and wants a full report on the progress in one hour. John Ross meets him and is told to produce oil or they will take the ranch. John Ross needs more time and will trade info for it. Marta skimmed off the sale of Southfork and pocketed the difference. She has been a real pain. He gives John Ross one more week and if they don’t get oil, they will take Southfork and everything under it.

    Marta calls John Ross in his office from Elena’s phone. She instructs him to meet them at a hotel. He arrives and Marta is there, but not Elena. The investors have been following her and cut off her accounts. She wants John Ross to help her since he sold her out. He realizes she stole Elena’s phone, then sees she is filming their exchange. He grabs Elena’s phone and they struggle. She scratches him on the neck. He leaves as the investors arrive. As John Ross exits the hotel, Marta’s dead body is already on the ground outside. Shocked, he leaves.

    The Enemy Of My Enemy.

    Wednesday, July 11 2012

    John Ross visit Sue Ellen’s office and wants her to play politics and promise Harris Ryland something to get those trucks back, anything. She made a promise to her supporters and he tells her to screw them. JRs investors own 14 percent of the ranch. If they don’t pay them on time, they could take the ranch – or worse. Later at his apartment he breaks a model oil rig. Marta shows up to apologize. He calls her crazy, but she wants to make it up to him. She has a lot of money and they can go away together. He throws her out.

    Truth And Consequences.

    Wednesday, July 04 2012

    John Ross goes to Marta and she shows him the pictures of him and Elena. She warned him not to toy with her. He wants her to undo what she did, but it is too late. He threatens to turn her in but she knows he can’t blow up his dad’s deal if he wants in at all. After he leaves, she watches a video of them having sex. She takes the movie and leaves it at John Ross’ apartment. She leaves and Christopher arrives. He has lied and paid the doorman to get the keys. He sees the movie and note from Marta, begging John Ross to come back. He watches the DVD and sees John Ross call her Veronica.

    The Last Hurrah.

    Wednesday, June 27 2012

    John Ross brings Elena home and they talk about how good business was today. She could use him as a partner. If he agrees to it, what about them? She tells him one step at a time. Later, he goes home and Marta is waiting. She is upset he missed their date. She kisses him and has a present for him. They arrive at a jewelry shop and she picks out a Piaget watch for him. His phone rings and it is Rebecca telling him she could not do it. He is not playing around. She has to do what he asks by tomorrow or Chris will find out everything. Marta agrees to get the incriminating pictures in the morning and they will meet in the afternoon.

    JR visits Marta with the pictures of John Ross and Elena from yesterday, when he was missing their date. He was just using her. He knows what John Ross is missing and he wants to make a new deal with her. Later, he presents the pictures to Lobell and in exchange for silence, no more blackmail. Plus, he needs a new contract drawn up that cuts John Ross out completely. He can wait his turn.

    The Price You Pay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012

    John Ross introduces JR to the money men with Marta at their home. He changes the parameters of the deal and they are miffed. They allude to his absence from the industry. They are fronting him 50 million for access to the oil reserves and if the oil stops flowing, for any reason, it is unacceptable. They agree to the deal. Outside, Marta is upset and JR insists they have a chat alone. He gives her a pass on screwing him once, but if she double deals him again, that is not a risk she should take. He leaves and she pops a pill.

    Hedging Your Bets.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    At her place, Elena looks over the email as John Ross calls her. She refuses to answer. He gets back to JR and Marta at the facility, and JR tells John Ross he needs to get Bobby to sign the contract. John Ross may have found the oil, but JR is the one who is going to steal it from Bobby. Outside, Marta tells John Ross if the deal goes through they will celebrate like they used to. JR watches them make out from inside.

    Marta and John Ross go to a hotel room and she drugs his drink. They start going at it on the bed and she is recording the whole thing. The next morning he looks rough. She opens the safe and pulls out all the money. She put her neck out with the investor and if Mitch is causing trouble he needs to handle it. She hands him the phone. Later, he asks someone to dig up dirt on Mitch, but also wants to know who sent the email to Elena. Because he did not.

    Pilot: Changing Of The Guard.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    John Ross gets drunk and visits JR in the facility. He introduces Marta and JR tells him her daddy and him go way back. John Ross realizes she has been working he the whole time. JR is a trustee to the will, and he belongs on Southfork. It is his, only his. Bobby might not be stupid but he is a hell of a lot smarter. Outside, a mystery car from the alley approaches. It is Marta, meeting him at Cowboy Stadium. It appears these two have been working together. They Kiss.

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