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    Dallas CAST - Ann Ryland Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ann Ryland Ewing Played by Brenda Strong on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brenda Strong (Apega/

    Birthday: March 25, 1960
    Birthplace: Brightwood, Oregon, USA
    Marital Status: Married to Tom Henri (July 8, 1989 - present) filed for divorce January 14, 2011
    Real Name: Brenda Strong
    Height: 5' 11 1/2"


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    The Last Hurrah.

    Wednesday, June 27 2012

    Ann has packed up Bobby’s office and found Miss Ellie’s silver. They go out to join the party. Ray and Lucy are there. Bobby takes the microphone and welcomes everyone there. Southfork will always be with them as they all start new beginnings. Rebecca sees Chris and wants to talk about the email Elena got.

    The Price You Pay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012

    At the ranch Ann teaches a nervous Rebecca how to shoot. Tommy shows up and Ann is impressed with his work. Her phone alerts her to Bobby’s doctor’s appointment and she leaves. Tommy pressures Rebecca to find out more about Christopher’s gas hydrate project. He gives her something to insert into his computer that will give him access. He noticed Christopher has been spending time with Elena and she tells him he found someone better. He shoots out all the targets. She pockets the software.

    At the doctor, Bobby and Ann learn they got all of the tumor. But the drugs may cause more heath problems, like liver problems and heart failure. Ann is worried, but he feels like he is going to stay around for a long time.

    In the stables Ann hears something. She grabs her gun and finds JR looking at old family pictures and papers. He tells her that Bobby is right to sell, Southfork caused many problems. She reminds him he was the cause of most of them. Later, he gives John Ross Ellie’s journal and tells him power is something you take. John Ross comes into the kitchen and threatens Bobby with Ellie’s journal, exposing her stint in a mental ward if he does not sell the land.

    In bed, Ann asks Bobby how he feels about the sale. She knows JR gave John Ross the journal and Bobby laughs. The fact that JR think he can make him believe he didn’t do it is just who he is and who he will always be. But he looks mad.

    Hedging Your Bets.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    On the ranch, Ann overhears Bobby talk to his doctor. She asks him how long he has known and he assures her he will fight with everything he has. He is having surgery on Wednesday, and there is a 70 percent rate of success. He tells her he will be fine and they kiss.

    Rebecca’s brother Tommy approaches Ann at the stables and asks if she is ok. She doesn't want to talk so he tells her how great Rebecca is. She thinks it will be nice having him around. Elsewhere Bobby meets with Christopher. He does not want Bobby to sell, especially for something so risky. He thinks he can fix the problem, and if he can, Bobby will keep his promise. But if something should happen to him he does not want him fighting with John Ross.

    At home, Ann reassures Rebecca that Christopher loves her. She gives Rebecca an old book filled with the family recipes, and Rebecca's is touched. Rebecca sees her brother leave in his car.

    JR arrives to the ball in a walker and tells John Ross to watch and learn. Inside, Sue Ellen gives a speech and someone shouts out that she should run for governor. Bobby is shocked to see JR there and gets him a chair. JR thanks him for all of the times he visited him. His last visit shook him out of his depression. He tells Ann he is happy to have her as a sister-in-law and then Bobby introduces Marta. JR lets him know that John Ross already told him about the conservancy sale and understands. JR is upset Marta’s father did not call and she tells him he has been sick. JR excuses himself and approaches Sue Ellen. He tells her she is the prettiest girl at the ball and would make one hell of a governor. Elsewhere, Elena tells John Ross she will honor their business arrangement, nothing more. She borrowed money from Sue Ellen to invest in oil.

    At home, Bobby leaves for the hospital and assures Ann he will be fine. She is afraid the reason he wants to sell is because he has given up faith, and is afraid if he is not around Christopher will be burdened. She encourages him to tell Christopher about his cancer.

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