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    Dallas CAST - Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing Played by Julie Gonzalo on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Gonzalo (Hugh Dillon/

    Birthday: September 9, 1981
    Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Julie Gonzalo
    Height: 5' 8"


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    The Price You Pay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012

    At the lab, Christopher and Elena make progress on his theory. They hug and he phone rings. Rebecca has invited her to lunch. At lunch, Rebecca tells Elena she is intimidated by her and her history with Chris. Elena tells her that when he found out he was adopted he has felt he has had to earn being a Ewing.

    Rebecca visits Christopher in his lab when they are invited to dinner with Cliff. They go and Cliff wants to invest in his gas hydrate project. He knows there has been bad blood with the Ewings but that has nothing to do with him. He pulls out a case with one million dollars, but Chris refuses. He knows if he takes the money he will have one up on the Ewings. Barnes doesn’t want them to destroy him like they did Pam.

    Tommy calls Rebecca at home and wonders why he does not have access to Christopher’s computer yet. He tells her no excuses. Tommy sends her the picture but Chris tells her about it when he gets home. He is sorry he has been distracted, but no more. They kiss and decide to stay at Southfork until the sale goes through. She throws away the spyware.

    Hedging Your Bets.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    In a bed, Christopher and his wife make love. The next morning she knows she does not want his dad to sell Southfork. She tells him the honeymoon can wait and he should do what he needs to.

    At home, Ann reassures Rebecca that Christopher loves her. She gives Rebecca an old book filled with the family recipes, and Rebecca's is touched. Rebecca sees her brother leave in his car.

    Tommy approaches his sister Rebecca in the kitchen and tells her he is in and everything is on track. She doesn’t know what the point is anymore and he reminds her they have spent the last two years working on this job. There is too much money and she has to keep her eye on the ball. She looks troubled.

    Pilot: Changing Of The Guard.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    At the country club, Christopher pulls out frozen methane for a potential investor. The shore line contains more energy than all the oil and gas on earth combined. The investor and his partner are in – at 90/10 split, take it or leave it. He leaves it and his fiancée Rebecca walks up. They run off and start making out in the locker room where they are recognized by someone who suggests they save something for the honeymoon.

    At home, Rebecca fixes Christopher up. He thinks John Ross is using Elena. Elsewhere John Ross tells Elena that Bobby forced his hand. Bobby and Christopher are in their office with lawyer Mitch when they are served with injunction papers from John Ross. The grounds: mental instability. Bobby is going to give John Ross the fight of his life. Later, Bobby has papers served to John Ross to stop drilling.

    Elena meets Rebecca at the bridal salon. She tells Elena she met Chris when he was a boy running away from home. She knows Elena wishes the best for him and she is going to make him happy.

    The ranch is set up for the wedding. Bobby shows Marta from the land conservancy and he shows her around. Christopher wants to talk to Bobby before he does anything. Later, John Ross looks at the disk and realizes Christopher’s work is dangerous. He tells Christopher to get Southfork off the market of he will expose him as a fraud. Christopher finds Elena and accuses her of telling John Ross, but she didn’t. She accuses him about the email he sent her on their wedding day calling it off, but he did not send it. He goes outside and grabs John Ross, accusing him of sending it. Then he tells Bobby about the danger and does not want him to sell for his sake. But Bobby tells Marta he is moving forward and John Ross is livid. Christopher and Rebecca get married and after he shares a look with Elena. Everyone is happy in that moment.

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